Miranda Rake

Miranda is a Staff Writer at Romper, where she works on a broad spectrum of pieces relating to parenthood in all its ages and stages, from pregnancy to child development to postpartum mental health, and beyond.

Before joining Romper, she worked as a food and drink writer for many years. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two little kids. She’s passionate about all of the usual stuff like how her children are sleeping, berry season, and swimming in the warm sea.

Miranda Rake


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The 10 Coolest Things NASA’s Webb Telescope Has Seen So Far

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Endless Viruses, No Meds, Eternal Hold Times: It's Winter 2022

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Making Family Christmas Rituals That Have Nothing To Do With Presents (Or Jesus)

In a religious community, you are handed very old, sometimes ancient, rituals that evoke a sense of meaning. Outside of that, we are left to create our own.

Cold Season

A Pediatrician Explains Why Honey Is Now The Go-To Cough Remedy

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How A Radio City Rockette Pulls Off Family Dinner

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I Did Everything Right… And Ended Up With A Picky Eater Anyway

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The “Tripledemic” Is Scary, But I Feel Less Helpless When I Wear A Mask

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Stop Telling Moms To “Get Some Rest” When They're Sick

No one can cover this shift.

Family Dinner

Jenny Mollen Packs Healthy Lunches & Lets Husband Jason Biggs Do Everything Else

On feeding tiny dictators as a busy working mom, why lunch is the best time to get your kid to try new things, and why Jason is never allowed to read Fair Play.

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