Leo, Your 2024 Horoscope Says It's Looking Like A Prosperous Year

It’s time to roar.

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Unlike some of the other astrological signs, you had a terrific 2023, Leo. You took the time to work the kinks out in your relationships, got smarter about how you manage your money, and developed stronger bonds with your parents. And not to brag (which is something you’d never do, Leo), you kind of killed it when it came to your career. So how can anything possibly come close to the success that you experienced in 2023? Well, along comes the Leo 2024 horoscope which is promising a pretty fantastic new year.

As the natural-born leader of the zodiac, Leo is the ultimate symbol of strength. Chalk it up to your astrological symbol (the fearless lion), you’re known to bask in the sun — and the spotlight. Leo isn’t a “behind the scenes” sign; you take pride (wink, wink) in all aspects of your life, from career to kids, family and finances. You take big risks in order to gain greater rewards, but your need for incessant admiration might make it challenging for others to connect with you on a deeper level. After all, not everything is a competition, which can sometimes be a hard concept for you to grasp. But when it comes to those you love, you’re loyal, steadfast, and truly kind.

Leo, your 2024 horoscope is full of purpose.


Lustful in love, Leo doesn’t shy away from flirting (or even a fling here and there). But once you’re partnered, it’s pretty much for life. Loyalty is a key characteristic of this fire sign, and 2024 seems to be the year when your love life goes to the next level. “Leo will have fun times in love, especially with Sun-Venus conjunction on June 4,” explains Sonya Schwartz, an astrologer and founder of Authority Astrology. “The year is about being playful and romantic.”

While being adventurous in bed is a good thing (2024 is the year to take your nookie up a notch), you should also be open to finding love in unexpected locations, according to Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2024. “You are the sign of love, and this year you might meet someone through your career,” he says. But office antics aside, be prepared to revamp your sex life anywhere, even while you’re on vacation. Adds Sasson: “There could be some heart throbbing coming from foreigners or while you’re traveling.” Pack accordingly.


Never one to shy away from a chance to bulk up your bankroll, your 2024 horoscope will further encourage you to flex your fabulosity when it comes to finances. You’ll be rolling in the dough next year, thanks to an appearance from Jupiter, a celestial body that brings bountiful returns. “The first half of the year is looking very good for money,” affirms Sasson. “In the second part of the year, you might get an offer from a friend or a company that could be lucrative and take you on a new path.”

Sure, you can make investments in the stock market, but take stock of your financial situation, too, and what you imagine it could be. April 21 is an important day, when Schwartz suggests seizing the day (literally) to expand your empire. “Look for money chances, especially with Jupiter-Uranus conjunction,” she says. Since it’s a good time to grow money, be sure to focus on growth and risks that are sound — and smart.


As a Leo, you firmly believe that home is where the heart is. Since you place the utmost importance on your pride (your family and yes, your ego-centric one, too), you might be happy to hear that your family ties will be stronger than ever. Thing is, it won’t happen unless you flex those infamous leadership skills you possess. “On August 15, be bold with family matters during the Mars-Jupiter conjunction,” advises Schwartz. “This year is for being happy and strong with your family which will cause relationships to improve.”

But you don’t want to come across too strong, Leo. As it turns out, the entire month of August will mark a turning point for you and your loved ones, and it’s important to lead your family with strength, but also kindness and compassion, too. “Pay attention during August to be careful of how you deal with family members,” cautions Sasson. That said, the challenges that might have plagued your pride are starting to dissipate, thanks to an overall shift in your family life. “The last year and a half were not easy with family, but things are changing for the better,” he says. As conflicts and strife around family lift, so will your spirits.


Time to parade your prowess, Leo, because your career is on a steady incline, per your 2024 horoscope. It’s apparent that the stars are signaling for you to take your trailblazing traits and apply them in the workplace. “Be leader at work, especially with Jupiter-Pluto trine on June 2,” says Schwartz. “It's a time for big career moves and this is the year for making your mark and going big.”

Although you tend to go all in when it comes to work, your partnerships are going to have a hand in your success. Leos love to be the primary supporter in a relationship, but you can sometimes feel threatened by your partner’s achievements. While it might mean putting aside your pride (something that isn’t exactly easy for you, Leo), acknowledge the efforts your partner is putting in, so that your partnership is truly equitable.

Your 2024 horoscope is looking like all aspects of your life will be on the upswing, thanks in part to your inner strength, mental fortitude, and love for family. But knowing you, Leo, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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