Sarah Hunter Simanson

Sarah Hunter Simanson is a Memphis-based freelance writer whose personal essays, opinion pieces, cultural analysis, and reported articles (mostly about parenting) have appeared in The LA Times, HuffPost, Salon, Romper, Travel + Leisure, Insider, Yahoo, The Daily Memphian and elsewhere.

Caretaking has been a recurring theme in her life — both to her mom before she died of cancer and to her two young children at the height of the Covid pandemic (and now) — and it continues to serve as the greatest inspiration for her writing. She loves to explore issues that impact our daily lives in ways both big and small and writes about everything from childcare to current events to her latest pop culture obsessions.

When she’s not writing (and sometimes when she is), you can find her making snacks (ostensibly for her kids) or working at the local independent bookstore as “the story time lady.”

Sarah Hunter received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is working on her first novel. You can find her on Twitter at @sarahsimanson and on LinkedIn. Links to her other work are here.

Sarah Hunter Simanson

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