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20 Sweet Messages To Write A Father’s Day Card For Grandpa

He’ll feel so loved.

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When I was looking for a gift for my Dad on his first Father’s Day as a grandfather a few years ago, one quote really stood out to me as I browsed Etsy: “The greatest Dads get promoted to Grandpa.” That’s definitely one of the sweeter things to write in a Father’s Day card for grandpa. It’s nearly guaranteed to make him melt or even shed a few happy tears. I know it’s definitely a privilege to have been able to even have a child, and for my dad to be one of the best men on the planet and still a very active part of my life and my son’s life. But every family is different. I don’t have any living grandparents, so my card for Grandpa will be on behalf of myself and my son to my own Dad, whom my son calls Grandpa.

So what should you write on behalf of yourself, or maybe on behalf of your littles? A short little stanza of thanks, or a long-winded Shakespearean soliloquy? It’s really up to you. The point is to go beyond what’s already printed on the card that every other granddad is going to get and write something that will make him want to save your card for years to come. Whether you’re a natural scribe or struggling to put pen to paper and write something meaningful, take any of the ideas below as a jumping off point to show your heartfelt thanks. So cue the cameras, have the hankies ready, and get ready to make Grandpa’s day this Father’s Day with the best card ever.


Happy Father’s Day to our favorite (grand)father

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What’s not to love about this sweet sentiment you can scribble in a card for your grandfather? It will help him to see how truly loved he is, and that of all fathers, he is the grandest.


Strong roots make beautiful trees. Thanks, Grandpa, for making our family tree so beautiful and full of love.

As the patriarch of the family, your grandfather is the one who helps keep family history alive with his endless stories. This expression of love is, of course, a wink and a nod to genealogy and family trees, but it shows respect to your grandfather, too, who truly is the root (and the heart) of the family.


Grandfathers are both wise and wonderful — and you are both. I’m so lucky that you’re my Grandpa!

It’s not every day you get a grandpa who is awesome in every way. If you’re blessed enough to have an Opa, Abuelito, Nonno, or a Grandpère, make sure that they know how special they are by writing this in their Father’s Day card.


You’ve always been on my side, Grandpa, and for that, I’m so appreciative.

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He was there for your child when they were learning how to ride a bike and skinned their knee. Because he’s been there every single step of the way, acknowledge how awesome he is and get him a cool card for Father’s Day with this written inside.


Thank you for all that you do, Grandpa.

Maybe Grandpa does chauffeuring duties during the week so you can work that 9-5. Or maybe he’s taken the kids so that you can have date night with your sweetie (and a much-needed break from your kiddos). Or maybe he is always there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. Everyone likes feeling appreciated, and acknowledging his efforts in helping you out with your kids will definitely tug at his heartstrings.


Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa! We love spending time with you.

Taking the time to spend precious moments with grandparents can be few and fleeting. Knowing that you and their grandchildren actually enjoy being with them — as opposed to, say, hanging out with friends or, you know, sleeping — can be very meaningful. Maybe also list a few things that you specifically know your children love to do with Grandpa. My child loves reading books, rolling trucks, and watching Sesame Street with my dad, and I know both of them will always look back at this time and remember it fondly. If you’ve been lucky enough to snap a photo of your kids and Grandpa playing and spending time together, don’t forget to include that in the card, too.


Happy Father’s Day to the best Grandpa ever.

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Everyone wants to be the best at something, and grandpas are no exception. If you have a baby or a young child who simply adores his grandfather, this short but sweet sentence can pack a lot of emotion. For an even more emotional moment, have your child try to draw a picture of the two of them together. Waterworks, guaranteed.


Thank you for your love and guidance.

One of the biggest benefits of aging is the wisdom one acquires. And giving all those life lessons and “Back in my day” stories to us youngsters is just what grandpas do. But it’s one thing to give guidance, and another thing entirely to know that it’s helped a child or grandchild in some way. Be sure to cite an example of how Dad/Grandpa helped shape your path and led you to make better decisions as a human and as a parent. He’ll thank you for it.


Grandpa, you have built a great family full of love and respect.

Bigger than a bank account or cool career, a person’s true legacy is their family. As the patriarch, a grandfather is often looked to as the reason for how close those family ties are. To know that he’s done a good job in building a solid family that loves and respects each other is a huge accomplishment for him, and he’ll appreciate the fact that all the hard work and dedication to keeping the family together hasn’t been overlooked.


We're so happy to have you in our life.

Grandparents can be taken for granted, but having them is a luxury that not everyone has. Beyond a simple “I love you,” saying that your life is made better by having a grandfather in it is poignant. It conveys happiness, appreciation, respect — all the things that grandpas love.


Happy 1st Father’s Day as my Grandpa!

That whole “my baby had a baby” thing that can tug at the heartstrings of even the most stalwart of men. Trust.


Thank you for being my role model and friend.

Let Grandpa know that you and your kids look up to him, and not just because he’s got the grandfather title. He’s an inspiration to you in the way that he conducts himself, and that he is an example to be followed. What greater compliment could you possibly give anyone, especially Grandpa, than that? And knowing that despite time, age, and distance, their grandchild and their own child considers them a friend is meaningful and a true tearjerker.


Happy Father’s Day to our favorite Grandpa! We love you so much.

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Sure, it’s a little simple. But simple is good. You don’t have to say it in a complicated way to have the grandpa in your life know that the message comes from your heart.


Grandpa, you’re my hero.

This is a perfect sentiment for young grandchildren to write. But it takes on a whole new meaning when a teen or even an adult grandchild writes this. Hero isn’t a word that gets thrown around all that easily, so to know that you’re so highly regarded by a grandkid is truly touching.


I hope my children grow up to be just like you someday.

If your kids are still too little to write something of their own, you can always be their ghostwriter. If your dad has been there for you and your children through thick and thin and embodies what you hope they will be like in the future, tell him so.


Your warm heart and generous spirit inspire us every day. We love you Grandpa!

Just go straight for the sap, because sometimes that’s really how you feel. Today’s the day to let him know.


[Insert the first line of your kids’ favorite joke here]. Call us for the answer!

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Another one for a Grandpa that’s far away. Sometimes, grandparents can be so aware of how much you’re juggling as a familiy with young kids, they give you too much space. This is a great way to let Grandpa know that he can give you and the kids a call, anytime.


Until we see you next, here’s a little bit of joy from us to you. Happy Father’s Day!

This is the perfect Father’s Day message for a grandpa that lives far away. Print out some photos to enclose with this message, and get the card to him before Father’s Day. He’ll love it so much.


Have a Grand Father’s Day!

Just a little word play that Grandpa might enjoy, and a simple message that elementary-aged kids could certainly write in the card all by themselves, which he might also enjoy.


We love you so much. Thanks for everything, always.

Well, that pretty much says it all, right?

The grandfather(s) in your life will love reading these meaningful messages and they’ll no doubt bring you closer together on this special day.

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