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25 Vintage Boy Names With Timeless Appeal

All the nostalgic vibes.

There’s something irresistibly charming about a baby with a vintage name. They really give off a sense of timelessness and character that’s hard to beat, and extra cute when paired with a little babbling bundle of joy. If you’re considering classic monikers for your soon-to-be-born babe, this list of vintage boy names is a fantastic starting point.

But before you dive in, I want to preface your perusal with this: the word “vintage” means something different to everyone. (Just ask a sommelier.) Outside of wine, the word is generally known to reference a bygone era. The exact time and place, however, can vary greatly. Flappers in the 1920s, Elvis in the ‘50s, a ‘90s sitcom callback, or even Victorian England... all vintage.

When I think of boys with vintage names, I immediately imagine them in bow ties and suspenders with a dapper, timeless, and endearing quality. Names like Charlie, Edward, and Frank spring to mind. In your head though, vintage may harken all the way back to biblical times. No matter what vintage means to you, there’s something so appealing about a classic baby name with a sense of history and character. Whatever era you’re drawn to, there’s a vintage name that can capture the essence of that time.



The versatility of this vintage boy name means that it can bring to mind several different eras depending on how you look at it. For example, maybe it makes you think of Wayne’s World in a way that’s totally ‘90s vintage, but it could also give off John Wayne cowboy vibes.



Of Greek origin meaning “gift of God,” Theodore is one of those vintage boy names that exudes classic charm and sophistication. Whether you opt for the more formal full name or choose to go with Theo as a nickname, this moniker definitely has an old-school vibe. If you appreciate a strong name with timeless elegance, Theodore is a standout choice.



Meaning “happy” or “fortunate,” Felix is a cheerful name choice that was popular in the Victorian era. It’s got a charming vintage sound, but won’t look super out of place on a classroom roster.



With roots in the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, this vintage name of Arthur has a timeless and heroic quality about it. The sense of nobility and legend Arthur calls to mind makes it a solid choice for parents looking for a vintage boy name. There’s also the connection to the iconic Bea Arthur, if you’re a Golden Girls fan having a baby boy.



Despite the famous modern Ezras you may know, this boy name is decidedly vintage, let there be no doubt. In fact, it’s Old Testament, old.



Here’s a name you don’t hear often these days at all. I mean, when was the last time you actually met a Barnaby? If you want a vintage name that’s distinctive enough to stand out, consider this adorable name.



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Atlas is a Greek name with mythological roots that gives it a bold feel — a standout among softer vintage choices. Perhaps with a name like Atlas, your boy will grow up to be the strong and adventurous type.



Popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Cecil is a timeless name choice that evokes an air of elegance and refinement. It’s perfect for parents seeking a vintage name that *screams* sophistication.



A thoughtful and wise vintage name choice, Hugo is of German origin and means “mind” or “intellect.” Linguistically, it’s also tied to the words “soul” and “heart” in Latin, so if you’re keen on meaningful names, there’s a pretty solid argument that Hugo is as well-rounded of a name as you’ll be able to find.



Of Greek origin meaning “well-born” or “noble,” Eugene is a classic boy’s name that brings with it a sense of dignity and grace. Now, it might also remind you of a nerdy high schooler from the 1950s, but now that it’s cool to be a nerd, we can make the name Eugene cool, too.



Popular in the early 20th century, Harold is a no-nonsense name that might make you think of a 1930s businessman, but nevertheless, it’s a stalwart when speaking of vintage names. Imagine for just a moment a tiny baby, wrapped up in a swaddle blanket, all cozy and cute. Now, imagine that baby’s name is Harold. Swoon-worthy, right?



It could be short for August, naturally, but Gus as a standalone name has a fantastic vintage appeal to it. Also, Mandy Moore does vintage so well and calls her son named August, Gus. Augustus also fits the bill here.



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The timeless appeal of this vintage boy definitely name evokes wisdom and depth. No, he doesn’t have to wear a tie, but a little kid named Conrad is exactly the type who could pull off the polished look at preschool.



Here’s a take on a vintage boy name inspired by the 1950s — whether you look to Rebel Without A Cause or the Rat Pack, the name Dean was ever-present. An Old English name meaning “valley,” Dean is a simple yet strong name.



Calvin Klein as baby name inspo? Maybe. Or perhaps you just like the way this French-origin name rolls off the tip of your tongue thanks to its classic sound.



(No, not donuts.) With roots in Scottish history and literature, Duncan is a vintage name that offers a sense of bravery and resilience. It’s a timeless option that means “dark warrior.”



My husband’s grandfather’s name was Ernest, so it’s absolutely one of the most vintage names I know. The German name means “serious” or “determined,” so if those traits are something you admire in a person, perhaps your little Ernest will follow suit.



Popular in medieval times, the name Fletcher has a rugged and artisanal charm about it, making it an appealing choice. This unique moniker is of English origin and means “arrow maker.”



The name Jasper just makes me think of a little kid who’s going to roam around the neighborhood on his bicycle, waving to all of his neighbors in the friendliest, most picturesque way. Popular in the 19th century, the name is originally of Persian origin and means “treasurer.”



Lennon is a very musical vintage boy name choice, both in the lyrical way it sounds when spoken and in the connection to The Beatles’ John Lennon. Of Irish origin, Lennon means “lover.” (So, there’s also a Swiftie connection there as well.)



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Or, little Ralphie for short. This vintage boy name definitely calls to mind the main character in A Christmas Story, but in the absolute best way.



Is there anything more vintage than Ron Howard as a little boy on The Andy Griffith Show? Not in my mind. If you agree, take Opie for a spin as you consider vintage names for your little boy.



Lionel is of Latin origin and means “young lion,” so it’s a name that gives off lots of power and oozes strength. Popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it’s also a fun choice if you’re a Lionel Richie fan.



The idea of a surname as a first name is a relatively popular idea that Yeats takes to a vintage level. Inspired by Irish poet, W.B. Yeats, this is a name with plenty of literary elegance and cultural depth.



Or Thad for short. A popular name in the 19th century, Thaddeus is of Aramaic origin and means “courageous heart.” So, if you’re set on a vintage name and want something with a sweet meaning, it’s a top choice.

These vintage boy names bring with them a sense of nostalgia and character, and are just perfect for a little one who’s destined to stand out.