Close up portrait of a toddler girl in the park in an article about baby names that start with W
24 Wonderful Girl Names that Start with “W”

From whimsical to wild, there’s something here for everyone.

When it comes to unusual letters to start a name, “W” names aren’t as rare as “U” names. They also don’t stand out quite as much as “Z” names. Still, “W” names retain the cool and slightly unusual factor that both of those letters give the names they begin. In the top hundred names in the United States from the past hundred years, there’s nary a “W” name in sight for girls. So if you’re wishing for something slightly wild (but still completely winning) looking at a list of “W” names for girls could be a good place to start. Some of its rarity is due to the fact that, as far as letters go, “W” is a bit of a newcomer: There was no “W” in Latin, the root of all the romance languages, and so it didn’t come on the scene as its own letter until centuries after some of the other letters.

But it’s here now, and there are tons of really pretty girls’ names that start with W, ranging from classics, like Willa or Wendy, to more unusual names that you probably haven’t heard in a long time, like Wilhelmina or Winifred. Why not wander through the wondrous world of “W” names and see if any catch your fancy?



I have to start here because this is my middle name and I can tell you firsthand — it’s cool. It lends itself to all kinds of nicknames, like Winnie or Fred, for example. Your little girl will see herself in Princess Winifred from the silly musical Once Upon a Mattress, which features the song “I’m in Love with a Girl Named Fred.” The name comes from Welsh and means “joy and peace.”



This name works all year round, but it’s particularly appropriate for a little one born in the colder months, since it means “born in the winter.” You could also spell the name like the season, but the “y” jazzes it up. Wynter is still a rare name, but its star is on the rise — it first cracked the top thousand most popular names in 2013 and has been growing in popularity since.



Originally a nickname, Wendy stands on its own now, most famously as the heroine in Peter Pan. In fact, the author of Peter Pan essentially brought the name Wendy into being: It was vanishingly rare before that book came out. It has the sweet meaning “friend.”



If you choose this name, you might have to hang this lovely quote from the author Willa Cather on your little girl’s bedroom wall: “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” This “W” name for your little girl means, alternately, “will, desire, helmet, and protection.”



It might seem like every old name is back again, but that isn’t true yet for the name Wilhelmina, which last appeared in the top thousand most popular names in 1952. But maybe you’ll be part of the comeback. Like Willa, it means “helmet” or “protection.”




The British name Waverly has a meaning that’s practically a poem on its own: Meadow of quivering aspens. How pretty is that? This name just started gaining a bit of traction on this side of the pond, and broke into the top thousand as of 2018. A little Waverly is still likely to be the only one in her class, though.



Once perhaps too associated with The Flinstones to use, Wilma is also due for a comeback—it lasted charted in 1973. It has Germanic origins and means “resolute protector.”



She won’t be old enough to watch A Fish Called Wanda for a while, but hopefully she’ll appreciate how funny that movie is once she comes of age. Appropriately, Wanda means “wanderer” or alternately, “shepherdess.”



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This name has a cute, bubbly feel and can’t help but make you smile. From the museum to one of the most powerful singers ever to live, there’s some great things associated with this name. It means “white island.”



Also spelled “Winona,” this is the perfect name for your first child because it means “first-born daughter.” With two famous Wynonas (or Winonas) out there — country singer Wynonna Judd and actress Winona Ryder — no one is likely to have trouble pronouncing this “W” baby name.



Maybe you love the idea of having an association with the Addam’s family? If so, this name is a cute and quirky must-consider. The actor Rupert Grint named his first daughter Wednesday. If you’re looking for a name that will make your little girl feel like she gets a special day every week, this just might be it.



Both Wren and Wrenna are “W” names for girls that refer to the wren bird, so this could be a fun choice for a family that loves birdwatching, or just nature in general.



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Also sometimes spelled with a “Y,” Wilda means “to strive.” Alternately, it means “untamed” — fitting, since the word “wild” is right in there.



“Gwendolyn” is better known, perhaps, but dropping the “G” gives you a unique and lovely “W” name all on its own. It means “white circle” and has some associations with the moon goddess in Welsh mythology.



From the Buffy character to Willow Smith, there are a lot of cool Willows in the world. Maybe your little girl will be one of them. Of course, the name means “willow tree.”



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With a bit of a preppy vibe — but not one that’s over the top — Whitley is a unisex “W” name meaning “white meadow.”



Perhaps most famously associated with the Cake Wars judge, this name is new enough to not have an official meaning. So if you want to say it means “greatest girl in the world” who is going to stop you?



Formerly only a boy’s name, Wyatt has recently entered unisex name territory. It means “brave at war.” Your little girl will share her name with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s daughter.



Meaning “wise” in English, you might like this name if you like the names Etta or Hedda. There are a few well-known Witta’s, though not so much in this millennia: The famous Wittas were all from the 7th or 8th century.



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Your little girl is sure to be a champion, so why not give her a name to match? This winning name means just what you might think it does.



You could also spell this name “Weslynn.” It means “west lake” and comes from English and Welsh. If you’re into matching names, it would be an adorable choice to go along with a brother name Weston or Wesley.



Whether she opts for the famous women’s college or not, a little girl with this name is sure to be both intelligent and regal. It means “the farm amongst the willows.”



Botanists will recognize this name as one of yellow plants that look like sunflowers. It’s a cute choice, and lends itself to the nickname “Lia”.



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A German name, this means “ruler” or “God’s power” and is the female equivalent of Waldo. Maybe your little girl can draw a Where’s Waldo sequel — Where’s Waldina sounds pretty cool.

Whatever “W” name you choose, your little girl is sure to be winsome and wise.