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23 Baby Names That Mean “Peace”

They’re beautiful, strong, and everything in between.

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When you imagine your growing baby and all the hopes you have for the life ahead of them, usually a few priorities come to mind. You want them to be happy, healthy, and kind, and for them to be and experience all the good things in the world. If what you want most for your little one is a sense of serenity wherever they go, consider these baby names that mean “peace.” Every parent and young kid could benefit from a little more zen, sure, but a name that means “peace” can be a nice, lifelong reminder to always carry that inner sense of calm.

There’s so much to think about when choosing a baby name. Do you want it to pair well with a sibling’s name, a certain middle name, or your last name? Do you want it to start with a certain letter, or have a certain meaning? Do you want something totally unique or classic and potentially more common? If you’re reading this list, it’s probably important to you that your child feels at peace with themselves and others as they move through the world (and what a wonderful thing to want for them). These boys’ and girls’ names all mean “peace,” or something similar, and would be equally meaningful as middle names.



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Amani has roots in Swahili (in which it means “peace”) and Arabic (in which it means “wishes”). It’s an uncommon name in the U.S. — not even in the top 1,000 names — but with such a beautiful sound to it, people will gush over this choice.



Meaning “father of peace,” Axel is a surprisingly edgy baby name compared to the softer sounding ones in this list. It’s Icelandic in origin and calls to mind rocker Axl Rose from Guns ‘N Roses.



Parent Trap fans will love this option. Chessy has Slavic origins and means “at peace.” It could be a nickname for Chessa or Chesna (both related Slavic names with the meaning) or a more Americanized name like Chelsea.



Bird baby names are seriously so beautiful, and Dove is no exception. Doves are pretty universally recognized as symbols of peace and purity, thanks to their striking white feathers.



Emmaline is a German name that has lots of different meanings — eager and “peaceful home” among them. There’s something vintage-y about the sound and spelling, if that speaks to you as well.



Hey, some names are classics for a reason. Frederick means “peaceful ruler,” and indeed, your baby will be the new person in charge of your household. It’s not incredibly popular right now, but is recognizable and easy to pronounce. Plus, Freddie is a really cute nickname.



Frida is a German girls’ name that means “peace.” With famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo also bearing the moniker, there’s more than one inspiring reason to choose this name.



Galen is a Greek name, usually for boys, that has multiple meanings: peaceful, calm, and healer. The name belonged to a famous physician and philosopher in the Roman empire to boot.



This name doesn’t need much defining, but some historical context might convince you it’s the one. In Greek mythology, Harmonia was a lesser goddess known for her power to bring people together. She was considered goddess of brotherhood, sisterhood, and happy marriages.



Irene simply means “peace.” It’s a classic girls’ name with a gorgeous sound, and some slightly different versions (like Irina) if you want something slightly less familiar.



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And now, the cutest new nickname of all time for Irene: Irie. In Jamaica, Irie is a gender-neutral name derived from the phrase, “Everything irie?,” as in, “Is everything good, calm, and right?”



Similar to Galen but slightly different, Jalen means “calm” or “tranquil.” NFL quarterback Jalen Hurts has put the name in a national spotlight, so it kind of has athletic associations now, too.



If Jemima isn’t just the cutest name ever... The moniker is traditionally a girls’ name, has Hebrew origins, and translates to “dove.”



It could be short for Lucille, Louise, or any number of other names, but Lulu is a fun choice for a first name all on its own. It has roots in numerous languages, meaning anything from “peaceful” and “calm” to “precious” and “protected.”



Mira is a baby name with a wide variety of meanings: “peace” for starters, but also “admirable,” “female ruler,” and even “ocean.” It’s somehow a peace-related name that incorporates strength. If you’re in the market for ocean-inspired baby names too, well, Mira does it all.



Pronounced like Zoe, Noe means “rest” or “repose.” It’s derived from the same root word in Hebrew as Noah, one of the more popular names for boys and girls alike these days.



Pax is the Latin word for “peace,” and makes an awesome one-syllable boys’ name for parents searching for those. You could also opt for the longer Paxton if a two-syllable first name sounds better with your surname.



This girls’ name is a feminine derivative of the word “shalom,” which means “peace” in Hebrew. It’s been ranked in the top 400 names in France since the 1980s but has never quite taken off in the U.S.



If you want your little girl to be a superstar athlete, why not name her after tennis great Serena Williams? Of course, the name itself is derived from the Latin word serenus, which means “tranquil” or “serene” (obviously).



Another stellar option if you like unisex names, Shiloh is equally precious for both boys and girls, but not so cute it doesn’t work on an adult. It means “tranquil” or “abundance.”



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The Hebrew name Solomon means “peace,” and those with religious backgrounds will know Solomon is an important figure in the Bible. In the Old Testament, Solomon succedes his father to become the king of Israel and is known as a scholarly, wise ruler.



This Welsh name Winifred means “blessed peacemaking” or “reconcilitation.” For millennial parents who love all things spooky, it will also remind you of a certain Sanderson sister from Hocus Pocus. Even if you’re not interested in a witchy baby name, Winifred has vintage appeal and Winnie is the sweetest nickname.



Yen is a beautiful Vietnamese girls’ name that means “calm” or “peaceful.” It’s a great choice if you favor one-syllable baby names over longer ones.

So, which of these peaceful picks will you add to your baby name list?

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