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23 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Wife Actually Wants

Leave the bath bombs at Target.

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You’ve gifted her flowers, candles, house plants, and many a spa gift card over the years. And while those presents will hold up year after year, they can start to lose their shine over time. No, this year, you’re going to get your wife a Mother’s Day gift she really wants — something original, something insightful, something she’ll use and enjoy ‘til it’s gone. Take it from us, a group wives and moms with diverse interests and hobbies (who all know a good thing when we see it).

It’s a wonderful feeling to give someone a gift so good they are blown away by it. And while your wife will love anything you get her because it means you were thinking of her, the gifts in this list will have her asking “How did you know?!” These are the items she sees on TikTok and covets (like a heatless curl kit all the influencers swear by), and the ones she lusts after but would never splurge on for herself (like a new pair of gemstone earrings). So, take it from us: here’s what your wife actually wants for Mother’s Day this year.

—The Romper editorial team: Elizabeth Angell, Samantha Darby, Meaghan O’Connell, Jamie Kenney, and Katie McPherson


A birthstone ring that doesn’t look dated

When I think of birthstone jewelry, I flash back to those little boy and girl necklace charms with the dangly legs. But the Sequoia ring from Sister Homage is quite the opposite. You can customize how many stones you want (from zero to six) and determine their order, so you can create the perfect understated piece to wear solo or stack with other rings. A solid gold option is available for $419.


A Mom & kids photoshoot

petesphotography/E+/Getty Images

Check your area for photographers offering Mother’s Day mini shoots (or scroll through your wife’s IG follows to find a photog she already likes). Moms are never in enough pictures with their kids, and having professional pictures to capture their relationship will mean so much to her. Plus, if you’re behind the camera, you can help wrangle the kids and make funny faces to elicit smiles as needed.


This amazing Dolly Parton print

Artist Sam Sidney has rendered many an iconic face in felt, and what human being doesn’t love themselves a little Dolly Parton? This 16x20 Dolly print would look so good, well, anywhere, and your wife will love it for years to come. (She also has prints of Frida Kahlo, Minnie Pearl, and more famous figures.)


Leggings that look good and last forever

If your wife does any sort of exercise, chances are she’d love some new leggings to add to her collection. These Gymshark Adapt Seamless Leggings offer the perfect blend of compression and stretch. They’re squat-proof, have a high waist, and compliment the booty. And the best part is that they’ll last for years (ask me and my three pairs how I know).


A seriously sexy perfume

Every woman wants to smell like Rihanna, full stop. The Fenty Eau de Parfum is unique in that it’s formulated only with middle notes, so the fragrance is long-lasting and smells a little different depending on the wearer. In the bottle, it’s a warm and floral scent with hints of magnolia, musk, rose, and tangerine, but it really comes to life once it’s sprayed on skin.


This handy seat for gardeners

Gardening with a podcast between 5 and 6 p.m. on a summer evening is one of the great joys of my life, and this little chair would make weeding garden beds and deadheading flowers much more pleasant. Somehow the cuteness of it negates the fact that I need a chair to do yardwork now.


A cordless glue gun

Perfect for a mom who likes to craft (or fix broken things her children bring to her throughout the day), this glue gun takes just a few minutes to charge and can be off of its little charging holster for a good 10 minutes while you glue whatever you need! The glue doesn't come out in big globs, and this gadget’s best feature is the little pad that unfolds to catch any random glue drips. No more chipping dried glue off of your counters or tables.


Fancy tumblers for your hostess with the mostest

Whether your wife loves hosting dinner parties or just enjoys a silly little beverage for herself, she’ll adore these Aderia Retro Tumblers. The tulip pattern in particular is so eye-catching and appropriate for this time of year.


A beautiful pair of earrings, which never hurts

High-quality, versatile jewelry will always be received well. With these nestled gemstone earrings, you get solid 14-karat gold wrapped around real gems (you can choose from 13 different varieties). You can also buy just one for $232, if your wife has a little solo piercing or likes to mix and match.


Pretty new tea towels

Liberty London has the best floral prints, and these berry tea towels boast the most beautiful jewel tone blue base and pastel palette. If your wife loves to host and generally spend time in the kitchen, she’ll be delighted with these.


