Aquarius, Your 2024 Horoscope Says Pluto's Shaking Thing Up In A Really Big Way

Brace yourself.

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In almost any family with multiple siblings, there’s always one who makes their presence known. And in astrology, Aquarius would win that award, hands-down. For all intents and purposes, Aquarius tends to be the wild child of the zodiac, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You have something to say, Aquarius (a lot of somethings, to be honest), and because you’re a humanitarian at heart, you want the world to be better because of it. Knowing your 2024 horoscope is one way to enact the change you want to see both in the world, and your life, too.

If you assumed that Aquarius was a water sign, you’re not alone. With the word “aqua” already built into it, plus the symbol of this 11th astrological sign being the water-bearer, you’d have no reason to assume otherwise. But Aquarius is an air sign (the last one in the zodiac, actually). It’s a title that you proudly tote, because as the big sister of the air signs, you’re naturally more mature than your fellow air signs Gemini and Libra. Slightly eccentric, you have a sensitive side that can sometimes be masked by your larger-than-life personality. You are progressive, steadfast, and TK.

Aquarius, your 2024 horoscope says now is the time to focus on you so that you can make meaningful changes in all aspects of your life.


For someone who is always humbled by humanity, it can be hard for Aquarius to show their softer side in relationships. It’s not your fault, really, because you’re hyper focused on bigger picture goals that you might not even have a clear understanding of what true intimacy is actually like. That’s all about to change in the new year, when romance rides into your life. “On May 25 — when Jupiter enters Gemini and your 5th House of Romance — more opportunities may come to help you open to and give voice to your heart,” says Stephanie Gailing, an astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon. Come December, you’ll have an opportunity to explore what it’s really like to be yourself in your relationship. It might make you uncomfortable, but asking for what you want will feel freeing.

But where is all this internal angst originating from? Pluto, the dwarf planet that doesn’t shy away from shaking things up. “This is your year of transformation as Pluto is moving for the first time in 248 years into your sign,” explains Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2024. “Expect a major shift in your self-expression as well as all your significant relationships.” The power of Pluto means saying goodbye to things (and people) who no longer serve you. It might not be the outcome you expected, but instead of letting yourself get swept away in a sea of anger, (or harboring relationship resentment), harness your frustration to propel you forward and resurrect yourself into who you truly want to become.


You’d say that you’re a fairly good money manager, Aquarius. You know when to save and when to spend. But even though you’ve got a handle on your budget, you might need to tighten your belt some more, just as you did last year. “Being fiscally responsible is the way to go and will bring you the most ROI this year,” explains Gailing. The reason: Saturn is still in Pisces all year which tenants Aquarius’ 2nd House of Money. Starting in the fall (September 17, precisely), the Lunar Eclipse will make the money areas of your chart shine. But before you take that as a sign to spend, be observant instead. Says Gailing: “During the weeks before and after September 17, gather more awareness into how your finances can benefit from your savings, income, and investments.”


If a kid at school is soliciting signatures for a petition, you can bet that they have at least one Aquarian parent at home. Ever encouraging, you are loving and affectionate with your child, since you can somewhat (wink wink) relate to their rebellious nature. You’re constantly looking for creative outlets for both you and your kid that serve the greater good, whether it’s collecting cans for your local food pantry or painting signs to take to the next LGBTQIA+ rally.

The new year will let you take your efforts one step further that will foster even better bonds with your family. “The first several months of the year provide you with great opportunities to learn what your family needs to feel stronger and more aligned,” says Gailing. Come April 20, Jupiter and Uranus unite in your 4th House of Family, creating an opportunity to optimize your family life. Switching things up in your home — whether it’s doing a big spring-cleaning purge or reconnecting with an older relative — will improve your overall family life.

Sasson agrees, adding: “The first part of the year is great for real estate, relocation, or forming a family,” he says. “There is also a great deal of renewed connections with relatives such as siblings, cousins, and nephews.”


Ask an Aquarius to aid you when your computer refuses to turn on or your phone falls into the toilet. With innovative Uranus as their ruling planet, Aquarians love all things tech. But when it comes to work, you don’t want anyone (not even a boss) to clip your wings, which can sometimes pose a problem. Thankfully, it’s your self-confidence that will undergo a transformation in the workplace this year — but only if you believe in yourself. “It is not an easy time with work and self-worth,” admits Sasson. Since Saturn is surveying how you make money, the prudent planet might block you from pursuing new workplace possibilities. “Plan, strategize, be disciplined and persistent,” he says. “If you embrace those qualities, abundance will hug you back.”

Saturn aside, you’ll need to prepare for Pluto to appear in your sign for quite some time starting on November 19. It will affect you in many ways, from how you perceive yourself in the workplace to what you need to make you truly happy. “This should have a great impact on your whole life including your professional life,” adds Gailing. Give yourself some grace this year, because you’re going to transform into something quite magical, you wondrous water-bearer.

Aquarius, you’re always so focused on the greater good, but this year, you’re going to learn that it all starts within you. Knowing what motivates you (and connects with your core self) will serve you well — and the world, too.