Miranda Rake

Miranda is a frequent contributor to Romper, where she examines parenthood from every angle, with a particular interest in maternal mental health. She explores everything from moms who use psychedelic mushrooms to why so many American moms are on antidepressants, and from the meaning of Shiv Roy’s pregnancy to how (unfortunately) great it is to drink a whole lot less. Before joining Romper, she worked for more than a decade as a food writer at publications like Imbibe, Food52, and Food & Wine. She holds a masters degree in Food Studies from NYU, and a bachelors degree in Comparative Religion & Ethics from Willamette University.

She lives in Portland with her husband and two little kids, and is passionate about all of the usual stuff, like what Phoebe Waller-Bridge is up to, how her children are sleeping, good TV, and swimming in the warm sea. She thinks you should definitely cry-it-out because everything is easier after a good nights’ sleep. She also thinks that you should do what’s right for you instead of listening to her advice, because parenting is challenging, wonderful, and — most of all — deeply personal. She thinks you’re probably a really great parent, and she doesn’t really like leaf blowers or writing in the third person. For four years, she ran a small-batch jam company, as is typical for a Portland-based millennial like herself.

Miranda Rake

Sweet Like Candy

by Miranda Rake

The Supplement Industry Has Come For Kids

In recent years, a growing number of parents have turned to supplements to help their kids sleep, focus, and be healthy. But pediatricians are alarmed by how little we know about what our kids are taking.


by Miranda Rake

Prenatal Testing Offers Pregnant Women More Information Than Ever — But No Support To Deal With It

I expected prenatal testing to give me the “all clear” on my pregnancy; I was not prepared for the murky answers to the questions I had asked.


by Miranda Rake

Chilli Heeler Is Every Mom On Vacation, Ever, In New Bluey Episode

I just need to do these 27 things, and then I can relax. Wait, it’s not working!

been there, buddy

by Miranda Rake

Is Bandit Depressed? Fans Have Questions About The New 'Bluey' Episodes

And Bluey creator Joe Brumm has answers.

yeah babe

by Miranda Rake

The 13 Best 'Bluey' Episodes About Bingo

Younger siblings deserve time in the spotlight, too.

do your future self a solid

by Miranda Rake

12 Easy Freezer Meals To Make Returning To The Real World A Little Easier

January is hard. Make dinner easy.

does he feel warm to you?

by Miranda Rake

This Fancy Forehead Thermometer Makes Cold Season A Little Easier

Because who wants something stuck in their ear? Definitely not your toddler.


by Miranda Rake

What Parents Need To Know Before Taking Their Kids To See 'The Boy & The Heron'

The new Studio Ghibli film is getting rave reviews, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe. But should you take your kids to see it?

OK, boomer

by Miranda Rake

What To Do If Relatives Say Hurtful Things To Your Kid At Christmas

How to prepare, repair, and help your kid move on.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

by Miranda Rake

8 Winter Solstice Recipes To Welcome The Shortest Day

There are so many delicious ways to celebrate the (slow) return of the light.

No Batteries Required

by Miranda Rake

How To Ask Relatives Nicely To Give Your Kids Experiences Instead Of Toys

All those camps and swim lessons can really add up.

Can't catch me

by Miranda Rake

The Best Soft & Chewy Gingerbread Cookie Recipe, Ever

I've been making these easy gingerbread cut-out cookies every Christmas for a decade and they never fail.

Holiday Baking

by Miranda Rake

7 Christmas Cookie Icing Recipes That Make Decorating A Breeze

From super simple glaze recipes to classic royal icing, there’s a recipe here for everyone.

it's the thought that counts

by Miranda Rake

How To Handle Relatives Who Go Overboard With Christmas Gifts

An etiquette expert explains how to manage your kids’ feelings, as well as the onslaught of stuff.

Let It Snow

by Miranda Rake

12 Calm, Cozy Christmas Movies & Specials For Toddlers

All the wonders of the season, no scary surprises.

Tree Talk

by Miranda Rake

How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh & Healthy, All Season Long

Hint: You can skip the soda.


by Miranda Rake

These Canned Mocktails Are NYE-Ready & Just As Good As Any Boozy Drink

Their truly grown-up flavors bring the fun, fizz, and festivity — sans hangover.


by Miranda Rake

8 Easy Craft Kits & DIYs For Baby’s First Christmas

Because you’ll definitely want to remember it for years to come.

On the good list

by Miranda Rake

The 10 Best Toys For Tots Who Love To Clean

Here's the gear that will keep your preschooler happily occupied.

decisions decisions

by Miranda Rake

Everything You Need To Know About External Cephalic Version (ECV)

This “low-tech” procedure to flip a breech baby is not risk-free.