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The Zippiest Girl Names Start With Z

This list of baby girl names that start with Z will ensure your girl is zesty and zippy for sure.

Picking a baby name can be a tricky task for many parents. And throw in a “name theme” for a family — like names that all start with the same letter — the task of choosing a baby name is even more difficult. If you’re looking for girl names that start with Z, this task can become even harder than before.

Sometimes names come to people in a dream. For other families, some research is involved — whether that’s browsing baby name lists online or looking through baby name books like our parents did.

If you’re tasked with the challenge of coming up with unique girl names that start with Z, this list of names from all different parts of the world all have pretty powerful and beautiful meanings.

Whether you’re looking for more common girl names that start with Z like Zoe, or want to go totally rogue and name your daughter Zenola, there’s something for everyone on this list for your baby.



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This gorgeous, musical, and warrior sounding name’s meaning is just perfect for the way it sounds. Zella means “happy, blessed, and a grey fighting maiden.” Your child will definitely be a bada** with this name.



Zephyr is rooted in mythology and has Greek origins. It means “west wind,” which is the seasonal breeze controlled by the ancient god Zephyrus.



Zoya, meaning “life” or “alive,” has Russian origins, and is the Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian version of the name “Zoe,” which is also on this list.



You may be familiar with the name Zendaya already, as Zendaya is an actress who has been in Spider-Man, Euphoria, and Dune. Whether you love the movies, or you just like the meaning of the name Zendaya — to give thanks — it’s a fun girl name that starts with Z.



Not only does the name Zadie mean “prosperous,” but it’s also the name of the incredible novelist, essayist, and short-story writer Zadie Smith. Perhaps On Beauty or White Teeth will be her favorite reads when she’s older if you name her after this incredible writer.



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Zoella, meaning “to live, a living, life,” derives from the Ancient Greek name Zoe. It’s definitely a unique take and more lyrical take on the name Zoe, and your child will definitely not meet another Zoella in her lifetime — unless her mother also read this list and liked the name.



Though there is no official definition of the name Zenola, because it’s so unique, your kid will definitely be the only one named Zenola in her school. There have apparently only been 101 people named Zenola in the United States according to Name List.



Zoe is of Greek origin and means “life,” while its Hebrew meaning is “Eve,” and “giver of life.” It was the 41st most popular girl name in the U.S. in 2020, so while it may not be the most unique name, it’s still beautiful and meaningful.



Zamirah is a common name in Hebrew and Jewish cultures, and it means “good voice;” in its Hebrew roots, it means “nightingale,” which is a bird that also has a beautiful voice.



If you’re looking for a girl baby name that means “radiance,” Zara is the name for you. It’s short, easy to pronounce, and even has another beautiful meaning — “blooming flower,” which has Arabic roots.



The baby girl name Zuri has Swahili origins, and it simply means “beautiful.” I feel like you can’t go wrong naming your daughter after a name that means beautiful, and it’s a pretty unique name in it’s own right.



Zenith is “the highest point in the heavens,” which is definitely how you’ll feel about your baby. Zenith has Arabic origins and is a gender neutral name if you’d like to go that route for your child.



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Zinnia is actually a flower from the perennial family and they’re a gorgeous violet color. Butterflies love these flowers and they’re very popular in gardens. Perhaps your daughter will love butterflies and flowers and have a green thumb if you name her Zinnia. I’m sure they’ll be as gorgeous as the plant itself.



Zeya is a beautiful girl name that starts with Z, and it has Islamic origins. Zeya means “light and radiance,” or a “source of light.” I’m sure your baby will be a beautiful ray of sunshine whether you name her Zeya or not, but it can’t hurt, right?



This girl name that starts with Z is the Turkish form of Zaynab (also a good baby name that starts with Z) and both mean “precious rock, precious gem.”



Whether you’re trying to go for another take on the name Sabrina, or just like the name Zabrina on its own, both names mean “a princess,” which is just perfect for your little princess.



Whether you’re a fan of the Zelda video game franchise, or just find this Germanic name powerful and beautiful, Zelda is a great girl name that starts with Z, because it means “strong woman.” Empower your baby from the start with this girl name that starts with Z.



Meaning “splendor” or “light,” Zia is a girl name that starts with Z that has Latin, Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew roots, and they all have the same beautiful definition.



The name Zyrah means “blossoming flower” or “coming of dawn,” both beautiful images of growth and beauty, which will be perfect for your baby.



Zion is a unisex name that starts with Z, and means “highest point.” This unique name is perfect for both girls and boys, and in fact, Lauryn Hill named her son Zion in 1997.

Hopefully there are a few girl names that start with Z on this list that you and your partner can agree on, and none of them bring up bad memories of bullies past when you’re trying to pick one (does this happen to everyone when picking out a baby name?). Good luck, and congratulations.