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20 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mom Who Just Wants To Rot In The Evenings

Sometimes, you just need to make like a carcass.

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In 2023, in some corner of the internet, someone coined the term “bed rotting.” It gave a name, and a feeling of purpose, to that after-bedtime period when moms schlump into bed and try to recover from the mayhem of the day. If your partner likes to go full carcass mode to rest and recharge, she’ll love these cozy Mother’s Day gifts that are perfect for bed rotting. From ultra-soft pajamas to candles that smell like a resort lobby, these presents will help her create the perfect atmosphere in which to rot.

If you’ve never bed rotted, here’s the gist: you crawl into bed, get horizontal, and stay there for a prolonged period. You do nothing of importance — maybe you’re even ignoring texts, if responding feels like too much effort — and you just... chill. No one is touching you, asking you for anything, or interrupting your thoughts. Now’s your chance to read, watch that show you’re super into, scroll TikTok, or do whatever sparks joy for you, all in a maximally comfy, horizontal position. Bed rotting is meant to be restorative, and in order to really get her R&R in, your person could probably use some upgrades. So, give her one of these gifts, and then leave her to rot in peace.


The softest PJs in all the land

The perfect rotting pajamas are so soft you can barely feel them, and loose enough that there’s no uncomfortable bunching or tugging. These luxe Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas from Cozy Earth are right on the money — they’re incredibly soft, stretchy, and cooling — and they’re available in sizes XS to XXXL.


A flexible arm to hold her Kindle for her

If your girl likes to go full carcass, but also likes to read in bed, she needs a tablet holding arm for her Kindle. She can attach it to her nightstand or the bed frame and get comfy while she reads her book hands free. But in order to enjoy it to its maximum potential, she’ll need the next gift on this list to go with it.


A Kindle remote

Hands-free reading only works if she doesn’t have to tap the screen to get to the next page. Let this little remote control page turner do it instead. Just clip the clicker onto the Kindle, and she can bundle up under the covers and boop her little remote to read on without lifting a finger.


A big, soft, fluffy blanket

The ultimate blanket should have it all: fluffiness, softness, and joyful colors. This Marshmallow Cloud Fleece Throw Blanket has all three, and it’s big enough she’ll never be like “hmm, should I sacrifice my shoulders or my feet to the cold this time?”


A body pillow she can use multiple ways

Moms need support, especially after they carry their team all day every day. The Yogibo Support is a body pillow she can lean into, sleep wrapped around, and use in all the ways her body needs for maximum comfort.


This little portable cup holder

The main flaw of most beds is that they don’t come with cup holders, but with this cup holder tray, she can bring her own. This 10” by 10” tray includes three cup holders — including one that is designed to fit mugs — and a few special slots for ear buds, snacks, and other bed rotting essentials. Oh, and there’s a detachable phone holder, too.


A giant cup that won’t leak

Stanleys might be the trendy cup right now, but tip one over and see how much you still love it (they leak). If the mom you love always has a water nearby, upgrade her to a Brumate Era 40-ounce cup. It’s big enough she won’t have to get up and refill it, and you can twist the top to prevent any leaks should the cup get knocked over.


Pillow scrunchies, for obvious reasons

Laying down with your hair up could definitely be comfier sometimes, and these satin sleep pillow scrunchies from Kitsch will make her messy bun way squishier to rest on. These plush, oversized scrunchies will contain her mane without doing any damage, thanks to their silky satin construction.


A book valet

Bookworm wives would love a book valet, which organizes her reading essentials — book itself, with her page held, glasses, and her beverage of choice — into one compact place on the nightstand. There are lots of variations on this design on Etsy, including some that can house her whole TBR pile.


Cozy socks

When you’re lounging, that’s a great time to marinate — you know, slather on all the intense moisturizers, face masks, deep conditioners, and foot balms. Throwing on some extra soft socks, like the CozyChic Heathered Women’s Socks from Barefoot Dreams, will keep her creams and salves off the sheets.


A little pillow stand for her tablet and snacks

If the whole Kindle arm setup doesn’t work for your bedroom, consider gifting her a little tablet stand pillow instead. She can move it around easily and even throw some snacks in the bowl of the base.


A bedside caddy, if she doesn’t have a nightstand

If you live in a small space and don’t have room for a nightstand, or hers is already overloaded with other things, a bedside caddy might make a nice gift. It’s a slim, easy-to-reach place to keep books, magazines, pens, journals, or whatever it is she needs when she’s mid-horizontal recovery.


This cute little book light

Does your gal like a physical book over a Kindle? Then she needs this rechargeable book light, with nearly 15,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8-star rating. It comes in four cute colors (or white), has five brightness modes, and indicates how much charge is left using those little green lights on the front. She’ll get 10 to 80 reading hours out of one charge, depending on how bright she likes her light.


Something to spoon

Listen, sometimes laying down is just more comfortable when you have something to wrap your arms (and legs) around. This adorable Milly Chili pepper body pillow from Smoko fills that void nicely.


Twinkly lights for ambiance

For a successful rot, you need the right atmosphere. Turn off the big lights and switch on some warm white fairy lights. They come with their own little remote so if she happens to get sleepy, she needn’t even stand to shut them off for the night.


This candle that smells like a room with a view

The Vacation Partial Ocean View candle is designed to smell just like an expensive hotel room, where there’s nothing to do all day but lounge by the pool and take an I-just-spent-all-day-sunning afternoon nap (an elite snooze every time). If she can’t escape to the Maldives this weekend, this will do nicely in the interim.


A hammock so she can rot outside

Summer weather beckons us all outside, even those who take to bed at every opportunity. That’s where a really good hammock comes in, like these hanging chair hammocks from Yellow Leaf. They’re made of an ultra-soft weave and expand enough that you can recline fully, so it’s basically like a backyard swinging bed.


A cheeky pillow that captures her vibe

If your bed rotting queen wants to adorn her favorite place in the house, this funny pillow from will do the trick. Most gals who enjoy their end-of-day carcass time can relate to its message.


Special laundry detergent for fresh linens

The ideal rotting scenario involves slipping between fresh sheets that still smell like your favorite detergent. Bath & Body Works now makes laundry detergents in some of their best-selling scents, and a few new ones designed to make your bedding smell incredible. You get 64 washes out of one bottle, and this fragrance — orange flower, soft musk, and fresh raindrops — sounds perfect heading into summer.


A support pillow for sitting in bed for hours

If the recipient tends to sit up in bed to read, scroll, or watch, a triangular positioning support pillow will make it so much more comfortable. No more stacking endless regular pillows together to achieve the perfect angle and readjusting as they fall.

So grab one or a few gifts off this list for the bed-rotting mom you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day. And then maybe give her a few hours to actually do the bed rot with her new items.