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35 Marvelous Girl Names That Start With “M”

From modern to majestic, these monikers are simply magical.

Open up just about any baby name book and you’ll find the names inside are arranged alphabetically. From Alice to Zendaya, and every popular baby name in between, the names listed in each section start with a different letter of the alphabet. But honestly, who buys baby name books anymore when a couple of clicks on a smartphone can show you a plethora of choices for free? Parents looking for girl names that start with “M” need not flip through 13 chapters of a book to find out what Mary or Matilda means. Instead, you can simply take a scroll through this list of “M” names. From modern to majestic, magical to meditative, we’ve rounded up plenty of easy-to-love options.

Naming your baby is a big undertaking. No pressure, but it’s probably one of the most important decisions a parent will make on their child’s behalf. Perhaps a name that starts with “M” pairs well with your last name? Or maybe you have your heart set on a name that will let your child’s initials spell something specific?

Basically, no matter what your reasoning is for wanting to choose a girl name that starts with “M,” there’s a name on this list that can help you achieve that goal.




Though it may sound old-fashioned, some parents are drawn to vintage baby names like Mabel because they just never seem to go out of style. Mabel means “lovable,” so if you’re looking for a quaint baby girl name with a sweet meaning, it’s an ideal choice.



The name Maci has different meanings depending on where you get your info from and how Maci is spelled. Some say the French name means “hill” or “weapon,” while others say it is derived from the Roman name Maccius (which evolved to Matthew) meaning “gift of God.” It can also be spelled Macie, Macey, Macy, so you have a few options to play with.



If you’re inspired by the beloved children’s book character, Madeline is a beautiful girl name that starts with the letter “M.” The English name means “high tower” but can also mean “woman from Magdala,” referring to an ancient city referenced in the Bible as the home of Mary Magdalene. Additional spellings include the French variation, Madeleine and, less-commonly, Madelyn and Madalyn.



Looking for a girl name that starts with “M” and comes with a cute nickname? Madison, an English name that means “son of Matthew,” can be shortened to Maddy or Maddie. Madison has been in the top 100 names for girls born in the U.S. since 1993, per the Social Security Administration (SSA), and ranked 29th most popular in 2021. If you want something less popular, try spelling it Madyson or Madisyn.



If the state holds particular significance for you, Maine is a unique baby girl name that starts with the letter “M.” It would also make a strong unisex baby name choice for parents who want a genderless option.



When it comes to baby name trends, nature-inspired baby names are definitely having a moment. With reference to the flowering tree, the baby girl name Magnolia is one on-trend option that gives way to a variety of adorable nicknames like Maggie, Noa, and Nollie.



If the islands are important to your family, perhaps this Hawaiian baby girl name that starts with “M” could be a perfect fit. Mahina means moonlight, and is one baby name that means light that will illuminate your heart.



It’s no secret that Arya is a popular baby name thanks to Game of Thrones, but if you’re looking for a name that has a connection to the show and also starts with “M,” consider the first name of the actress who played the sword-wielding hero, Maisie Williams. Maisie means “pearl” or “bitter” and is of Scottish origin.



A diminutive of Amanda that means “she must be loved,” Mandy is a cute girl name that starts with “M.” Whether you’re inspired by superstar Mandy Moore or throw it all the way back to the 1974 Barry Manilow track that bears the moniker, this baby name choice is one with staying power.



Popular with English royalty during the Tudor period, Margery is derived from the name Margaret, and means “pearl.” The more modern spelling of this “M” girl name is Marjorie, which is often shortened to Marge.



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This preppy baby name is a fun choice for a baby girl. A more popular way to spell this name is Margot, but leaving the “T” off of the end can help alleviate any pronunciation confusion.



If names like Darcy or Macy are high up on your list, you may also want to add the “M” baby name Marcy. A diminutive of Marcia, Marcy is a girl’s name of Latin origin that means, “Mars, god of war.” It’s got a strong meaning, but is simultaneously short and sweet.



Of French origin, Marie has several meanings including “drop of the sea,” “beloved,” and “bitter.” Commonly used as a middle name in some families, you can consider using Marie as a first name if you’re looking for one that starts with “M” for your little girl.



Of all the baby names you just don’t hear anymore, Marion is such a cute choice for a little girl. Whether it reminds you of Maid Marian (of Robin Hood fame) or Marion the Librarian from The Music Man, it has sweet associations to spare. It’s thought to be the English version of the name Marie, but can also be shortened to Mary or Mare.



