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20 Lovely Boy Names That Start With “L”

From classics, like Luke, to new favorites, like Lincoln, there are so many to love.

We’re all drawn to certain names, sometimes for reasons that aren’t 100% clear. We may just like the meaning behind a name, or the easy way it rolls off the tongue. I personally have always been a very big fan of “L” names. They have a sweet, lyrical sound to me, while also having a rather elegant vibe. Names that start with “L” also seem a bit more unusual for boy baby names. Unless of course you count the Leos and Liams, of which there are many.

Choosing a name for your baby can feel like such a monumental decision, and it can be a bit overwhelming. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a list of several names that are in the running. Then, once baby is born, the right moniker will likely feel clear to you. You might be certain you want to name your son Leonardo, but then take one look at his face and realize he’s clearly more of a Levi.

Below we’ve rounded up a list of 20 really lovable “L” boy names. If you’re pretty sure you want to go with an “L” name, there may be one in this list that makes your heart sing. In which case, it might be the name you will soon spend years shouting across playgrounds.



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Old-fashioned and original, you’re unlikely to encounter many other Llewelyns. Pronounced “lou-ellen”, this melodic Welsh name means “lion”.



Lynden is an “L” baby name that was actually on my own list of possible baby boy names. I have always loved this gentle name, which means “linden tree.” Lynden has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.



Short of Lucas — or used as a stand alone name — I think anyone named Luke is just kind of destined to be a nice guy. Other people seem to agree, as it was the 31st most popular name in 2020.



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A bold, Scottish name meaning “land of the lakes”, this very masculine-sounding name is popular in Australia and New Zealand. Also you can nickname him Lach, which is just very cute.



Landon ranks number 75 in the list of popular boys names, and has been in the top 100 since the early 1900s. This a solid, strong name that would pair really well with a one-syllable last name.



Most of us associate this name with that of the Viking explorer. Maybe give this nature-inspired baby name to a baby you hope will be born with an adventurous spirit.



This name is most often associated with the poet and social activist Langston Hughes. Meaning “long stone”, this is a beautiful, unique moniker for a boy.



This gender-neutral baby name name actually makes me think of a little skylark, so I was surprised to learn it means “rough and fierce.”



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This is sort of a spin-off of Alex, but obviously more uncommon. It’s cool in its simplicity, though will likely garner lots of Superman references, so keep that in mind.



Okay, I’ll be honest. I know at least four Leos under the age of 10. It’s a pretty popular name right now. But understandably so, as it’s super cute. I feel like Leo is sort of the “L” equivalent of the names Sam or Jack — just a simple, easy, sweet name for a boy.



This Shakespearian baby name is uncommon and lovely, and I love that it means “lion man.”



OK, yes, there’s a rather negative Harry Potter association — is there anyone more cringe that Lucius Malfoy? But the name Lucius also has a really lovely meaning: “light” or “to shine”. As your new baby is undoubtedly going to be the light of your life, this might be the perfect name.



Another gender-neutral name, this “L” name has its roots in Ireland. And means...are you ready? “Lover.” It is obviously most closely associated with your dad’s favorite Beatle.



I know at first glance you may be thinking: “Really? Larry? You want me to name my kid Larry?” And I do realize Larry hasn’t exactly been in fashion for awhile. Which is exactly why it could be a fun choice. No one names their kid Larry anymore. Now is your chance to bring it back and make it cool!



Linus is an adorable and uncommon name, and of course makes everyone think of their favorite blanket enthusiast from Charlie Brown.



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Simple and strong, Locke was originally a surname associated with people who were in the locksmithing trade. These days, it’s gaining popularity as a first name though, and it’s easy to understand why.



Ah, Lloyd. This name still makes me think of John Cusack hoisting that boombox over his head in Say Anything. Meaning “sacred”, this name originated in Wales.



Liam is a modern classic and is on track to be one of the most popular boy names of the year (again). So if you’re looking for something unusual, this is not the way to go. But it’s popular for good reason — it’s lovely, simple and it means “strong-willed warrior.”



Whether this name makes you think of Broad City, or the famous president — your kid’s name will always be a conversation starter.



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Whether it makes you think of the ferocious patriarch from Succession or one of Rory’s loves on Gilmore Girls, Logan is a bold, classic baby name and means “little hollow”, it is of Scottish origin.

Best of luck finding the name for your little one! Really, at the end of the day, you are going to love whatever name you end up choosing.