Elf on the shelf kitchen idea hiding in a snack container of goldfish crackers
Jennifer Parris
15 Sweet N’ Simple Elf On The Shelf Ideas For The Kitchen

And none of them are terribly messy.

Whether you regularly whip up homemade waffles for breakfast or swear by dino nuggs for dinner, you most likely find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen, even more than usual during the holiday season. But as much as you love doing it, baking Christmas tree brownies from scratch into cut into your precious time — minutes you could be spending thinking of ways to display your Elf on the Shelf each morning. So why not multitask while you’re making those meatballs in the wee hours of the night by including your elf while you’re cooking. As soon as you pop something in the oven, take a minute or two to find a place in the kitchen to place your elf in a corner of the kitchen or prop them with some of the ingredients you still have out from the dish you were just assembling. For a child who eagerly anticipates their elf’s antics each morning, these Elf on the Shelf Kitchen ideas will hit the spot.

When it comes to Elf on the Shelf kitchen ideas, one of two things is going to happen: either they’ll make a culinary masterpiece or a total mess. Although it’s cute for your child to find their elf with flour all over their face, having to clean up your countertops afterwards isn’t exactly fun. Still, relegating the doll to the confines of your kitchen means that you can start building on the theme of all things food-related, and that can help when you’re running out of ideas… and patience.

In any case, these Elf on the Shelf kitchen ideas will have you cooking up something adorable. And make make sure you keep your kitchen tongs near to safely move your elf if need be.


Trying to blend in

Jennifer Parris

Skip the smoothies and stick your elf inside the blender. Just don’t turn it on — or even plug it in — to avoid a bit kitchen accident. The best part about this is that it’s a no-mess Elf on the Shelf kitchen idea.


Stuffed in a muffin pan

Jennifer Parris

Your elf will be the main ingredient for this quick kitchen idea. For an Elf on the Shelf kitchen idea, place the doll on top of a muffin pan that’s filled with some recently-baked treats in case your own little muffin has the munchies.


Downing some donuts

Jennifer Parris

No time to make breakfast? Not a problem, especially when your elf has somehow made an early-morning donut run.


Having some egg-cellent fun

Jennifer Parris

Your elf wanted to help you make the morning eggs, so they went ahead and got cracking — literally. Prop your elf next to an egg carton or tray and cross your fingers for non-crunchy scrambled eggs.


Making a hot chocolate

Jennifer Parris

Your elf has an insatiable sweet tooth. Gather everything you need for hot chocolate and add some mini marshmallows to the mix so that your child and your elf can toast together.


Making pancakes

Jennifer Parris

While you’re waking up your sleepyhead, assign your elf to breakfast duty. Of course, all you really need to do is make some pancakes (bonus points if they’re elf-shaped) and place Scout next to the plate.


Popping popcorn

Jennifer Parris

When it’s the weekend, have your elf make some movie magic by preparing popcorn. Now, if only they knew how to work the microwave.


Getting creative with the cutlery

Jennifer Parris

You hear little footsteps coming into the kitchen and think, “Damn, I forgot to move the doll.” Stick your elf in the utensil drawer and then ask your child to get a teaspoon for a total surprise.


Hanging out with those “other” elves

Jennifer Parris

Snap and crackle your way to the perfect Elf on the Shelf kitchen idea by grabbing a box of breakfast cereal. Cut a hole in the box and have your elf stick their head through it to be a part of the elf gang. Sorry, Snap.


Making minion bananas

Jennifer Parris

Grab those ripe bananas that no one wants to eat and draw some Minion-esque faces on them. Even Gru would approve.


Serving up a snack

Jennifer Parris

Those peanut butter crackers won’t make themselves. Have your elf pack some snacks to put inside your child’s lunchbox so they’ll have something to nibble on while they’re in school.


Eating dog food

Jennifer Parris

Is your elf serving your labradoodle his breakfast — or are they sampling it themselves? With this Elf on the Shelf kitchen idea, you may never know.


Doing a cold plunge

Jennifer Parris

Your elf heard that a cold plunge could help boost their immunity and mood so don’t be surprised to see them covered in copious amounts of ice cubes.


Spelling it out

Jennifer Parris

For the smaller set, having your elf spell out, well, “ELF” somewhere in the kitchen is not only a cute idea but it can help them learn their ABC’s (or in this case, their ELF’s).


Stowing themselves in the snacks

Jennifer Parris

Commuting back and forth to see Mr. C. every night expends a lot of energy. You can’t really blame your Elf for climbing into the snack containers for some added fuel before they fly up to the North Pole.

These Elf on the Shelf kitchen ideas will certainly make your kid hungry — for more hilarious adventures from their elf.