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This Nail Tech Turned Her Client’s Ultrasound Into Nail Art & OMG The Details

Are we doing sonogram nails now?

Having your nails on point at all times has really become a thing in recent years, and some people take their nail art to the next level. Sure, you might ask for some dainty little flowers in the springtime or throw some holiday designs onto your mani from time to time, but nothing too crazy. But this nail artist did some seriously impressive artwork for her client by painting a detailed, accurate replica of the woman’s ultrasound image onto her nails.

Nail artist @elexis.nails on Instagram posted a reel of this incredibly detailed manicure, showing the process of hand-painting her client’s ultrasound image directly onto her nails. And honestly, it’s both mesmerizing and impressive to watch. A lesser artist would turn out a nail that looked nothing like an ultrasound, while a good one might, might be able to pull off something that looks like a sonogram. But this *artiste* created a nail art sonogram that somehow looks identical to the real ultrasound image in front of her. Seriously, she’s so talented. Based on the hashtag #babyshowernails included on the post, it seems safe to assume this mom had some very cool (and startlingly accurate) nails at her baby’s celebration.

Neither ultrasound nails nor sonogram nails seem to be highly populated searches on Instagram, but some other inspo images do exist. This set mixes in the sonogram images with dreamy clouds and stars, there are short matte nails with an ultrasound photo, and even a hand-painted 3D ultrasound-inspired set. So, what you can ask for at the nail salon may depend on your artist’s abilities and the quality of the image you have to work with, but it seems like ultrasound art can be done on nails of all shapes and sizes.

Maybe we won’t all be rushing out to get our own version of sonogram nails — it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea — but you have to admit, the amount of skill it takes to paint a sonogram onto such a tiny canvas is bonkers. Nail artists who can pull this off for the moms who ask, we applaud you!