Jennifer Parris

Jennifer Parris is a Lifestyle Writer at Romper, where she writes about issues pertaining to today’s parents. She often covers health-related topics, as well as child development stories, relationships, fashion, astrology, and product roundups. Prior to joining Romper, Jennifer was a Senior Writer at Working Mother Magazine. She wrote 11 monthly columns for Working Mother, with a heavy focus on helping working mommas find work-life balance. She interviewed many celebrities as well, including Jessica Alba, Wendy Williams, Edie Falco, etc. Her work has also been published in Parentsand Parenting. Fun fact: when she was fresh out of college, Jennifer was a Staff Writer at Seventeen Magazine, interviewing celebs like Britney Spears and Marc Anthony while also traveling the country profiling teenagers, too. A Queens girl at heart, Jennifer resides in Connecticut with her four children, and an ever-growing menagerie of pets. She is absolutely obsessed with everything 80s and loves photography, which is why her Nikon is never far from her hands.

Jennifer Parris


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