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35 Baby Names That Mean “Warrior” Or “Strong”

For the little ones who are ready to take on the world.

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Thinking of the perfect baby name for your little one can be just as difficult as it seems like it would be. Some parents just have a baby name in mind that they absolutely love, regardless of the meaning. Other parents prefer to find a name that means something important to them — for example, baby names that mean “warrior” or “strong.” That meaning is so versatile and can be about so many different things, making it a great one for parents everywhere.

These warrior names are excellent for babies who have gone through a lot before even coming out of the womb — maybe you had a tough pregnancy, or maybe getting pregnant in the first place was difficult. The “warrior” meaning can also be great for babies who are battling some sort of illness. But these circumstances definitely don’t need to be there to choose one of these names. They can just be something for your child to live up to, like the baby that you want to raise to change the world, or the baby that you hope grows up to be brave, courageous, and loyal — like a warrior. These are some of the most popular baby names that mean “warrior” or “strong,” and there’s a good mixture of gender neutral names, along with ones that are traditionally more for boys or girls.



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If you’re looking for traditionally boy names that mean “warrior,” consider this English and Irish one. Oscar translates to “champion warrior,” as well as “God spear” or “deer-lover.” According to Irish legend, Oscar, the son of Ossian and the grandson of Finn Mac Cumhaill, was one of the mightiest warriors of his generation. This name also happens to be super popular in Europe, especially in Sweden, France, and Spain.



Louis is of German and French origin, and means “renowned warrior.” If it seems like it has a royal vibe to it, that’s because it pretty much does. Not only did Prince William and Kate Middleton name their third child Louis, but it’s also been the name of multiple French kings and was a popular option back in the Middle Ages.



Meaning “strength in battle,” this sweet name is of German origin and is a popular choice among celebrities. It was popular among European royalty in the Middle Ages as well. And there are so many cute nicknames, too — Tilda and Tillie are adorable.



The name Blair is Scottish and means “battlefield,” so while it’s not exactly “warrior” or “strong,” it’s very similar. And, if you’re a Gossip Girl fan, it will probably remind you of Blair Waldorf, who was a modern day fictional warrior if there ever was one.



Humphrey is of old German origin and means “peaceful warrior,” which is a nice blend of calmness and strength all at once. It has old-fashioned vibes written all over it, and it’s a pretty unexpected name choice, so if you want something unique, this is perfect.



Louisa, a Latin name, means “renowned warrior.” This is an especially great name for literary lovers: Think Louisa May Alcott of Little Women, or the Louisa characters in novels by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. It feels old-fashioned and sweet, and is so pretty.



This Spanish name means “elf warrior,” and it’s both cute and elegant at the same time. It’s a Spanish saint’s name that is very popular in Spain, and not quite as big in the United States.



A perfect gender neutral option is Koa, a traditionally masculine Hawaiian name that has recently also become very popular for girls. It means “warrior,” and it’s unique, fun, and feels fresh. Koa is also a type of tree native to the Hawaiian islands — the wood is used for building canoes and surfboards. This is a great name for your future adventurer.



Elda is such a unique name with a few different meanings. The Italian version of the name Hilda, it originates from Germany and means “fighting a war.” The Italian meaning is “a battle maiden,” and the English meaning is “old and wise protector.”




With Spanish, Italian, and Latin origins, Marisa has two different meanings: drop of the sea, and beloved and famous battle. It’s similar to Melissa, although not as popular, and is a Spanish combination of the names Maria and Luisa.



Like Louisa, Louise means “renowned warrior,” although it’s of French origin. It feels sleek and chic, but also a little bit edgy. It also has a royal feel, as it is a royal name in countries like Denmark, Sweden, France, and England. It’s quickly becoming more popular, and it’s not hard to see why.



If you want something very unique and feminine that still feels strong, opt for Samaria. This beautiful name of Hebrew and Arabic origin means “watch tower” and comes from the verb “shamar,” which means to keep or guard. It’s not exactly “warrior” or “strong,” but it has a very similar meaning and could indicate your child will be a natural protector.



Alessia is another beautiful and unique name that feels feminine without being too feminine, if that makes sense. It’s Italian and means “defending warrior.” Alessia sounds very similar to names like Alicia and Alyssa (both of which are much more popular), but it stands out just a bit more.



This Scandinavian name means “bold warrior,” and is a very bold and masculine name choice. It can also be spelled Gunnar if you’d prefer it that way. It’s undoubtedly strong, and it’s popular without being too common.



Of all the traditionally girl names that mean “warrior,” this Harry Potter baby name is one that fans of the Wizarding World will be instantly excited about. Fans won’t be surprised to learn that Bellatrix is a Latin name that means “female warrior.” Since Bellatrix is not a very popular name option, be aware that any other HP fans might automatically think you named your baby after a Death Eater. So... that may be slightly awkward.



