Samantha Darby

Samantha is a #girlmom to three little ladies, and a Senior Lifestyle Editor and writer for Romper. She began at Romper in 2015 as a lifestyle writer before the site officially launched, working out of Google docs when Romper didn’t even have a name, and became a lifestyle editor in 2017. In 2022, she was promoted to Senior Lifestyle Editor. Samantha covers a wide variety of topics under the lifestyle umbrella, including parenting, TTC, pregnancy, sex and relationships, and product roundups. She also focuses a lot of her work on baby name coverage, essays about motherhood, children’s books, and holiday content. She loves a good, wholesome, Jennifer Garner-vibes essay.

In 2020, she won a BDG Edit Award for Best Headline for When Grandmas Duel, We All Win, Don’t We?

Before working at Romper, Samantha worked as a freelance writer and had essays published at Motherlode, HelloGiggles, Barnes & Noble Kids, Babble, Work It, Mom!, and The Huffington Post. She also dabbled a bit in digital marketing and writing content for small businesses. She’s currently working on a novel.

On her way to becoming a full-time writer and editor, Samantha was a professional actor in Atlanta, doing stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, theatre, and generally auditioning her heart out. It was good practice for motherhood, where she routinely has to follow the exact scripts her daughters give her while playing Barbies. She lives in Georgia with her husband and her three girls — Alice, Lucy, and Clara.

You can contact Samantha by email at or find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Samantha Darby

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Why Does My Toddler Think The Food On My Plate Is So Much More Delicious Than Her Own?

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The Romper Registry

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24 Instagram Captions For Baby's First 4th Of July

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~*~ Kool Beanz ~*~

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Limited Too Is Officially Back

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Conspiracy Theorists Targeted Adam Rubin, So He Made A Picture Book Inspired By Them

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11 Summer Freezer Meals To Help You Enjoy Your Long, Sunny Days

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11 Summer Solstice Snacks For The Perfect Dinner

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Princess Diana Was The Original Fun Summer Mom

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

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Oh I Just Can’t *Wait* To Own These Lion King Squishmallows

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Actual Human Behavior

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To The People Smiling At My Baby In The Store Instead Of Ranting On Twitter, Thank You

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Start Me Up

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Taking My Dad To See The Rolling Stones For Father’s Day Was Actually A Gift For Me

The concert gave me such a wonderful look at all of the little things that made him the dad I have always known and loved.

The Ton

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11 Bridgerton Food Ideas For Your Next Watch Party

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Share The Love

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31 Father's Day Instagram Captions For Your Partner

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Always A Late Season Storyline, Never A Star

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All The ‘90s TV Show Baby Names You Forgot About

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It's Fantastic!

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The Loungefly x Barbie Collection Is Going To Make You Even More Of A Barbie Girl Than You Thought Possible

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The Loungefly x Polly Pocket Collection Is A ‘90s Girl Dream

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Ghost With The *Most*

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The New Beetlejuice Halloween Inflatable Will Make You Say "Day-O!"

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Extra Hands

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The Secret To An Actual Vacation With Kids Is To Go With Another Family

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