Cancer, Your 2024 Horoscope Says It's Time To Throw Caution To The Wind

But don’t lose sight of what you already have.

The Spirit Of The Holidays

It’s a conundrum, Cancer. Sure, you might be a crusty crab, but truth be told, you have a soft shell that belies a bevy of strong and sensitive emotions. It’s no secret that your life revolves around understanding (and nurturing) others as well as yourself. As you scuttle into the new year, you’ll find that your 2024 horoscope is about taking what you’ve learned in the past and implementing the lessons to make a better life for you and your family.

As a water sign (your astrological symbol is the cantankerous crab, after all, you’re never stuck in one spot. You’re able to shift from the sea to the shore fairly easily — in a metaphorical way, of course. As the fourth sign of the astrological zodiac, you’re one of only two planets ruled by a luminary (you get your mojo from the Moon, and the other astrological sign, Leo, takes its cues from the Sun). Truly, the Moon makes it mark on almost everything about you, Cancer, from your highly intuitive nature to your ability to read a room very quickly and accurately.

All of those personality traits will come into play in 2024, when your horoscope shows so much promise — but only if you’re true to yourself.


Even though you’re a people person, it can take quite some time for you to warm up to someone. That’s not to say that you’re cold-blooded, but you’d rather experience the energy of a potential partner before making a commitment. But for the right person, you’re willing to shed your exoskeleton and test the waters. If you’re feeling trepidatious about taking love to the next level, it makes sense, says Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2024. “Last year was not the best for love, but things are changing for the better because Venus is on your side,” explains Sasson. You might even discover that a platonic friendship segues into something more. “In the first part of the year, a friendship might turn into a romantic adventure,” he adds.

“This year is about seeing love differently,” says Sonya Schwartz, an astrologer and founder of Authority Astrology. Expect big changes in your love life, thanks to the Mars-Pluto opposition on November 3rd. This planetary positioning can enhance an undeniable (and even erotic) energy that you’ll need to explore. So put away your pincers and prepare to pursue romantic interests with abandon.


Expect a steady stream of income come 2024, Cancer, but tread carefully. Even though it might feel like you’re riding a current of currency, you’ll need to be proactive about protecting what you earn. “Be clever with money during Mars-Uranus conjunction on July 15,” advises Schwartz. Why? Well, when Mars makes its way to towards conjunction with Uranus, you might find yourself feeling a little restless — and possibly impulsive. Since your nature tends to be slow and steady, take your time to assess the situation before diving in headfirst, especially regarding your financial matters.

Sure, you should be cautious, Cancer, but the Moon doesn’t want you to miss out on any money-making opportunities, either. Research other alternatives that can potentially pad your wallet without major risks, advises Schwartz, who adds: “Although it’s a time to try new money ideas, 2024 is about being smart and creative with money.”


Family is your forte, and it’s something that you’re particularly proud of. You have an immeasurable zest for your little zoea (read: baby crabs), and you’re highly protective of them. One date to mark on your 2024 calendar: October 8. “Get closer with family during Venus-Mars trine which happens on October 8,” advises Schwartz. “This is a special time for family love.” Although it’s sometimes equated with all things romance, the strong feelings elicited by the Venus Mars trine are about strengthening your bond with your babes and manifesting your family’s goals.

The lovefest has another purpose, and it’s about plunging into murky waters that could be rocking your family’s boat. “The year is about fixing family issues and getting along better,” says Schwartz. It might mean making amends with a relative — or casting them aside once and for all. Since you’re so sensitive and intuitive, you’ll know what decision to make that will be in the best interest of your crew.


No one can say that you’re not a hard worker, Cancer. When you’re at work, you work. That’s not unlike your zodiac symbol, who likes to keep the ocean neat and tidy by cleaning away debris. You’ll continue to put in the hours, but in 2024, there will be a big payoff. “This is a great year for your career, one of the best in two decades,” says Sasson. “It can bring a great deal of opportunities and abundance, especially if you take the initiative.” Although you’ve never been one to claw your way to the top, being bold at work can pay off on April 10, during the Mars-Saturn conjunction.

Unfortunately, there might be a downside to a career that is on the upswing — and it could affect your family life, Sasson cautions. “This year you are going to be asked to focus more on career and less on home,” he says. “If you put your energy into your career, family will follow, but if you focus only on home, your career will suffer.” Only you will be able to determine which to prioritize (and that can change from day to day). Just be sure that you don’t lose yourself in the process so that you can be present (and at peace) with whatever the day demands.

Cancer, your sharp instincts make you one of the standout astrological signs. Your 2024 horoscope promises to give you everything you want (and more) if you stay in touch with your feelings and devote your energies to what matters most to you.