Johanna Gohmann

Johanna Gohmann’s essays, humor writing, and feature articles have been published by numerous outlets, including: The New Yorker, The Cut, Jezebel, Salon, and McSweeney’s. She is a regular contributor to Romper, and from 2009-2017 was a featured contributor to Bust magazine.

Johanna’s writing has led her to many unique experiences. She has covered a furry convention at a Connecticut bowling alley, visited a life-size Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, and taken mermaid lessons in a Canadian lake. Her essays are included in several anthologies, most notably: Every Father’s Daughter – 24 Women Writers Remember Their Fathers, The Best Women’s Travel Writing Volume 10, A Moveable Feast - Life-Changing Food Adventures Around the World, and The Best Sex Writing 2010. She is also the author of 28 middle grade and Young Adult books for ABDO Publishing, including a series about a tween girl who finds a portal into another dimension after eating a rotten hot dog.

Johanna grew up in Indiana in a ginormous family of six brothers and a sister. For the past 20 years she has made her home in New York City, where she lives with her husband and son. She doesn’t mind the rats, but will turn over cars to kill a single roach.

Johanna Gohmann

Cry Star-Lord, Amen

by Johanna Gohmann

How Two Lapsed Catholics Explained God To Their Kid

A mother grapples with how to explain religion to her son.

Travel Diary

by Johanna Gohmann

Grief With My Mother In New Orleans

I tried — and failed — to cheer my mom up with a trip. It wasn’t that New Orleans wasn’t the right place. It was that for my mom, the only right place was one with my dad.

Regrettably SFW

by Johanna Gohmann

I Destroyed The Nudes I Took For An Ex. I Wish I’d Kept Them For Me.

I should never have thrown them away.


by Johanna Gohmann

What A Bracingly Honest Scottish Comedian Taught Me About My Autistic Son

A chat with Fern Brady, and some thoughts on her wild and wonderful memoir about autism.

You Do You, I Guess

by Johanna Gohmann

Mom Friend Beige Flags

Weird, but ok?

Autism Awareness Month

by Johanna Gohmann

Unclutter My Heart

The impossible task of getting rid of your kids' stuff.

Punch Line

by Johanna Gohmann

The Power Of Being A Funny Girl

Maybe the best preparation for being a woman in our world is a finely-tuned sense of humor.

Merry & Bright

by Johanna Gohmann

Holiday Advice For Parents Of Kids With Autism

Have yourself a merry little whatever works for your family.

Please Do Not Push

by Johanna Gohmann

How My Neurodivergent Son Taught Me To Move Through Life In A Wholly Different Way

I’ve learned, and continue to learn, over and over, that the trip can either be led by love, or by fear.


by Johanna Gohmann

The Pandemic Gave Me A Bad Case Of Witch Balls

Let me tell you a story of hypochondria.