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Virgo Baby Boy Name Inspiration For Your Sweet Little Man

These monikers are just right for the grounded Earth sign.

So many things can influence the name you choose for your child, from your family’s traditions to the season when they’ll be born. Baby name inspiration can even come by way of their astrological sign. If you’re expecting in August or September and don’t have a name picked out yet, any of these Virgo baby boy names could a fit.

Babies born between August 23 and September 22 are under the Virgo star sign. Often the first to volunteer to help organize your kitchen cabinets, detail-oriented Virgos usually have a mind that’s geared toward strategy and efficiency. They’re thinkers, but they’re also very much doers. As a kid, this usually means they’re the helpers — like the toddler who follows you with a miniature broom and dustpan, or the second grader who packs their own lunch.

Another trait that might help inspire your baby’s name is a Virgo’s strong-willed nature and their ability to endure. Responsible and reliable, they’re the ones with follow-through who won’t leave you hanging. An Earth sign, names that are grounded, rooted in nature, or even practical are a fitting choice. There are also some notable Virgo men in pop culture and history who could serve as an inspiration for your baby boy. Take a look and see which of these monikers might be just right for your little Virgo.



Of German origin, the name Hugh means “thinker.” It’s a suitable choice for Virgo babies if you want a name that might encourage your little one to lean into their studious side or dream big dreams.



Actor Idris Elba is a famous Virgo, born Sept. 6, 1972. Just based on that fact alone, don’t you think the world use more men with his name? The name Idris is of Arabic origin and means “studious” or “smart,” which is pretty fitting given the Virgo tendency toward organization.



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Confident and steadfast, the name Elijah has biblical roots. Of Hebrew origin, Elijah means “the Lord is my God.” It’s an uplifting choice that’s also a pretty popular baby name right now, if you’re looking for something trendy.



Why not pick a name inspired by baseball for your baby boy born right as the big leagues head into playoff season? Ace is a traditional nickname for a great pitcher, but as a baby name, it means “unity,” which makes it a natural fit for a Virgo.



Since Virgo is an Earth sign, a name that’s reflective of the grandeur of one of the country’s most recognizable natural formations — the Grand Canyon — makes perfect sense. Nature-inspired baby names like Canyon are not only a great fit for Virgo baby boys, but they’re also on trend.



For a Virgo baby boy name that’s as unpretentious and timeless as those born under this sign, consider Ben. Often used as a shorted form of Benjamin or Benedict, the name Ben simply means “son of,” when used as a standalone name.



This is another outstanding choice if you want something short and sweet, but still steady and enduring, for your Earth sign. Wes is a variation of Wesley, an English boy name that means “western meadow.”



Ezra means “helper,” so it’s a particularly fitting choice for Virgo boys. This vintage baby name also has multiple spelling options including Ezrah and Esra, if you want a more unique name.



The Virgo’s symbol is a harvest maiden, often depicted as a woman carrying a bundle of wheat in her arms. This representation of harvest is also reflected in the name George, which means “farmer.” It’s also a timeless baby boy name, if you’re looking for something classic.



The baby name Emmett has several meanings including “hard worker,” “truth,” and “universal,” — all fitting for August and September babes. Another Virgo connection? Football season starts around this time of year, so fans of Cowboys football legend Emmitt Smith (though not a Virgo himself) may choose to spell the moniker the way he does.



Whether you go with “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior,” the meaning behind the name William is closely related to the term “will,” as in an urge or desire to do something. This moniker, befitting of a virtuous Virgo, can also be easily shortened to Will.



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Dante is an Italian baby name that means “enduring” or “lasting.” If you want a name that exudes strength and confidence for your Virgo, this is a standout choice.



Aaron is a baby name with roots in Hebrew and Egyptian culture meaning “high mountain; exalted, enlightened.” An all-encompassing look at the definition of this name puts it squarely in Virgo territory. Between the mountain connection to the Earth sign and the knowledge that comes with enlightenment, there are few names as fitting for a Virgo as Aaron.



Virgo character traits often align with values like strength, virtue, and honor. If these are qualities that you want your baby boy to hold in high regard, Brian is one choice to consider. The name literally means, “strength, virtue, honor.”



Is it a stretch to choose the baby name August for your baby boy born in that month? Not really. Sure, you could choose a name that relates to August, but the literal word as a name means “great” or “magnificent,” so it’s a super cute option.



Of Persian origin, Jasper means “bringer of treasure.” How does this connect to your Virgo boy? Think of their birth as a gift that will bring the treasure of their presence to your life. It’s really sweet, right?



River can be a meaningful name for baby boys born in August or September. Virgos are known for being practical and grounded, but are more apt to go with the (logical) flow of things than other Earth signs, like Capricorns who may be more regimented. Rivers are steady, flowing, and naturally inclined to sustain life.



Virtue names like Hope or Faith are popular options for girls, but there aren’t nearly as many choices for boys. However, the name Noble is a unisex baby name that could be a perfect fit for your Virgo.



If you’re looking for a name inspired by your baby’s September birthdate, Aster is a unique option for Virgo boys. Aster is the birth flower for September, often thought to represent faith, love, and achievement.



Curtis is a baby name of French origin that means “courteous, polite.” It was a popular choice throughout the 1980s and 1990s, so if you’re looking for a throwback Virgo boy name, try Curtis on for size.

Whether you choose a baby name inspired by the virtues of this astrological sign or one connected by way of the calendar, no matter which Virgo boy name you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your new addition.