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17 Perfect Names to Suit Your Perfectionist Virgo Baby Girl

Not just any name will do

There are lots of good things about having a Virgo baby: you can get a pumpkin spiced latte to wake up up after those nights of newborn-interrupted sleep, and you’ll probably get at least a few weeks of that in-between weather where it’s neither too hot nor too cold. But Virgo babies are also known for their specific personality traits, so if you have a little girl joining your family between August 23 and September 22, you have a Virgo, and you’ll want to be prepared with a Virgo girl name. (If you’re a Virgo yourself, you might have already picked out your baby name back in middle school and packed your hospital go-bag moments after finding out you were pregnant.)

As the mom of an extremely Virgo-y Virgo, you should also know that you’re likely to have a kid who wants things to be just-so. Virgos are known for being perfectionists, and so you’ll want a baby name that is, well, perfect.

In addition to being perfectionists, Virgo kids are known for other traits: being detail-oriented, hard-working, organized, and opinionated. If a name makes you think of a go-with-the-flow kid who is content to just lounge around, well, that’s probably not the right name for your Virgo baby girl. But these names might just be as perfect as she’ll be:



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Ida is a perfect name for your Virgo baby girl: it means “industrious.” You’ll probably see your Virgo baby taking everything seriously: my own Virgo baby has always worked extremely hard at everything she sets out to do, whether it be rolling back to front or fighting a nap. There are lots of impressive Idas, from the journalist and advocate Ida B. Wells to the jazz singer Ida Cox.



This Hebrew name has lots meanings, including “sweet-faced” and “unique,” but it also means “fearless” (something that hopefully your Virgo baby girl will be in the face of adversity, but not in the face of a busy street). If you have a relative named Ann or Anne who you want to honor, this is a great way to do it with a modern twist. And Anika Noni Rose, who voiced Disney Princess Tiana, is a Virgo, too.



Probably the most famous Virgo is Beyoncé, but you can’t really just name your kid Beyoncé. I mean, you can, but those are pretty big shoes to fill. (Though it is fun to read about her parenting experiences.) But you can name your little Virgo Sasha, after Sasha Fierce, as a subtle homage to the Queen B. Appropriately, the name means “helper of mankind,” and Virgos are known for being helpful.



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Virgos tend towards workaholism and need to be reminded to relax. This name honors their hand-working nature with its simple meaning: “work.” The name Emmeline comes from the Germanic root Amal, meaning “work.” It’s a pretty twist on the more common name Emily, and can be spelled Emmaline or Emeline as well. It’s also a great alternative to the suddenly popular name Evelyn.



Spring babies usually have all the month-naming fun: April, May, and June are the common seasonal names, and there are lots of summer names for babies born in June or July. But there’s no reason you can’t name a baby born in August, or any time of year, this pretty homage to a wonderful city. It means “great” and “magnificent.”



Virgos make great leaders: their detail-oriented, hard-working nature means that they will stay and get it right, long after everyone else has gone to bed. So why not honor her leadership tendencies with this name, which means “queen” in Latin?



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Another homage to a famous Virgo: Fiona Apple, who is well known for her hard work and perfectionism. The Irish name Fiona means “fair,” and the lyrics to “Extraordinary Machine” are kind of a Virgo anthem for their ability to persevere in the face of any difficulty: “I'm good at being uncomfortable so I can't stop changing all the time.”



Lending itself to the cute nickname “Milly,” this name also means “work” and “strong.” It’s not very common these days, and last appeared in the most popular girl’s names in 1965, making it a great choice if you’re looking for something unique.



Virgo babies are right on the cusp of autumn, and naming your little girl something that evokes the name of a stately tree, like Maple, might be just perfect. Like Virgos themselves, maple trees are stalwart but also sweet on the inside.



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It’s good for Virgos to learn that nothing is ever perfect, but it might delight your Virgo girl to know that her name means “pure” and “perfect.” You can spell it Katiya or Katia as well. Whatever you choose will be just great for your little girl.



Virgo kids really like patterns and order, so why not give your little Virgo girl this pleasing palindrome name? Hannah means “favor” or “grace” and is a classic choice that never goes out of style.



Amelia is another great name that means “industrious” or “hard working.” Your little Amelia will have lots of awesome women to look up to who share her name, from Amelia Earhart to the civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson.



This shortened form of the longer name Amalia (which would also make a great choice) means hardworking. The more traditionally-spelled version of the name (Leah) means “delicate” or weary” — and a little Virgo will be anything but that.



Nothing gets past a Virgo. They’re both wise and observant. And the most famous woman of wisdom is Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Your little girl might always be striving for more knowledge, and she will love being named after the most famous wise woman there is.




The September gemstone is Sapphire, so this elegant name could be a lovely tribute to this gorgeous jewel. You could also name her Sapphire, after the stone itself, if you like that better. Either way, Sapphira is a name that stands out and will make people want to comment on its beauty.



Another name that leans into the “leader” aspect of Virgos, Heidi has Germanic roots and means “nobility.” Your little girl might be an early reader, since Virgos often are so driven to learn, and will probably enjoy the famous 19th century children’s novel Heidi.



An observant Virgo who can see (and fix) problems before they even arise will be well-served by the name Sybil, meaning “prophetess” or “oracle.” It’s also a name that will make her stand out from the crowd: the last time Sybil was in the top thousand most popular names was back in the 1960s.

The cool thing about having a Virgo kid is that it breaks you of the illusion that you have lots of control as a parent. In fact, deciding on your little Virgo’s baby name might be the last time you make a decision that doesn’t involve them. But you can give them one of these great names and then watch them take the world by storm.