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20 Bridgerton-Inspired Baby Names

Lady Whistledown would surely approve.

by Cat Bowen

Chances are good that you’ve met a baby named Mauve or Pearl, Lucy or Hamish, as “Grandma” names have been popular baby names for several years. But, why not go back even further for inspiration, while also going for something you love? Everything old is new again, so perhaps you should consider one of these Bridgerton baby names.

Admittedly, I’m one of those Bridgerton fans who is absolutely insufferable, because I was a fan of the books long before the show debuted. I am a bit of a romance novel fiend. I’m also a total nerd for literary baby names, so I’m combining my powers to give you the best ideas for Bridgerton-inspired baby names. Whether you’re hoping for a name inspired by characters on the show or in the books, places of importance, or heck, even tangentially-related ideas, I’m here for you.

Thankfully, you can trust that Bridgerton characters are pretty solid — this is not going to be a Game of Thrones situation, where suddenly the show runners go way off the rails, and you find you’ve named your child after a violent dragon lady murderess with a fondness for her nephew. I’ve read the Bridgerton books, and I’m confident that it would be incredibly difficult to add in any kind of plot line that bad that would spoil your choice so thoroughly.

Even if you’re not that familiar with the show, these names are so lovely and classic on their own that I think you’ll find a Bridgerton baby name that you love.



Sure, you don’t want to know if your child ever tells someone “I burn for you,” but if he is half as handsome and charming as the Duke of Hastings, it would be pretty darn cool, right?



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The one, the only, the Queen herself. Yes, some may say you’re really shooting for the moon, here. Especially as it’s also the name of Prince William and Kate’s child, but who cares? Little Charlie sure won’t. She’ll be too busy making you serve her.



If you don’t love Penelope Featherington, I don’t know if we’re watching the same show. She utterly bewitches Colin, and readers, with her wit, and her humor. This classic name is an easy pick for your short list of baby names.



Many of the show’s exteriors are filmed at the famous Ranger’s House in London. I think this is a very fun, wink-y pick for a Bridgerton-inspired baby name.



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She’s deeply human, and makes one terrible choice, but despite that, she’s loved by the Duke, her family, and pretty much everyone else. Daphne is a sweet name on its own, and pairs well with many middle names.



Controversial choice, I know. She did Penelope dirty. Can we admit, though, that Cressida is a subjectively gorgeous name? And if push comes to shove, you can say you named your baby after the titular character in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.



Theo is a fantastic Bridgerton character. He’s a feminist. He’s hardworking. He’s for the Little Man. He’s everything. You couldn’t want better for your child.



Marina’s is a bit of a tragic story, but in the time after Roe, it seems as much a name as it is a rallying cry. Get your money, get a safe and legal abortion if you want, and fight the good fight.



The father of all things Bridgerton. Father of Daphne and husband of Violet. He’s deceased, so we don’t see a lot of him, which doesn’t hurt in the manner of “will this character be an absolute prat in the future?” This is a strong, classic boys name, whether you care about the Bridgerton association or not.



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Not a bad sort. Definitely an artist, and quite passionate, but talented nevertheless. Henry can also be shortened to Hank, which is beyond fun for a little one.



I know, it’s weird, but isn’t Syon also kind of a delight? The Syon Park Conservatory is the backdrop for Lady Danbury’s ball. Still an active conservatory, it’s one of the great garden palaces of England.



Part brat, part forgotten child, part flower, Hyacinth is a young, spirited character who has all of the confidence and hopes that accompany youth before life kicks it out of them. It’s sweet, really.



A match with Anthony wasn’t meant to be, but the name could be a match for your baby. We don’t know much about Cordelia, but the name is simply lovely all on its own. And, if you love both Buffy and Bridgerton, it’s a definite must.



Sort of a jerk, definitely a risky sort, but the nickname Archie? Priceless. It’s a name you just don’t hear that often, and I think there’s room for change in that. If a gajillion kids in my son’s school can be named Atticus, we can bring back Archibald.



The Bridgerton family matriarch, and star of her own world, Violet is a determined lady. The name itself is unassuming and sweet, and a great choice for either first or middle name.

Bridgerton is positively overgrown with floral names: Hyacinth, Rose, Violet, Poppy.



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The son of Philip and Marina in the books and George and Marina in the series, Oliver is a grand name for a child — plus, you can call them “Ollie” as a baby (and beyond, if they’ll allow it). It’s truly a timeless classic that will never feel dated.



The son of Daphne and Simon, Augie (or August if you’re looking for a bit more formality) is a less-popular name, but has weight to it that’s hard to deny.



She isn’t the most exciting in the series, but her demeanor is pleasant, if naive, and Albion loves her dearly. Her hair in the show is a bit over-the-top, but who among us hasn’t had a poor hair choice at some point?



Is it exclusive to the books and series? Heck no, but it’s a darn fine name. Even if he is a bit of a lying prat on the show. You can say you got the name from Jack from Titanic.



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We’ve seen a lot of Tessa. She’s a woman who will do what she has to in order to chase her dreams, and because of her determination, we stan.

Obviously, this is a compact list of baby names from the show, but we kept the focus on names that are a little unexpected, a little unique, and still contemporary and fun. These are baby names that any kid would be lucky to have, and can grow into with style and flair. I hope you find one that you love.