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32 Zippy Girl Names That Start With “Z”

These names will capture your little girl’s zest for life.

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Whatever vibe you’re looking for when picking out a name for your little girl, there’s probably a girl name that starts with Z that fits it. If you’re looking for something with deep roots, the Old Testament is rich with “Z” names. If you love flower or nature names, there’s “Z” names like Zinnia, the gorgeous flower, or Zephyrine, meaning “a gentle breeze.” Though many “Z” names have Hebrew or Arabic roots, there are also “Z” names that can pay tribute to French, German, or Greek heritage.

A lot of the “Z” names for girls were really unusual in recent years, but their star is on the rise. Between 1939 and 2018, for instance, the name Zora wasn’t in the most popular thousand names given in the United States, but since 2018 it’s been steadily rising in popularity. But if you’re looking for names with the opposite trajectory, you might consider Zelma, which was in the top 300 most popular names in 1900, but hasn’t even appeared in the top thousand names since 1955. There’s also names like Zenobia, Zalika, or Zipphorah — you can be pretty confident that your little girl will be the only one in her school with those more unusual names. Whatever you’re looking for in a name, there’s probably a “Z” name that will strike your fancy.



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Zinnias are beloved flowers because of their bright vibrant colors and multitude of petals. If you love flower names but are looking for something more uncommon than Rose or Violet, you might think about this unusual “Z” name for your little girl.



The name Zora is of Slavic origin and it's derived from the word "Zorana" which means "dawn" or "aurora.” It’s a choice that feels both fresh and timeless.



Zara is of Arabic origin, meaning "princess" or "flower." Some alternate spellings, like Zahra, remain more rare.



The name Zipporah is derived from the Hebrew word "tzippor" which means "bird" or "little bird.” Your little girl would share her name with many great women, including Zipphorah Elizabeth Moman, an activist in the 1930s who fought for the rights of domestic workers.



However you may feel about the Love is Blind contestant, you shouldn’t overlook this pretty girls name that starts with “Z.” It means "fragrant flower" or "fragrant plant" in Arabic.



Some will associate the name most with the video game, others with the late Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a testament to the great staying power of this name. It has Germanic origins and means alternately “gray battle” and “strong woman.”



The classic name Sophia has been hugely popular for years. If you love the name but don’t want your little girl to share her name with lots of classmate, this variant spelling and pronunciation might be what you’re looking for. Zofia is of Polish origin and it means "wisdom" or "intelligence".



The name Zoe is of Greek origin and means "life.” It's a relatively popular name today, it was in the top 100 most popular names in the United States for several years in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. It's a versatile and elegant girls name that starts with “Z” that has a classic feel to it.



Who doesn’t love a gentle breeze on a hot day? This pretty girls name that starts with a “Z” evokes that feeling in both its meaning and its sound. It means “west wind” and comes from the word “zephyr” meaning “a soft, gentle breeze.”



Though it’s best known in the United States as the singular name of the actress and singer, this name has deep roots in Zimbabwe and Zambia. It means “to give thanks to God” in the language Shona.



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Most commonly pronounced Zo-sha, this Polish name means wisdom and is another variant to consider if you like the name Zofia or Sophia but want a more unusual name.



Zelma means “helmet” or “protector” in the German language.



The poetic name Zalika means "well-born" in Swahili as well as " wonderfully beautiful" in Arabic. You really can't go wrong with either meaning, and this name lends itself to the cute nickname, Zali.



If you love the names Isabel or Isabella, but want something more unusual you might think about using this shortening. Zabel means "God is my oath" and is primarily used in Spanish-speaking countries.



Whether you love the warrior princess or not, this name works well, since it won’t be quite as associated with the show as it would be if you spelled it with the more traditional “X”. Zena has both Russian and Greek roots, and means “belonging to Zeus.”



While this name might be new to you, it's one of the oldest names there is and dates back to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. In Hebrew, It means " shade" or "protector."



Like its slightly more common counterpart Zora, this name means “dawn.” It has Hebrew origins and sounds elegant and regal.



This sweet girls name that starts with “Z” has the lovely meaning “beautiful” in Swahili, and has been steadily growing in popularity.



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The Z name Zenobia also has more than one meaning. In Greek, it means " life of Zeus" and in Arabic it means "father's ornament." It’s the perfect “Z” name for a little girl who is sure to be the apple of her father's eye.



Zada might be a great choice is you like the name Ava but are looking for something more rare. It has Arabic roots and means “prosperous.”



This name is simple but oh-so-pretty. It means “shine” in Arabic, which your little girl will do in many ways.



In Hebrew, Zelia means “zealous” or “ardent.” Perfect for a little girl who is going to take on the world.



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Zachary is a super popular name for boys, but its feminine version is a lot less common. Zaccaria can also be used as a male name, but it’s crossed over to also be a unisex choice. It means “the Lord recalled” in Hebrew.



Most famously associated with the writer Zadie Smith, this name, like Zada, means “prosperous” and “abundance” in Arabic.



Zoella, meaning “to live,” derives from the Ancient Greek name Zoe. It’s definitely a unique take and more lyrical take on the name Zoe.



Zamirah is a common name in Hebrew and Jewish cultures, and it means “good voice;” in its Hebrew roots, it means “nightingale,” which is a bird that also has a beautiful voice.



Zenith is the highest point in the heavens, which is definitely how you’ll feel about your baby. Zenith has Arabic origins and is a gender neutral name if you’d like to go that route for your child.



Zeya is a beautiful girl name that starts with “Z,” and it has Islamic origins. Zeya means “light and radiance,” or a “source of light.”



This girl name that starts with “Z” is the Turkish form of Zaynab (also a good baby name that starts with Z) and both mean “precious gem.”



Whether you’re trying to go for another take on the name Sabrina, or just like the name Zabrina on its own, both names mean “a princess.”



The name Zyrah means “blossoming flower” or “coming of dawn,” both beautiful images of growth and beauty.



Zion is a unisex name that starts with “Z,” and means “highest point.” This unique name is perfect for both girls and boys.

There are so many beautiful and meaningful “Z” names. Your little girl will be proud to represent the end of the alphabet with any of these gorgeous and unique choices.

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