Baby Showers

Dessert table with Halloween-themed cake, cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes
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These Halloween Baby Shower Cakes Will Look So Cute In Photos

Eat, drink, & be scary.

Halloween is without a doubt one of the most fun holidays, so it’s no wonder that so many parents-to-be want to incorporate it into their showers. Aside from the new parents, the other centerpiece of such an event would definitely be a Halloween-themed baby shower cake that is equal parts spooky and sweet. Plus, with such a broad theme there are so many amazing directions you can go with your cake decor.

Out of all of the holidays, Halloween is my absolute favorite. The colors are fun, the candy is great, and the decor is downright fantastic. Witches, skeletons, vampires, monsters, pumpkins, and all things spooky, what’s not to love? When I was pregnant, I never even thought to use this wonderful holiday as a theme for my baby showers, which is a shame because now I can’t stop thinking about how I missed out on having an amazing Halloween-themed baby shower cake.

If you’re a parent-to-be or are hosting an upcoming baby shower, you can learn from my mistake and really lean into the creepy theme. Deck the house out in cobwebs and spiders, posing skeletons, and Jack-o-lanterns, and definitely splurge on a fun Halloween-themed baby shower cake. Here are a few fantastic cakes to help get you inspired.


Spooky Bat Cake

The pop of blue from this all-black cake is so unique, and the bats only add to it. I especially love the font @sweetbelle_cakes chose for “Welcome Baby Bat” on the serving plate. It’s all about the little details.


An Expecting Witch

I love how this cake is minimalist but still has some serious Halloween style (it’s a tough combination to nail, but @kekescakes904 did it). The black and white cake with bright sprinkles really stands out, and the cute witchy cake topper is absolutely perfect.


A Little “Boo” Cake

This adorable Halloween-themed baby shower cake is haunting without being over the top. The chocolate cake with white icing and black and white sprinkles looks perfect against the bright orange table cloth. Not to mention that “little boo” topper is just too cute.


A Haunting Scene

There is a lot to love about this cake because it has a little bit of everything. There are pumpkins, a spider, a ghost, bats, a creepy tree, and a full moon. My absolute favorite part, though is the hand pushing the baby carriage with its very Addams Family vibes.


The Cutest Witch

Who says a Halloween-themed baby shower cake has to be scary? This one manages to stay on theme while still being adorable. The elephant in the witches at and flower details create a really wonderful, unique result.


Baby Ghost Cake

If I saw this ghost floating down my street, I’d want to grab it and snuggle it. The little spiderweb detail that @sweetbelle_cakes added to the pacifier makes the already amazing cake all the more incredible, too.


Little Frankenstein

Who could even imagine waving fire and pitchforks at this little Franken—baby? The dripping icing that looks like hair is such a fun touch, and I can’t get over the bolts coming out of the sides of the cake.


Mummy Love

Here’s another great example of a cake that plays up the Halloween theme without compromising on the cute factor. @AlisonHart89 clearly put a lot of work and detail into this creation, and the “I Love My Mummy” addition is absolute perfection.


Trick-Or-Treat Themed

With this cake by @cakesbychaeli, you get Frankenstein, a ghost, and a touch of trick or treating. The overall look of this cake is so fun and playful, but the showstopper is the real candy in the trick-or-treat bag.


A Monster Mash Cake

There is so much happening on this cake by @whisked_tn and I am here for it! The bright colors make the black details really pop and I can’t get over the eyeballs all over the cake.


Zombie Baby

What is more amazing than a zombie reaching out of the ground? A baby zombie reaching out of the ground. I love how really leaned into the creepy factor here, and all of those crushed cookies make the cake look absolutely delicious.


A Creepy-Cute Cemetary

You don’t need tons of tiers to make a cake look good, just some good craftsmanship. @Thecakeshop_cny created this beauty while working for @bakedseattle, and it features everything that’s good about Halloween: a creepy fence, headstones, spiderwebs, pumpkins, ghosts, and a spooky tree. It is perfect.


Double, Double, Toil, & Trouble

If you’re going with the “Brewing a Baby” theme, you should consider recreating this amazing cake. It looks like a gooey witches brew and has the added touch of a “Baby’s Brew” recipe on the side.


A Glam Vampire Cake

If Dracula had a baby, this is the cake he’d have at his baby shower. There is so much amazing detail on this cake, but that topper is just absolute perfection. And the red roses? They are a fantastic finishing touch.


Baby Werewolf

There is a 100% chance this adorable werewolf would bite me because if I came across it on a walk, I’d have no choice but to pet it. This cake is the perfect combination of creepy and cute and such a fun choice for a Halloween-themed baby shower cake.

If you were feeling a little stuck on inspiration before looking through all of these incredible cakes, now you’re probably wondering how in the world to narrow down all of your options. Will you go super spooky, playful, simple, or something in between? Put on your witch’s hat and get to planning.