Miranda Rake

Miranda is a staff writer at Romper, where she examines parenthood from every angle, with a particular interest in maternal mental health. She explores everything from moms who use psychedelic mushrooms to why so many American moms are on antidepressants, and from the meaning of Shiv Roy’s pregnancy to how (unfortunately) great it is to drink a whole lot less. Before joining Romper, she worked for more than a decade as a food writer at publications like Imbibe, Food52, and Food & Wine. She holds a masters degree in Food Studies from NYU, and a bachelors degree in Comparative Religion & Ethics from Willamette University.

She lives in Portland with her husband and two little kids, and is passionate about all of the usual stuff, like what Phoebe Waller-Bridge is up to, how her children are sleeping, good TV, and swimming in the warm sea. She thinks you should definitely cry-it-out because everything is easier after a good nights’ sleep. She also thinks that you should do what’s right for you instead of listening to her advice, because parenting is challenging, wonderful, and — most of all — deeply personal. She thinks you’re probably a really great parent, and she doesn’t really like leaf blowers or writing in the third person. For four years, she ran a small-batch jam company, as is typical for a Portland-based millennial like herself.

Miranda Rake

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