Marisol is a Spanish girl name that means “Mary of Solitude,” alluding to the Virgin Mary, also known as “Our Lady of Solitude”. The Spanish word “sol,” meaning “sun,” can also be found inside the name Marisol, which gives it a particularly bright and cheery vibe.



Marissa is a girl’s name that comes from the Latin name Maris, meaning “of the sea.” If this name strikes a chord, you could also consider Melissa, which has a similar sound, but is much more popular.



Fans of Marvel in all its iterations who want a way to work the franchise into a baby name may just fall for this beautiful French girl name. Marvella means “miracle,” so it’s a meaningful choice for your new addition.



Raising a tiny bookworm? Matilda might just be a magical fit. Between the cottagecore vibes and literary connection, this sweet name could be perfect if you want a girl name that starts with the letter “M.”



If you’re in search of a name for your little one that hasn’t been popular in the last five or six decades, Maude is a classic choice with a particularly strong meaning. This girl’s name of German origin means “battle-ready.”



Androgynous baby names are super trendy right now, and for girls, that means Max is a standout choice. Short for Maxwell, this Scottish name means “great stream.”



Meaning “water,” Maya is of Greek origin, but also has roots in hispanic culture and the Hebrew language. Two notable women with the name include author and civil rights activist Maya Angelou and actor Maya Rudolph. Maya can also be spelled Mya or Maia. Similar name choices include Mayra and Myla.



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Though it is commonly used for girls, this Irish name actually means “son of Kenneth.” McKenna can also be spelled a variety of ways including Mackenna and Makenna, which is the African version of the name and means “happy one.” In the same vein, but different, are names like McKenzie or Mackenzie, and McKayla or Makayla.



Pronounced “may” like the month, Mei is a girl’s name of Chinese origin that means “beautiful.” It may sound familiar thanks to the 2022 Disney/Pixar film Turning Red, whose main character is called Mei, short for Meilin, which means “beautiful rose.”



Most millennials had a Meghan (or Megan, or Meaghan, or Meg) in one of their elementary school classes as a kid. Super popular in the 1980s and 90s, fewer and fewer babies are given the name each year, according to the SSA. Plus, who knows? You may have a future Duchess on your hands if you pick this sweet name.



Melanie is one of those girl names that feels perpetually popular — because it kind of is. Each year since 1953, the name has ranked in the top 200 most popular girl names in the U.S., per the SSA. It was most popular in 1972, ranked 42nd, and claimed the 129th spot on the most recent rankings from 2021. Of Greek origin, the name means “black” or “dark.”



This is one girl name starting with the letter “M” that is as sweet as it sounds. The Greek name means “song,” which means it may just hit the right note music lovers.



To most parents, a new baby is a blessing. If you’re looking for a girl name that starts with “M” to embody that vibe, Mercedes is one to consider.



Any Grey’s Anatomy fans considering girl names that start with “M” would be remiss not to consider this moniker. Of Welsh origin, Meredith means “great ruler.”



Mia is the Scandinavian version of the name Maria, which is yet another form of the name Marie. In Spanish, Mia means “mine,” while in Italian, it is translated to “my.” By any definition, however, this name is a short and sweet choice for your beloved babe.



Another gender-neutral baby name that starts with “M” and works well for girls is Mickey. A diminutive of Michelle when used for girls, this spunky name is also sometimes spelled Micki or Micky. Disney fans may lean hard toward this moniker, but could also consider the more feminine mouse-themed choice, Minnie.



This short, non-traditional name means “gracious” or “dear.” It’s become increasingly popular in recent years, so if you really love it, but want something less trendy, you may want to take a peek at this list of baby names like Mila.



Milly is commonly used as a nickname for lengthier names like the baby name Amelia, Camilla, and Mildred. However, the name itself is sturdy enough to stand alone. Meaning “gentle strength,” this moniker is also often spelled Millie.



Calling all Harry Potter fans: This magical girl name starts with “M” and gets bonus points for not being super popular just yet. Minerva is a Latin name that means “of the mind, intellect,” and can be easily shorted to Minnie.



For such a short name, Mira has quite a lengthy list of potential meanings. The name’s Latin roots point to the word “admirable,” which has Mira right in the center of the word. In Arabic cultures, the name can mean “female ruler,” it means “look” in Spanish, and “ocean,” in Sanskrit, and “fate” or “destiny” in Greek.



Despite being a name drawn from Hebrew name Mary, meaning “bitter,” Molly has a decidedly joyful connotation. After all, it’s hard to say that a name that rhymes with the word “jolly” is anything but a happy choice for a baby girl.

With this list of “M” names for girls in mind, you can confidently make the most meaningful choice for your new addition.