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25 November Baby Names That You’ll Just Want To Gobble Up

These are seriously so cute.

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November babies are special. They come into this world during a season focused on family, gratitude, and togetherness. Their literal arrival on this earth is forever marked by fiery red-orange trees, rich comfort foods, and cozy sweaters, and what could be better than that? These names for November babies pay tribute to the remarkable season in which they arrived and will do your sweet bundle of joy justice... well, if that's even possible.

Whether you carefully planned for a November baby or their due date is a delightful surprise, you'll be happy to know that they're the best of the best. I mean, all babies are great, but ones born on the 11th month of the year are seriously exceptional. An article in Good Housekeeping reported that November-born people generally make friends easily, and that "Overall, their nature is appealing." Additionally, they are less likely to suffer from health problems like multiple sclerosis, heart problems, or lung cancer, according to the article. A study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine concluded, "Autumn-born babies, especially those born in October and November, are faster, fitter, and stronger than their counterparts."

Now that you're thoroughly excited for the new family member joining your crew, let's give you some moniker inspiration.



If your baby is born on November 22 or later, they'll officially be a Sagittarius. Because the sign of the Sagittarius is the archer, Archer is a perfect name. The meaning of Archer means “bowman,” which is no surprise, and it has a bit of a vintage fall vibe.



If you're a fan of plant or nature names, consider the name Ivy. This evergreen plant that grows on buildings gives distinctly fall vibes, and the short name is perfect for a spunky little girl.



The name Griffin means "strong lord," which is fitting for a little boy born in a month notorious for producing strong people.



If your November babe is born within the first 21 days of the month, they'll be a Scorpio. This Zodiac sign is known for being strong-willed, passionate, and loyal. The name Alexandra, which means "defender of mankind," is appropriate for a little November warrior.



Similar to the feminine name Alexandra, Gunnar means "bold warrior.” Your November baby is sure to be a fierce little one with a name like that.



The name Seraphina, which means "fiery," is perfect for a fall baby born in the season of red-orange foliage, bonfires, and blazing sunsets. She’s sure to have an equally fiery personality!



The unisex name Sage means "wise and knowing," but it also has another connection to November. The spice sage is commonly used in Thanksgiving stuffing, and its scent alone can bring up memories of big meals and family time.



One of the best qualities of autumn is the rich, warm colors seen everywhere this season. Ruby, a deep red color, is a precious moniker for a fall baby.



The Chrysanthemum is the official flower of the month of November. While that name can feel like a mouthful, why not take inspiration from it and go with Chris or Chrissy?



Another name inspired by the colors that surround you during the month of Thanksgiving, Sienna means "reddish brown." Though it's grown in popularity thanks to actress Sienna Miller, the name is far outside of the top 100, and your child likely won't share their name with their classmates.



The name Nico means "victorious," which is a goal most parents have for their children. It's also a fantastic name for a Scorpio baby, who will most likely be competitive and passionate in their pursuits.



November, the month of American Thanksgiving, is a time for showing gratitude and giving thanks. The name Odelia, which means "thankful," is the perfect tribute to this special month.



The unisex name Sawyer is downright adorable, and it's also got a special connection to the month of November. Arguably the most famous Sawyer in literature is Tom Sawyer, the famous character created by November-born author Mark Twain.



Literature fans looking for name inspiration should consider the classic name Louisa. Louisa May Alcott, the famous author of the classic novel Little Women, was born in November, and is a brilliant namesake for your own little woman.



Thanksgiving is all about gratefulness and the baby name Grace gives a lot of those vibes. This is such a classic, but still spunky, name for your little one, and it’s not often that you meet a whole lot of Graces. The nickname Gracie is also too cute.



The name Leif means "beloved," which your baby will certainly be. It's particularly nice for a November baby, whose birthday will always be celebrated during a season of falling leaves.



Names from the past are making a comeback, and I think it's time for Goldie to have its turn. The name, which means “made of gold,” makes sense for a sweet baby born in the month of yellow-gold leaves.



The month of November is a big hunting season, making the increasingly gender-neutral name Hunter an excellent choice for a baby born this month. This name is darling, even if you aren't a family of hunters.



This one is pretty straight-forward. The name Autumn is lovely for a baby born anytime, but particularly adorable for one born during this season.



The name Finn has jumped in popularity a bit, but it’s still a spunky and unique choice for your little one. Finn pays tribute to a mythical Irish warrior who was known for being brave and courageous, and something about all that magic gives major November vibes.



The name Nova, which is also the word for "a star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy," has exploded in recent years, pun intended. However, it's the similarity to the word "November" that makes it so perfect for your baby.



Praising the cooks, praising your family — praising is a huge part of November. Honor that tradition of the month with the baby name Jude, which means “praised.” It’s just so sweet, and I think it can be a gender-neutral option, too.



An incredibly classic name, Anna is such a perfect choice for your November baby. Not only does it connect to a lot of literature and give off those cozy, fall vibes, the name Anna means “favor” or “grace” which is great for Thanksgiving.



November has all of those fiery red leaves, remember? Pay homage to that with the baby name Scarlett. It’s so sweet and a great fall choice for your little November babe.



Whether you rub your turkey with butter and rosemary or not, it’s pretty impossible to avoid the herb in November. I love the name Rosemary for a little girl — it means “dew of the sea” — and I really love the connection it has to this month with cooking. It doesn’t get much cozier than that.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle nod to November or something more obvious, these November baby names are perfect for your tiny little turkey.

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