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22 Zesty “Z” Names for Boys

These names just roll off the tongue

If letters had personalities, it seems like “Z” would be one of the cool kids. If you’re expecting a little boy and looking for a name with some sass and edge, you might check out some boy names that start with “Z”while you’re narrowing down your name list. The “Z” name Zachary was hugely popular in the ‘90s, but there’s also lots of unique baby names that start with “Z” that you definitely don’t hear every day. No matter what cultural heritage you have or what part of the world you might want to give a nod to with your name choice, there’s probably a “Z” name for boys that fits the ticket.

While you’re looking at names that start with the highest scoring Scrabble letters, give a peek at some boy names that start with “Q”. If you’re looking for names that are truly unusual, boys name that start with “U” can give you some name choices that you might have never heard of at all but that might strike you as the perfect name for your soon-to-be son. Some “Z” names are pretty common, but some will definitely stand out from the crowd — there wasn’t a single one on the top 50 most popular names for boys, so if you go with name that starts with “Z,” it’s likely that your little boy will probably have his name all to himself once he starts school.



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Though Zachary has had spikes in popularity during certain decades, it never really goes out of style and is a timeless name that start with “Z” that has endured for centuries. It means "God remembers" in Hebrew.



You can spell this name with an X as a shortening of “Alexander,” but the Z name Zander stands on its own and has become a pretty common alternate spelling. It means “Defender of Man.” It also could be a great choice if you’re a Buffy fan.



If you love the name Zachary but want something with a little added flair, Zachariah might sound like music to your ears. It also has a slightly different meaning in Hebrew than its more common counterpart: “God is renowned.” The nickname Zach works perfectly for both names.



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If you’re a fan of Greek mythology but don’t want a name that’s associated with some of the more well-known gods, this nod to the wind god Zephyrus should be on your list of names that start with “Z.” It means “west wind.”



In the Old Testament, Zion is another word for Jerusalem. The name means “highest peak.”



Though the girl’s name Zora has made a big comeback in recent years, its male counterpart is still quite rare. This name has Slavic origins and means “dawn” or “daybreak.”



Though this name has an edgy sound, it actually has a super sweet meaning: “God is gracious” or “beauty and grace.” It has Arabic roots and can also be spelled Zayne or Zain.



Your babies laugh and coos are sure to be music to your ears, so you might think about this sweet name, which means “my music” in Hebrew. The “Z” name Zimri appears in the Old Testament as the name of one of the kings of Israel.



The name Zvi has the short punchy feel of names like Joe or Jack, but is much more unusual. It comes from the Hebrew word for “deer” and can also be spelled with a silent T at the start.



While it sounds like it might just be a nickname for Zachary or Zachary, this Arabic name actually has its own origins and meaning. It means “pure,” “full of virtue,” or “clear.”



Your little boy will have an abundance of love, so Zayd, the Arabic word for abundance, might fit him perfectly. You can also spell it Zaid if you’re looking for a less common variant.



This cute name has the nicknames “Zee” and “Shawn” built right into it. The name and is a combination of two Arabic words: "Zee" meaning "life" and "shan" meaning "handsome.” It’s a nice pick for a little boy who will be vibrant and lively.



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Getting a toddler out the door can feel like you’re living out Zeno’s paradox, but that’s true no matter what name you choose. This Greek name means “of Zeus” and is a nice nod to ancient Greece while still retaining a modern feel.



Best known as the ruler of all the gods, this Greek word also simply means “sky” or “shine.” It’s both an unusual and powerful choice.



Also sometimes spelled Zelik or Selig, this Yiddish word means “blessed” — something your little boy is sure to be.



This name belongs to pop culture both past and present, including a character in the Wizard of Oz, as well as a Bob’s Burgers character. Originally a shortening of Ezekiel, it’s now a name in its own right. It means “God strengthens” in Hebrew.



In Persian mythology, Zubin was the name of a famous warrior. This name, which is most popular in India, translates to “he who touches the sky.”



If you’re a fan of the legendary band, you could name your little one in tribute. The name has German origins and is also associated with Ferdinand von Zeppelin who invented the airship that bears his name.



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This name might remind you of the word “sultan,” and fittingly it means “ruler” or “king.” It comes from Hungary but isn’t a well-known name outside that country.



If you like the feel of the name Zachary but want something more offbeat, this Greek name could be the one for you. The name is derived from the Greek word "zaros" which means "protector" or "guardian".



There’s lots of names that are also colors: Indigo, Violet, or Sapphire. Zinnober is a color name, but a more subtle one: it means “vermillion” in German. And Zinn is a super cute nickname.



“Good deeds, good words, and good thoughts” was the dominant philosophy of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra. What parent doesn’t hope that their own child will follow those tenants?

Whatever name you choose for your little boy, it’s sure to fill you with zeal every time you hear it.