The masculine version of Murphy is Irish and means “sea warrior,” making this name ideal for a beach-loving family. It’s a Celtic surname that is also the most popular family name in Ireland, so it’s kind of cool to turn it into a first name.



This Scottish name means “dark warrior,” and is a Scottish royal name that is also very popular in Scotland. Duncan was the name of a Scottish saint and two early kinds in Scotland, so it has a lot of royal ties. It’s another name that sounds like it should be a last name, making it a cool pick for a first name.



This pretty Irish name means “strong, virtuous, and honorable,” and is perfect for your tiny feminist in the making. It’s thought to be the feminine version of the Irish name Brian, which is derived from an Old Celtic-Gaelic word meaning “noble.”



Carla can mean “free woman” and “warrior” or “army,” so it’s another name that’s ideal for feminist parents. It’s the feminine version of the names Carl and Carlos, and can also mean “free man.”



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Aila (pronounced ay-luh) is a gorgeous name with two different meanings. The Scottish Gaelic origin means “from the strong place” (which I personally think is amazing) and the Finnish origin means “bringer of light” (which, again, amazing). It’s different and feminine.



Of Latin origin, this very pretty name might sound similar to “valentine” and evoke images of love as the meaning, but it actually means “strong or healthy” (although it is the feminine version of Valentine). This is such a nice twist on the word “strong,” and I love the endless nicknames.



Louella is an English and German name that means “famous warrior.” It’s definitely very different and will stand out in any crowd. It’s also just a mix of “Lou” and “Ella,” which is kind of cool.



OK, I’m not the only one picturing Dustin from Stranger Things, right? Either way, the name is of Norse origin and means “brave warrior” or “Thor’s stone.” Dustin has kind of a vintage feel to it, but that’s also what makes it appealing.



Igor is another name with a few different meanings behind it. In Russia, the meaning is “warrior of peace,” which is pretty beautiful to think about. It also comes from Ing, the Norse god of peace and fertility. And in Scandinavia, the meaning is “hero,” so, really, you can’t go wrong.



The name Kane is of Welsh, Japanese, and Hawaiian origin, and means “warrior.” It can be pronounced like “cane” (think the biblical name Cain), but when found in Japan or Hawaii, it’s pronounced ka-neh. It’s another one with multiple meanings: In Welsh, it can also mean “beautiful” and in Japanese, “golden.”



Luigi is one of those quintessential Italian names, but it’s actually of French and German origin and means “famous warrior.” It is also the Italian version of the name “Louis.” Luigi will undoubtedly remind you and maybe everyone else of Mario Cart, which is kind of fun.



This French name means “little warrior,” which is really just adorable. Feminine versions of this name include Marcella and Marcheline, both of which are chic and stylish. All of these names sound incredibly sophisticated, and they feel fresh and unique.



This Korean name means “strong,” and while you might associate it with figure skater Michelle Kwan, it’s not actually just a last name. It’s a very popular first name in China.



The name Audrey definitely evokes the image of Audrey Hepburn, and who says that’s a bad thing? It’s of English origin and means “noble strength,” and it just feels very pretty and elegant.



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This Greek name is unique and interesting, and means “lover of strength.” In Greek mythology, Philomena was an Athenian princess who was transformed into a nightingale by the gods to save her from a creepy king. Kind of a strange origin story, but interesting nonetheless.



If you like simple and short baby names, Milo is a sweet option deriving from Latin and Old German origins. The name means “soldier or merciful,” as Milo is commonly thought to come from the Latin word miles, which means “soldier.”



As the English form of Milo, Miles has the same origin story. It comes from old Latin and Germanic roots and translates to “soldier.” This name is a little more common than Milo, but is a very close substitute if the latter just doesn’t suit your little one quite right.



If having a baby with a name that sounds more like a Greek god suits your fancy, give this ultra unique one a look. Aloysius is actually of Latin descent and means “famous warrior.” The nicknaming potential with this one is pretty much unlimited, and you’ll probably never have to worry about there being two kids named Aloysius in their class.



This sweet and feminine name holds a much stronger meaning than its gentle sound. A variation of Matilda, Maude means “battle-mighty” or “mighty in battle” and comes from Hebrew, German, and French origins. Maude was a popular name once upon a time — about a hundred years ago — but today, it’s hardly heard at all.



Gamer parents will recognize this name from the Nintendo game series The Legend of Zelda — and probably the warrior-like connotations that go along with it. Zelda is of German origin and means “gray fighting maid.” Although not the most common name in decades past, Zelda has had a recent comeback as one of the fastest growing girls’ names of 2015.

No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that your baby will embody the strength and resilience you’re hoping to instill in them. Your tiny warrior is a future leader in the making.

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