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Nugget Couch Fans, Meet The Chunk, The Brand’s New Play Ottoman

And it should win an award for best name ever.

Whether you’ve just heard of it or you have one (or two), parents today all know about the Nugget. The four-piece play couches can be arranged in countless different ways to create forts, slides, floor beds, and so much more. For some people the obsession is real — the brand has even made a teeny tiny version of the couch for kids’ toys, and r/NuggetCouches is a literal compendium of builds and play ideas from other Nugget families. Now, Nugget is launching their first-ever expansion outside of couches with the Chunk, which they’re calling the world’s first play ottoman.

The Chunk is made up of four pieces: one outer circle cushion with an open center, two smaller circles that nestle within it, and one large circle cushion that sits like a lid atop the other three. Currently it comes in 10 colorways to match any decor or the Nugget couch you already have. It measures 32 inches across and 15 inches tall, so compared to the Nugget couch (which is 66 inches long), it’s a more compact play furniture option. And like its couch cousin, you can build so many things with the Chunk, from tables to chairs to hopscotch courses and beyond.


Thanks to its compact size, lightweight construction, and roll-ability, the Chunk is easy for parents or kids to move from room to room and play where they may. And because all of the cushions nest together, there are no floating cushions or loose pieces left over once you clean up at the end of a long day. It can be used solo in small spaces or as an intro to play furniture, or it would make the perfect addition to the Nugget couch already occupying a corner of your living room.

As if you needed another reason to love play furniture, it’s worth noting that Nugget’s pieces are much easier to clean than your actual couch’s cushions, and they won’t get misshappen from being jumped on, climbed over, and tossed around. Just unzip the cushion covers, toss them in the wash on cool, and hang dry. Voila! A clean couch or Chunk awaits.

Nugget’s new Chunk is now available for purchase on their website. During the month of May, you can order your very own Chunk at a special discounted price of $179 or $199 (this depends on your fabric selection). On June 1, prices will increase to their new normal of $199 or $219.