Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis is the Dating Editor at Elite Daily, where she oversees news and features on sex, relationships, single life, celebrity couples, online dating, and more. She’s obsessed with the intersection of feminism and pop culture and is particularly interested in topics related to sexual health, reproductive rights, and identity. She has covered everything from body language to abortion access to The Bachelor franchise — and she unabashedly loves a good reality dating show.

Sarah formerly co-hosted and produced a podcast called Subtext, where she broke down listener questions about the language of online dating and texting. She got her start as a Dating Writer at Elite Daily and has since written for Bustle, HealthCentral, Rewire News Group, Women’s Media Center, and more. She holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from New York University.

She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and can do a perfect Southern accent (but only if you ask nicely). Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @sarahaellis_.

Sarah Ellis


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