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These Are The Cutest Maternity Dresses & Outfits To Wear To Your Spring Baby Shower

Leggings included!

A baby shower is such a special event. All of your friends and family gather to celebrate you and the new life you’re bringing into the world. There are games, great snacks, and plenty of laughs to go around, but the one thing that might be making you anxious is your shower ensemble. For many women, a baby shower tends to land in the third trimester: peak swollen ankles, round belly, and bursting boobs. The good news is, these 22 baby shower dresses and outfits will make you feel like the goddess you are.

For a formal fete, you may prefer a dress. For a backyard picnic shower, a romper might work better. Down home cookouts might call for something even more casual. Whatever the dress code, the important thing to know is that maternity wear has come a long way from the muumuus your mom was forced to sport. Today, all kinds of brands offer a variety of well designed maternity clothes available in a wide range of prices. So you don’t have to spend a small fortune to look good at your shower. Instead, you can feel good knowing that you’ll feel confident and cute without breaking the bank.

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Maternity Dresses

Here’s the great thing about wearing a dress to your baby shower: It’s non-restrictive, flowy, and if you choose a maxi length you can sit criss-cross applesauce on the couch while you open presents.

Maternity Tops

A tasteful top paired with comfy jeans or leggings should not be ruled out when it comes to baby shower attire. This is your day and you should be comfortable.

Maternity Bottoms

About those comfortable pants, they do exist and many brands are making fun styles. Whether it’s pants or a skirt, here are a few options.

Maternity Rompers

Nothing says cute and relaxed like a romper, especially one with a darling bump busting out of the middle. These rompers can easily transition from baby shower party mode to everyday wear.

Ready to be showered? Now that you have a host of clothing options to choose from, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities.