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These Downton Abbey-Inspired Baby Names Are So Distinguished

With a cast as big as Downton Abbey’s you definitely have a lot of options — whether you’re team “upstairs” or “downstairs.”

Picking a baby name can be an incredibly exciting time. Or it can be a bit stressful, depending on if you and your partner are on the same page regarding names. It helps if you have a similar interest. Perhaps a favorite song, artist, musician, movie, or TV show can steer you in the right direction. My husband and I definitely bonded and had a huge affinity for Downton Abbey when it first came out on PBS. We watched it religiously. And now with the two new full-length feature films out in the world, it seems like the perfect time for Downton Abbey-inspired baby names.

If you and your partner also share a love for Downton Abbey, or you’re hopping on the bandwagon now that you’ve seen the movies, check out this list of Downton Abbey-inspired baby names for you to choose from. This list includes members from both “downstairs” and “upstairs,” and since there are 30 names, surely you’ll find one you and your partner can agree on.



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Robert is a German name that means “bright fame.” Kind of fitting for the Lord of Downtown Abbey, wouldn’t you think? However the best attribute of Lord Grantham is his love for his dog, which is summed up best in his quote from season five: “There is nothing more ill-bred than trying to steal the affections of one’s dog.”



Cora means “maiden” or “daughter” and it can be found in classical Greek mythology referring to Persephone. Cora is definitely as prim and proper as a maiden if you ask me so her name definitely fits.



Violet is an English name that means purple, but the Dowager Countess definitely has more pizazz than that definition. Though purple is a royal color, (and she is definitely royalty) I think her witty one-liners will always make me laugh when I hear the name Violet. I am particularly fond of the line where she asks what a weekend is and when she claims (following Mr. Pamuk’s death) “Last night! He looked so well. Of course it would happen to a foreigner. No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house.”



Quite fittingly, the name Mary means “bitter,” “beloved,” “rebelliousness,” and “wished-for child.” All of which pretty much sums up feisty and fierce Lady Mary.



Also ironically, Edith means, “rich,” “happy” and “war.” Perhaps this is why the rich and happy Edith was always at war with Mary? Poor Edith.



Talk about a character whose death shattered the hearts of viewers everywhere. Sweet, passionate, and intelligent Sybil had a rebellious streak, and she fought for what she believed in and held dear to her heart. Perhaps if you name your child Sybil they’ll have the same qualities. The definition of Sybil means “a fascinating prophetess” and “oracle.”



And yet another death in the series that completely took the wind out of everyone’s sails. Talk about dramatic and traumatic. To pay homage to who was (in my opinion) the best partner for Mary, you should name your child Matthew. Which also happens to mean “gift of God.”



We all love Mr. Carson, but I had to do some digging for his first name, Charles. The name ironically means “free man” though if you look at his life from a modern lense, he didn’t seem free. However, he loved his life and it was an honorable job. The name Charles does sound pretty dignified, though: Mr. Charles Carson.



You can also skip the Charles and go with the gender-neutral name Carson, after his last name. Carson means “son of the marsh-dwellers,” and while it used to be a fairly popular name, its popularity is dwindling these days, so your kid may be special.



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John is quite the traditional name for such a powerhouse and mysterious character. The John Bates character definitely always kept you on your toes — when you thought Thomas had finally gotten the best of him, his secret ex-wife, when we thought he may have murdered her, his prison stint, oh my. However, since John means “graced by God” we should’ve known he’d end up on top at the end and marrying the love of his life.



While Bates is definitely an uncommon first name (unlike John) pay tribute to your favorite Downton character by naming your child after John Bates. This is a great option if John is a bit too traditional for you for a Downton Abbey inspired baby name. Plus everyone called him Mr. Bates on the show anyway so everyone will understand the reference. Bates is of English origin and is derived from the name “Bartholomew.”



Elsie Hughes is a delight. She’s stern but kind. Firm but forgiving. Hard working but knows how to laugh and have a good time. All qualities that would be great for your little baby. Elsie is a short version of Elspeth, which is the Scottish form of Elizabeth. The name means “God is my oath.”



Though Elsie’s last name, Hughes can be a first name as well. Hughes means, “soul, mind, or intellect,” and it definitely fits with the Mrs. Hughes’ character. And these attributes would also be great ones for your baby to inherit as well.



Beryl Patmore is a sweet, hardworking and sassy gal on Downton Abbey, and is the best cook around. Its literal meaning is a light green semi precious gemstone, but perhaps your child will be an amazing cook if you name them after Mrs. Patmore.



Sweet, sweet Anna. I love her relationship with Mr. Bates, and I love how much of a strong, fierce and cunning woman she is on the show. The name Anna means “grace” and she definitely exudes that attribute the entire show and both movies.



A diminutive of Thomas, Tom means “innocence, naivety, or simplicity.” And Tom Branson was definitely none of these things. He was incredibly smart and well-read, and knew a lot about the world and what he wanted out of it. I loved the relationship he and Sybil had, and how he guided her to break social norms and follow her heart.



Wasn’t Matthew’s mother just the greatest? She was so beyond her time in her feminist passions and philanthropic responsibilities she took on. She was one tough lady, that’s for sure, especially after pulling up her boot straps (or dress as the case may be) and moving on after her son tragically died in a car accident. Plus the way Isobel is spelled is pretty unique, and it means “pledged to God.” Making it a perfect Downton Abbey inspired baby name.



One of the characters with the most growth on the show is Daisy. She starts as a naive young girl, and ends up really gaining confidence and even getting an education. Perhaps your kid will have gumption like Daisy if you decide to name them after her for your Downton Abbey-inspired baby name. Interestingly, in addition to being the name of a flower, the name Daisy means, “day’s eye.”



Talk about the character who everyone loved to hate. Thomas does end up having some redeeming qualities, sort of. But if you’re into the villains of shows then Thomas would be the perfect Downton Abbey-inspired baby name. Thomas means “twin,” however, thankfully, there is only one on the show.



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Rose’s character was definitely a breath of fresh air when she came along at the end of season 3 of the series. She was young, rebellious, sweet, open-minded and open to new ideas and change in society. She’s definitely the “Gen Z” character of the times. As we all know, the name Rose is a type of flower, but would still be a great Downton Abbey inspired name that wasn’t totally obvious.



If you’re looking for a Downton Abbey inspired baby name from a character with a heck of a story, Ethel Parks definitely has one. What began as a wish for something more than working in service, to an “illegitimate child,” to having to become a prostitute for money to feed her baby, and then choosing for him to be adopted by the baby daddy’s parents, her time at Downton was quite the whirlwind. Ironically, the name Ethel means “noble.”



After Matthew, Mary finally decides to marry Henry Talbot, the nephew of a longtime friend of Violet Crawley. Henry is a solid name, and another not as obvious Downton Abbey-inspired baby name. The name Henry means “house ruler” though I’m sure that’s not true when Lady Mary is involved.



Marigold is Edith’s “illegitimate daughter” and only child. At first she gave her to Tim Drewe, the farmer, so she could see her, but later her secret came out and she was allowed to move back to Downton. Marigold refers to a golden flower, and ironically it’s also a combination of the name “Mary and gold” — Mary, being Edith’s arch nemesis.



Gwen was an incredible character on the show, and in my opinion, very underrated. She not only was able to find a job and get out of a life of servitude (thanks to sweet Sibyl’s help) but she also did this on her own and got a typewriter to learn shorthand and took typing courses, all while completing all the hard work housemaids have to do. The name Gwen is Welsh, and it means “white, holy, pure, and blessed.”



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Poor, poor Lavinia. She was incredibly brave and kind up to the very end when she died, wishing both Mary and Matthew happiness. Her story was a pretty terrible one, where she caught Matthew cheating on her with Mary and then she got the Spanish flu and died in Mary’s house of all places.



Finally Edith gets her man after six years of unhappiness. Herbert Pelham (Bertie) marries Edith in the last episode of the series. And ironically, she becomes the Marchioness of Hexham, which is a position that outranks everyone in her family — including Lady Mary. Take that, Mary. The name Bertie means “bright,” which is what he was for Edith.



Rosamund was an interesting character on the show, while she seemed pretty straight laced and somewhat mean, Robert’s sister actually came to bat for her family when it really mattered. She helped Edith, and even Rose during some tumultuous times in their lives. And she always did it in the most proper way. Rosamund means “horse protection” though she didn’t protect any horses on the show — just women.



George isn’t an obvious Downton Abbey-inspired baby name, but true fans will definitely know. He was Mary and Matthew’s son, who unfortunately never got to meet his dad since he died tragically the day he was born. It’s kind of eerie how much the child actor looks like Matthew, and he is really cute. George means “farmer or earth worker.”



Sir Anthony fell in love with Edith — and she him — even though she was so much younger than him. He did agree to marry her, however, but he did the unthinkable when he realized he couldn’t do that to her — he left her at the altar. While this is a somewhat sweet act since he wanted to make sure she could live her life and not become a nurse instead of a wife, he probably should’ve told her this before the day of the wedding and leaving her alone in front of everyone. Anthony means “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy,” ironically.



Atticus marries sweet Rose in season five, but the entire episode is cringe-worthy thanks to Rose’s mom. She even hires a prostitute and photographer to sabotage Atticus and ruin their marriage. Thankfully Atticus still remains to be truly in love with Rose (and a suitable husband to be) so they still get married and end up having a daughter, Victoria Rachel Cora Aldridge, together. The name Atticus means “man of Attica.”

Whether you’re team “upstairs” or team “downstairs” there is a name on this inspired by your favorite Downton Abbey character. I think it’s also safe to say if you had multiple pregnancies with multiples and you wanted your entire family to have a Downton Abbey theme, you’re definitely covered.