Amy Harrity

Amy Harrity is a freelance photographer and director specializing in editorial and commercial work. At 21, Harrity dropped everything to move from Kentucky to California with the hopes of building a new life. Once settled in the Golden State, she began to develop her craft and hone a distinct eye for people and places. With striking simplicity and quiet confidence, Harrity’s compositions embody a deep emotional context. Her work mirrors her bold outlook on life, characterized by color play and curiosity. Creating in a world between the real and imaginary, Harrity captures her subjects in their most human moments. Currently living in Los Angeles, Harrity loves early mornings, pasta dishes, and nurturing her house plants.

Amy Harrity

Our Pandemic Year

by Amy Harrity

This Photographer Set Out To Document Pregnancy During COVID-19

“It takes a village,” but in COVID, there’s no village.”