A high-quality rain poncho

Nobody tells you how much of parenthood is standing out in the rain. Rainkiss’ Breton Blue poncho will make it a bit more bearable. It folds down into a compact little square that’s lightweight enough to keep in her bag. It’s 100% waterproof thanks to its taped seams, and cheerier than your usual black and navy rain coats.


15 mini sunscreens to keep... everywhere

Listen, I accept we are supposed to wear sunscreen every day, but sometimes the idea of walking across the house to get it really cramps my style. My terrible brain needs to have a little one in every bag and pocket and in the car and ideally three at the front and back doors. Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit feels very fancy and fun and gift-adjacent and lets me pretend that one day I will find a sunscreen to rule them all.


One of those satin heatless curlers she’s seen on Tik Tok

I think if you give your spouse this gizmo, what you are saying is, “When you put this in your hair, I won’t laugh at you.” Also, you are saying you support them going on little low stakes hair adventures. And that maybe this is what life is all about, OK? Stunting on ‘em at school dropoff.


The in preppy shoe right now

Preppy outfits are trending right now, and Gen Z says boat shoes are trending once more. So, your partner will probably love the Sperry Original Boat Shoe, with its rawhide laces and hand-sewn details that have made it the boat shoe for generations.


This hanging egg chair

I’ve had more than enough chairs in my life for our backyard, but this one is, hands down, the best. It’s solid, takes less than 20 minutes to put together, and is so comfy. Unlike a lot of egg chairs, it has a cushion that envelops you all the way around. It swings perfectly and matches any decor, and there’s even a safety strap to keep little children from projecting themselves (and the chair) into outer space on their first spin.


A funny feminist tee

There are so many ways to show off your feminist side, but a funny t-shirt like this one of Judith beheading Holofernes will really make you feel the girl power that Mother’s Day should bring.


A cutie little cooler

This 8-liter cooler from Calpak comes in six adorable patterns and colors (this green though!). It’s the perfect size for a few drinks and some kid snacks, and won’t be too heavy to toss in the wagon and pull around with us when it’s hot this summer. In a world of massive Yetis, RTICs, and coolers on wheels, this is more my speed when it’s just me and my kid.


The ultimate battery pack

For the mom whose phone is always on 10%, a MagSafe battery pack is kind of a life changing gift. Velvet Caviar offers them in too many colors and patterns to count, and on top of being cute, it’ll allow her to charge her phone, ear buds, and other wireless charging tech on-the-go.


Throwback Tevas

I love a Teva and my dog chewed up my last pair so I clearly need this ’90s throwback design. These would be perfect for hikes that end in stomping in waterfalls with my kids but also my preferred outdoor pastime, walking the aforementioned dog around town with an iced coffee.


A Kindle sleeve for travel

If your wife loves her e-reader but doesn’t like the cases with the flappy front cover, maybe a hand-sewn Kindle sleeve is more her speed. It won’t get in the way for her day-to-day reading, but when she wants to take it with her to the coffee shop or on vacation, she’ll have a way to keep it safe and scratch-free in transit.


Custom canvas prints of her favorite photos

Canvas Champ prints are so customizable — just upload your photos, choose the shape and size of your print, and bada bing, bada boom. They offer next-day delivery, so it’s great for last-minute shoppers, and they run some seriously amazing deals (canvases are 87% off right now, which is just bananas).


Very fancy lotion

Swiping on a super luxurious lotion before bed just makes a gal feel special. Lumira’s Paradiso del Sole lotion set includes a refillable glass bottle and lotion refill, so she will have an aesthetically pleasing dispenser for her nightstand and can feel good that she’s being environmentally friendly too. This scent is inspired by the Amalfi Coast, with notes of mandarin, thyme, orange blossom, and lavender, so she’ll feel like she’s drifting off to sleep during an Italian summer night.


A pretty new puzzle

I’m a podcast lover, but now that I work from home and don’t have a commute to listen to them all, I’ve been hankering for a puzzle to do in the evenings while the episodes play in my ears. Galison’s Joy Laforme Garden Path 500-Piece Puzzle is just so lovely and springtime-y, it’ll be a joy piecing it together. The brand makes 100-piece to 2,000-piece puzzles, so you can purchase according to what your wife usually goes for.

So, what’ll it be this year? A new perfume for her to obsess over? Floral glassware for her evening mocktail? Anything you choose from this list is sure to impress.