Dads, Amirite?

17 Father’s Day Gifts Your Husband *Actually* Wants

He’s still pretending to use the last bottle of beard oil you bought him.

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Gals, you know the Mother’s Day gifts the stores are always hocking: weird body wash and lotion gift sets, bath bombs, and candles with dumb slogans like “Moms Run The World” or whatever. The dad equivalent is definitely beard oil, and maybe also those personalized socks with your kid’s face on them. They’ve all got them laying around, and maybe they’ll use them from time to time, but they’re ready to receive something a little more them. So, here are a whole bunch of Father’s Day gifts your husband will actually want, use, and thank you for time and time again. How do we know? Our husbands picked them out.

The husbands of Romper’s editorial team have a wide array of interests and hobbies between them, from avid outdoorsman types to sports fanatics, literature lovers, and gamer bois. Any parent would love a handmade card from their kids and a personalized gift, but there’s something really special to receiving a present tailored to you and your interests, something that’ll come in handy the next time you get a few hours to yourself. Or, when you just need to find batteries for your kid’s new toy ASAP (you’ll see what we mean).

—The Romper editorial team: Elizabeth Angell, Samantha Darby, Meaghan O’Connell, Kaitlin Kimont, Jamie Kenney, and Katie McPherson


A Fully Loaded Golf Watch

You don’t have to know much about golf to imagine how much a gizmo like the Garmin Approach S70 would delight your husband. It’ll learn about his performance and gauge the wind around him to suggest which clubs to use, and it comes with preloaded courses — 43,000 of them from around the world — so no hidden sand banks will take him by surprise ever again.


New Swim Trunks For Summer

Is your partner always wearing the oldest, rattiest swim trunks he owns? Prompt their retirement by giving him a really nice new pair before summer’s in full swing. The Vuori Cruise Boardshort comes in a ton of stylish colorways, and the length is amenable to your gaze and his — not over-the-knees long, and not Paul Mescal short.


Literature Lovers’ Rocks Glasses

He’s got the whiskey, and the ice ball molds, and all the other bar doodads. Well Told’s engraved literature glasses are the perfect gift for a bourbon lover who has it all but would still love a special glass or two. They also make rocks glasses with city maps, marathon routes, and more.


A Portable Projector

Bring this Samsung Freestyle projector anywhere — a bedroom! A rental house! Your patio — and you can project a movie, an Xbox game, or a little flickering campfire video. No more wondering if the Airbnb you’ve rented is going to have a place where everyone can watch Netflix. No more fantasizing about the backyard movie party you could host if only you had the right setup. No more wishing he could play those stupid games outside and not in your family room.


A Sentimental Keychain

Where you met, where your kid was born, your home address if he’s deployed or travels often — the options are endless with this personalized latitude and longitude keychain. Just pick a special somewhere to engrave on the front, and you can add an additional location on the back for the price listed.


A Pre-Order He’ll Be Elated To Open Later

It has been many years since the last EA Sports NCAA football game, and while the new version — now named College Football 25 — doesn’t come out until July 19, your guy will love knowing he has his copy secured. And, he can feel warm and fuzzy while playing knowing the players were compensated for using their likenesses. Everyone wins.


A Tape Deck

Delight your music-loving xennial coparent with a QFX Cassette Player so they can pick up tapes from local bands at record shops. This one has Bluetooth capabilities and a USB port, and they can even use it to create their own mixtapes.


A Unisex Fragrance You’ll Pass Back & Forth

House of Bo’s Espiritu fragrance falls somewhere in between smelling like a Catholic church and sex. It’s woody and musky, with notes of sage, tobacco leaves, and leather. It’s the perfect gender-neutral scent to leave on the bathroom counter to share if you both tend to avoid classic perfume and cologne smells.


*The* Gear Bag For An Outdoorsman

It’s versatile and handy and holds so dang much — the Rux 70-liter gear bag is perfect for an outdoorsy partner who camps, hunts, or whatever else they do out there. Everything inside will stay completely dry, it’s field-reparable (sounds important), and can be carried as a tote or a backpack. He’ll love that it collapses and stores flat when he’s back home and organizing all his things again.


A Kindle

For the dad who reads nonstop, especially if he travels much, a Kindle is an excellent gift option. It’s lightweight, the battery life goes for days, and he’ll never run out of books to read on another trip again.


A Disc Golf Starter Set

Disc golf follows the rules of traditional golf, but instead of hitting balls into holes, you throw discs into big metal baskets (with a satisfying clank of the chains). Many cities have free courses in public parks, and it’s a great social activity to do with his friends. This Dynamic Discs set comes with three discs essential to playing, a mini disc marker, towel, and a backpack to carry it all (with room for up to 17 discs, if he gets more into it).


Snacks From Around The World, At His Doorstep

World traveler, avid snacker, or both, what husband wouldn’t love a SnackCrate subscription? You can nab just one for $35, or keep the deliveries coming for six months for $25 a box. Either way, he’ll get to try sweet, salty, fruity, chocolately snacks from all over the globe. Recent themes include Czechia, The Nethlerlands, Vietnam, and Spain.


Tickets To Something You’ll Do Together

Dimensions/E+/Getty Images

A concert, a cooking class, a metallurgy workshop — buy the tickets. The activity depends on what he’s into and what’s available in your area, but there’s no doubt he’ll love trying something new and making memories with you.


A Fancy Cut Of Meat From The Butcher

mixetto/E+/Getty Images

If your husband nerds out over marbling and is constantly letting some hunk of meat “rest” on the counter, then indulge his interests and get him a really cool cut from the butcher. He’ll appreciate the chance to spend some time in the kitchen, and once he cooks it, you win too, right?


A Fly-Fishing Rod

If you thought fly fishing couldn’t be more of a Dad sport, well, here’s the Tenkara rod. It’s fly fishing but with a shorter rod, so it’s lighter and easier to pack in and out of whatever remote location he’s heading to this time, and easier to use in cramped streams.


The Dad-liest Organizer Ever

You can call him Battery Daddy. This double-sided organizer will keep all the batteries he needs for his many, many gadgets in one place. And mercifully, it will free up your junk drawer in the kitchen.


A Portable Bidet, For The Dad Who’s Jealous Of Your Peri Bottle

One more gift for the outdoorsman who doesn’t mind a little dirt, but refuses to be *unclean.* The CuloClean portable bidet has an incredible name, and is also very light and easy to carry around when camping, backpacking, et cetera. Just screw it onto and old water bottle and there you have it. The glow-in-the-dark color seems practical here. If you want to give it as a funny gift with a little more behind it, include a gift card to his fave camping store (or go with Garage Grown Gear, known for their ultra lightweight supplies).

Whatever you get your husband this year, he’s sure to appreciate the gesture. But with one of these picks, he’ll really appreciate the gift itself.