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The 13 Best Bluey Episodes About Bingo

Younger siblings deserve time in the spotlight, too.

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Perhaps you have a younger child who grew up watching Bluey with an older sibling and has always favored or related most to Bingo. Or maybe you yourself are a second child and love when Bingo gets an episode all her own. Or maybe you just adore Bingo because she’s extremely lovable in her own way (as all the Heelers are). Whatever the reason, there are a surprising number of Bingo episodes of Bluey.

In fact, the brand new batch of episodes released on Disney+ on Jan. 12 features not one but two new Bingo-centric episodes. Fans of the show will know that Bingo, Bluey’s younger sister, embodies kindness and gentleness. Sometimes she struggles to get a word in edgewise with a talkative older sister and a boisterous Dad. But, she’s growing — after all, she was just 4 in Seasons 1 and 2, but we know that she is now a big 5-year-old — and she’s got a loving family who is ready to hear and love her for all that she is.

Whether you’re a little sibling yourself, or you are the parent of one (or two), you’ll find a lot to love and relate to in these warm-hearted Bingo episodes.



Chilli and Bandit are hosting a BBQ for Stripe and Trixie and (as we so often do) we see the Heeler kids and their cousins acting out a play version of what the grown-ups are doing. Through the course of their game, Bingo ends up taking quite an adventure.

Season 1, Episode 7.


“The Weekend”

Though this episode features Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit playing a game of statues, Bingo takes center stage when her arc branches off from Bandit and Bluey. She’s pulled away from the game because — in classic Bingo style — she’s entranced by a tiny leaf bug. She whispers for Bandit to come see but he’s too caught up in the game to hear her. Though there are some tears, everything works out in the end, a tiny victory for the quiet kids of the world.

Season 1, Episode 6.


“Yoga Ball”

Sometimes, Bandit’s signature goofy games can get a little too rough for Bingo. In this episode, Chilli teaches Bingo to use her strong bark to mark boundaries — a lesson we all need to learn sometimes.

Season 1, Episode 16.


“Dance Mode”

Speaking of quieter siblings — which may or may not be the younger one in your home — Dance Mode is all about learning to find your voice (blanketed in plenty of classic Bluey humor). Bingo is the quietest Heeler in the bunch, and in Dance Mode, we see her find a way to be heard on her own terms.

Season 2, Episode 1.



Disney+ / Bluey

Featherwand tells a story that will be relatable to just about any younger sibling out there. Bingo is sad because she realizes that she’s not invited to the birthday party that Bluey and Chilli are bustling around preparing for. As always, she works it out through play and finds a way through a hard moment to a much sunnier one.

Season 2, Episode 3.



Bingo stays home with Chilli while Bluey goes to a friends’ house. Chilli has a household chore to take care of and Bingo has to play with... Bingo! “I don’t know how to play by myself,” she tells her mom. Little by little though, the littlest Heeler figures out how to enjoy her own company in a way that younger siblings everywhere are sure to relate to.

Season 2, Episode 9.



“Sleepytime” is possibly the most talked about episode of Bluey, and it just so happens to center entirely on Bingo and her beloved Floppy bunny. Set to the music of Gustav Holst’s iconic orchestral suite, The Planets, this episode is short on words and long on feels. Grown-ups might need some Kleenex nearby for the bit with the sun.

Season 2, Episode 26.



Bingo just wants someone — anyone — to notice her newest skill, but in the hustle and bustle of a party at the Heelers house, it’s impossible to get the sustained attention of even one grown up. Finally, Nana Heeler comes to the rescue, and together they share a special moment.

Season 2, Episode 44.



Bingo desperately wants to help Chilli make a special omelette for Bandit’s birthday and — even though she’s aged up in Season 3 and is now a big 5-year-old — her “help” is still less than helpful. Chilli gets frustrated and Bingo is hurt, but of course, it all works out.

Season 3, Episode 5.


“Mini Bluey”

Though this episode in some ways centers on Bluey feeling like her parents like Bingo better, it’s also a celebration of the differences between Bluey and Bingo and of the ways that parents of more than one child love and appreciate their children’s unique qualities. It also acknowledges flat-out that yes, Bingo is generally the easier kid, which we suspected but now we really know for sure. Every family has one, and Bingo is the Heeler’s.

Season 3, Episode 7.


“Curry Quest”

Curry Quest is one of those Bluey episodes that feels so much bigger than its 9-ish minute run time. It has a lot going on, and is about a lot of things all at once. Bandit is gearing up to travel for work, Bluey is learning to knit, and there’s a curry swap in progress. But, at its core, this episode is about the hero’s journey; Chilli explains to Bluey what a hero’s journey is, and Bingo (who is on a “curry quest” with her dad) turns out to be the “hero” of the journey (er, quest). Thus, there’s no question that Bingo is the hero of this particular episode.

Season 3, Episode 9.



This episode has a lot going on, and you could argue that it’s really Bandit’s episode. But Bingo’s affection for a stick that looks like a bird is the catalyst for the action, so we’re calling it a Bingo episode. “When you put something beautiful out into the world, it’s no longer yours, really,” Bandit says, in this lovely episode about letting go of hurt and anger.

Season 3, Episode 41.



This sweet episode from the new Bluey episode block that came out today (!) is entirely focused on Bingo and her friend Lila (you might remember her from Daddy Drop Off) as they play on a new water slide in the Heeler’s backyard. The girls’ sliding fun takes a turn when a little ladybug appears on the slide. To save the ladybug (and later an ant and a caterpillar) Bingo and her friend devise an elaborate sliding system. Celebrating kindness, gentleness, and play, this episode radiates total Bingo-ness.

Season 3, Episode 46.

Isn’t anyone going to mention the salads?!? Bingo Heeler forever.

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