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30 Birth Affirmations To Bring You Comfort & Confidence During Labor

Recite them with your partner or to yourself.

Though we try as hard as we can to prepare for birth, nothing about it is ever truly within our control. Despite all the classes, birth plan templates, books, and more, babies rarely arrive right on time or according to plan. This is where birth affirmations come in — having these calming phrases in mind can bolster your confidence when you need it most, or provide a sense of comfort that you’re not in this delivery alone.

Any phrase that makes you feel calmer, safer, or just better while you’re in labor can be a birth affirmation. That said, it’s helpful to think of some helpful phrases ahead of time and jot them down somewhere. This way, you don’t have to try and remember the exact phrase that helps you center yourself. And, your partner can even grab the list and say them with you as another way to support you.

Birth affirmations for confidence

Going into birth — especially if it’s your first time — can feel like showing up for the final exam without ever cracking a book to study. How do you even push?! But once you’re laboring, you realize your body really does have an idea of what to do. And actually, you’re more prepared than you think. These affirmations can help you remind yourself of that.

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  • My body knows exactly what to do.
  • Every contraction brings me closer to my baby.
  • I am designed for this.
  • I have unlimited strength.
  • I have prepared for this and I am ready
  • If I need to, I’ll power through 30 seconds at a time.
  • My future self is so proud of me.
  • I trust my abilities, and those of my body, to deliver my baby.
  • My baby and I are working together.
  • Moms know how to do everything, and I am one of them now.
  • I trust my care team.

Birth affirmations for comfort

When the going gets tough and the contractions get going, it’s normal to start feeling like you’re in over your head. Use these phrases to ground yourself, and ask your support person to say them to you too.

  • I am surrounded by people who care about me.
  • Even when I’m afraid, I am strong and capable.
  • I inhale strength and exhale fear.
  • I am relaxing, opening, and breathing.
  • There are countless other people all around the world giving birth right now.
  • Generations of people before me have given birth. Like all of them, I can do this.
  • I am safe. I am supported. I will be OK.
  • I give myself permission to feel whatever I’m feeling.
  • This discomfort is about to end.
  • I can handle anything for one minute.
  • This too shall pass.

Birth affirmations to recite while you’re planning

For some, thinking about all the possible ways you could give birth can be overwhelming. Isn’t everyone making a birth plan these days, and does this mean I have to figure out how I feel about all of these options? Take a deep breath, and focus on having the birth that feels right to you. These affirmations can help:

  • We have a plan. It’s OK if the plan needs to change.
  • I will have a good birth experience.
  • My baby will arrive at the perfect time.
  • I am excited to give birth and meet my baby.
  • Every birth is a real, natural birth.
  • I give myself space to change my mind at any time.
  • Any interventions I choose are part of the process, not a failure.
  • Changes to my birth plan happen in my best interest.

However you give birth, there’s no easy way to bring a baby into the world. But parents do it every day, and birth affirmations might help you through it with a little less anxiety in the moment. If they worked for you during birth, maybe bookmarking some new mom affirmations would be a good idea too.