elf on the shelf prank idea: replace oreo filling with toothpaste
Jennifer Parris
12 Silly Elf On The Shelf Pranks That Are Easy To Pull Off

No one will end up in tears.

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At its core, Elf on the Shelf is all about innocence. It takes the idea that a doll dressed in red clothing can somehow travel back and forth to the North Pole to chat with Santa Claus about your kid. That might explain why the majority of Elf on the Shelf posing ideas are sweet and funny, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t lean into some good-natured mischief, either. If you’re looking for Elf on the Shelf pranks to entertain your child (and yourself, really), these might make you giggle.

Now, you’ll need to consider your child’s age when figuring out how to pull off these pranks, and what your elf’s personality is like. Do your children know their elf to have a mild-mannered sense of humor or are they more likely to push boundaries? This is especially the case when there’s an age gap between your kids. Remember, you don’t want to accidentally scare a younger child into thinking that their Elf is more like Chucky than the adorable elf they’ve come to know and love. So gauge how intense you want the prank to be before setting it up. And as tempting as it might be to push the limits with your Elf on the Shelf pranks, try to keep it PG, parents.

Get ready to engage in some child’s play (wink wink) when you pull off some of these Elf on the Shelf pranks that are fun for kids and adults alike.


Tying up shoelaces

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Although they don’t wear shoes, that’s not stopping your elf from attempting to master the bunny ears method to pull off this simple Elf on the Shelf prank. That might explain why the shoelaces on your child’s sneakers are totally tangled.


Smear shoes with peanut butter

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Your kid really stepped in it this time — or did they? Slather a bit of peanut butter, or more convincingly, Nutella, on the bottom of their shoes for a completely crappy Elf on the Shelf prank. They will be really horrified and confused when they realize they have something on the bottom of their shoes.



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Put those frozen peas that no one will eat to good use by spelling out, “I pea’d my elf” in front of the doll. Wake your kid up from their deep slumber telling them that your elf had an accident and they’ll realize they’ve been pranked by both their elf and parents when they see the evidence for themselves.


Cranking out the…cookies

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Your child will never look at their cookies the same way again, thanks to your Elf pretending to poop them out.


Baking brownies

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Baking brownies will take on an entirely new meaning when your family’s elf skips the traditional square shape and crafts the confection into a big o’ pile that resembles the infamous poop emoji. Well, at least it tastes good.


Brushing up on their bathroom skills

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Although cookies found on the bathroom counter should always be suspicious, these cookies might taste a bit more minty than you might expect, thanks to your Elf replacing the creamy center with toothpaste.


Freezing Frosted Flakes

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It might not be the breakfast of champions when your elf takes the name literally and freezes your child’s bowl of Frosted Flakes. Let their go-to breakfast — including the spoon — set in the freezer overnight and serve it to your kid in the AM.


Making “sponge” cake

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Cake for breakfast? Yes, please. But one bite into this creamy cake will make your child cringe when they realize that their elf frosted a real (clean) dish sponge with buttercream.


Pooping in the toilet

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Poop gags are always a good way to go when you want to get a chuckle from your child. Place your Elf on the top of the toilet and sprinkle some cocoa that will look like…you know.


Serving freshly squeezed “juice”

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Squirt some food coloring into a glass of milk to make it look like juice. Your sleepy kid won't notice this Elf on the Shelf prank until they've taken a big swig of their morning OJ.


Crafting cake pops

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This Elf on the Shelf prank will require a bit more planning, but is worth the effort and wait. Pack cooked broccoli into a ball shape, freeze it (to make it easier to manage), and dip it in melted chocolate to make it look like a cake pop. Your kid will have no idea that underneath that chocolatey exterior isn’t their favorite red velvet cake, but broccoli instead, thanks to your elf.


Robbing a piggy bank

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All that travel to and from the North Pole every night isn’t cheap. That’s why they tried to break into your kid’s piggy bank to pick up some extra pennies.

Pranks are a perfect way to shake up your everyday Elf on the Shelf ideas. Although they’re appropriate for kids, adults can also enjoy these pranks that poke fun at the idea of Elf on the Shelf while still celebrating the joy that it truly creates.

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