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Sweet Names For Brothers That Aren’t Too Matchy-Matchy

Talk about perfect pairings.

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Trying to come up with adorable baby name pairings is sort of like writing your crush’s name in your notebook over and over again, or writing your first name with their last name to see how they go together. If you are adding a sibling to your family, or if you’re having twins, you’ve probably found yourself doodling potential cute brother names together to see if they flow, or at the very least, roll off the tongue when said out loud together. Feeling overwhelmed by all of your boy name options? Consider this list of brother name pairings to be your ultimate guide.

Finding names that coordinate well together can be tough, but there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to make the process a little easier. Do you love names that start with the same letter, or have the same number of syllables? Are you looking for names that straight-up rhyme? Is there any particular meaning you want your coordinating boy names to convey? Are there any duos from TV, movies, or literature with names you’ve always liked? These can all make for great starting points when it comes to finding the perfect names for you.

If you’re struggling with finding baby names for brothers, check out this list of cute brother name pairings for inspiration.


Huck & Pip

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Both of these zippy, snappy, short-but-sweet names have literary roots — Huck, obviously from Huckleberry Finn, and Pip (which is short for Philip) from Great Expectations. Together, they feel fresh and modern without being too “out there” to be recognizable.


Matthew & Michael

Two Ms sound great together without being too match-y. Plus, Matthew and Michael are both biblical names if that’s something that’s important to you — Matthew being an apostle and one of the books of the Bible, and Michael being an archangel.


Zayden & Zane

These brother names are so fun together. Zayden means “little fire,” and Zane means “gift from god.” So you may end up having children with polar opposite personalities, or you may not. There’s always that 50/50 chance, right?


Orion & Sky

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You love your babies more than the whole universe, so why not honor the celestial magnitude of your affection with these starry-eyed names? We love that they’re obviously connected — the most recognizable constellation and the sky itself — but easily stand on their own, too.


Aiden & Jayden

Sometimes you just have to have some rhyming names for twins or siblings. Aiden and Jayden are so cute together and they definitely roll off the tongue when you say them out loud. Aiden means “little fiery one,” and Jayden means “God has heard.”


Canyon & Clay

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If you gravitate towards nature-inspired baby names, this brother name pairing might appeal. Canyon brings to mind a large ravine and incredible depth, and Clay obviously comes from the earth.


Silas & Sebastian

These two dignified-sounding names are cute together because of the matching first letters. They come loaded with meaning, too. Silas means “from the forest,” and Sebastian means “venerable.”


River & Kai

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Kai means “ocean” in the native Hawaiian language, and River obviously refers to water, too, so these two make a natural pairing, particularly for a water-loving family.


Cory & Shawn

If you grew up watching TGIF every Friday night, you may remember a little show called Boy Meets World. Honor your favorite childhood show and its characters by naming your sons after the show’s two BFFs, Cory and Shawn. Perhaps you’ll be setting your children up to be best friends for life.


Justin & Jason

Two names with the same first letter, amount of syllables, and last letter is a cute idea for brother baby names. Justin (which means “fair”) and Jason (which means “healer”) match just enough without completely rhyming.


Blake & Jake

If you want to go for a total rhyme, you can’t go wrong with Blake and Jake, though you may get tongue-tied trying to call for one or the other to put on their shoes. Though, let’s be honest, that will likely happen no matter what you name your dynamic duo.


Gregory & Garrett

Gregory derives from the Latin name Gregorius, which means “watchful and alert.” Garrett means “watchtower.” So, your kiddos may be very observant if you name them Gregory and Garrett.


Elliott & Everett

The two double Ts at the end of Elliott and Everett make these brother names especially sweet. Elliott means “my god is the lord,” and Everett means “hardy,” “brave,” and “strong.”


Keith & Mick

Your kids might just be destined to become rock and roll stars if you name them Keith and Mick, members of one of the most famous rock bands of all time, The Rolling Stones.


Aidan & Kieran

Aidan and Kieran go together like peanut butter and jelly. The matching “-ans” at the end of each name are what make this duo super cute.


Jonathan & Joshua


These classic boy names have withstood the test of time and continue to be a popular choice for brothers. Plus, the matching Js make these names super cute together. Jonathan means “gift of god,” and Joshua means “god rescues.”


Zeus & Apollo

If you’re into Greek mythology, these two names are for you. Zeus is the god of sky in Greek mythology, and he was the ruler and protector of all gods and humans. Apollo was the god of music, poetry, art, prophecy, truth, sun, light, and more.


Cliff & Craig

If you’re a fan of natural wonders of the planet, then the names Cliff and Craig may be perfect for your kids. In nature, a cliff is a steep rock face or side-slope, and the name Craig is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning “rock.” So similar, but still different.


Will & Carlton

Any Fresh Prince fans around here? If you loved the classic duo who couldn’t be more opposite in every way, pay homage to Will and Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Just don’t be surprised if they’re constantly singing, “In West Philadelphia, born and raised...”


Bronx & Brooklyn


Are you a fan of New York City? Why not name your babies after two of its boroughs? These names are pretty trend right now as well, so it’s a win-win to honor your favorite neighborhoods while giving your kids cool names.


Dallas & Austin

Fan of Texas? Name your kiddos after cities in The Jumbo State. Everything’s bigger in Texas, so hopefully that means their hearts will be bigger, too.


Deon & Leon

Cute rhyming names for the win. Deon and Leon just sound cool together. The name Deon means “God” and the name Leon means “lion,” so you know they’re both going places in life.


Mason & Miles

Two perfectly adorable M names for your babies. The name Mason means “brick layer” or “stone worker,” and Miles means “soldier.” In medieval Latin, the name Miles means “knight.”


Aspen & Denver

Another state tribute! Aspen and Denver are not only great places to visit in beautiful Colorado, but the names themselves are beautiful as well.


Scout & Sawyer

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Calling to mind two classic works of literature, these names certainly share a vibe, but both are stand-alone favorites, too. Together they feel adventurous, brilliant and brave — just like your boys are sure to be.


Eric & Everett

These two boy names are classic choices that deserve a little moment in the spotlight, and they pair so nicely. Eric means “ruler” and Everett means “strong,” — simple, strong, powerful names for your beautiful boys.


Jude & Jack

They both have four letters, both start with “J” and both Jack and Jude are very popular names right now. We think they make a terrific pairing that’s strong, sweet and adorable — just like your baby boys.


Ezra & Emmett

Ezra is a Hebrew name meaning “help,” while Emmett is a bit more broad, meaning “universal.” They might make a good pairing for brothers who balance each other out.


Whelan & Conor

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Both Whelan and Conor (or Connor) are easily recognizable, and both have a rich history as popular Gaelic boys names. Simple, strong and classic, they’re a perfect brother name pairing.


Ajax & Adam

The name Ajax means “eagle,” and he’s also a figure in ancient Greek mythology. It also means “of the earth.” The name Adam means “of the red earth,” which also matches with Ajax. Plus, the two names both start with A.

Whether you want a pair of names inspired by iconic characters, have similar or complementary meanings, or simply sound cute together, you can’t go wrong with these sets of baby names for brothers.

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