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20 Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss Tattoos That Are Seriously Breathtaking

Because your love for your baby will never fade.

For many people, tattoos are a way to mark major life events and personal transformations. Experiencing a miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or stillbirth is life-changing, which is why some parents decide to get a miscarriage tattoo during their healing journey. If you’re looking for a pregnancy loss tattoo that speaks to you, start by thinking about miscarriage quotes and songs about loss that make you feel understood. And of course, take a look at what other moms and dads have chosen for their own ink.

Until it happens to you, you may not realize that miscarriage affects approximately 10% to 20% of pregnancies. If a pregnancy loss occurs after 20 weeks’ gestation, it’s considered a stillbirth, which occurs in one in 175 pregnancies in the U.S., per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you’re looking for miscarriage or pregnancy loss tattoo ideas, it’s important to know you’re not alone, and there are other parents out there walking the same road as you.

The tattoo you choose can be small and subtle, or large and vibrant. It could be a visual representation of your little one — like a tattoo of their footprints, or a winged angel baby — or something more symbolic, like a floral or bird-inspired piece. Some parents opt to ink their baby’s name on their body, or a simple word to describe what this chapter of their life has been like.


A miscarriage tattoo featuring baby as an angel

This artist used a fine line style to create a delicate, light image of a mom kissing her angel baby, who looks to be flying away any moment.


A small miscarriage tattoo

This sweet tattoo of a mama and baby elephant symbolizes this mother and her daughter. The four stars above them represent her miscarriages, the sweet babies now watching down on her family.


A miscarriage tattoo inspired by Frida Kahlo

This parent got a tattoo based on Frida Kahlo’s artistic depiction of her own miscarriage, which includes a crying crescent moon image.


A miscarriage tattoo about how loss changed this mom

“Baby, you may not have made it into this world, but you will never be forgotten. Your DNA will live through me forever,” says this mom’s caption explaining her tattoo. The flowers at the top are the birth flowers for the month of May, which is when they learned of their loss.


A pregnancy loss tattoo of baby’s tiny footprints

This mother went into labor early at 19 weeks. When she was ready, she had baby Kaitlyn’s footprints tattooed on her arm, to scale, to remember her by forever.


A mom & kids tattoo with a nod to pregnancy loss

A lioness and her two cubs represent this mom and her two children. The rainbow feather crowning the tattoo is an homage to the rainbow babies who are still part of this family.


A pregnancy loss tattoo of a mom & her angel baby

This tattoo depicts a mom holding her baby close for a snuggle, a moving image for any pregnancy loss parent.


A miscarriage tattoo about loving your body

This tattoo (by the talented @jezzink) carries a lot of meaning — it symbolizes the recipient’s battle with PCOS and endometriosis, then experiencing a miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant. She says she got the tattoo to connect with her body in a positive way, and spark conversations about miscarriage and fertility struggles.


A beautiful, full-color miscarriage tattoo

This is such a unique and lovely tattoo, using really vibrant colors to depict two parent birds and their baby, lost to a miscarriage. The artist, Peng Yang, says it represents the parents’ deep love and longing, and he hopes it provides them solace.


A miscarriage tattoo that honors all her kids

This tattoo by @sad_girl_tattoos encapsulates all of this mama’s children. Her daughter suggested she get a space-related tattoo. The artist added two butterflies for her kids and two cocoons for the babies she hasn’t met yet.


A subtle, meaningful miscarriage tattoo

If you’re looking for small miscarriage tattoo ideas, this mom’s might inspire you. She chose the word “peace” for her ink, having found it during her first loss, and hoping to reach it again after a second.


A unique miscarriage tattoo

Following an IVF journey and pregnancy losses, this mom chose to depict her family in a tattoo, including the two little gone lost too soon.


A flower miscarriage tattoo

Flowers hold so much symbolism, and this bouquet tattoo is no exception. It includes baby’s breath (which represents everlasting love), forget-me-nots (remembrance), lily of the valley (May’s birth flower), and olive branches, because baby was the size of an olive.


Another miscarriage tattoo featuring baby’s breath flowers

This baby’s breath is so finely drawn it almost looks like the real thing. Baby’s breath flowers symbolize many things, but most importantly, innocence and everlasting love.


An illustrative miscarriage tattoo

This beautiful piece depicts a sleeping baby with a tree of life blossoming above, bustling with birds and flowers.


A miscarriage tattoo on the collarbone

This mom’s miscarriage tattoo is inked close to her heart, with a little bird for each of her losses. It’s such a nice sentiment, and might comfort you, to keep your little ones so near to you.


A tattoo of all her children’s names

This mom has all of her kids’ first names tattooed on her wrist, including June, the month her baby was due before her pregnancy loss at 12 weeks.


A traditional-style miscarriage tattoo

If you love traditional tattoos, this heart-and-roses piece honoring baby Gaia will definitely speak to you. It’s a good example that pregnancy loss tattoos can fit any style you love.


A miscarriage tattoo done by a husband for his wife

This tattoo artist created a masterpiece of a tattoo for his wife in honor of the baby they lost early in pregnancy.


Matching miscarriage tattoos for partners

Scroll through this Instagram post to see how a husband and wife took one idea — three hearts for their children, one of whom was lost — and made it their own.

Whatever you choose for your miscarriage tattoo, may it bring you some peace to know your baby is always with you.