Sagittarius, You’re Entering A Period Of Hope & Healing In 2024

Here’s where you’ll find the most luck, and what you should work on.

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If the zodiac signs were literal people, Sagittarius would be the one with the most stamps in their planetary passport. Full of wanderlust (and a wicked sense of humor), Sag shines brightly, no matter if they’re on stage or on the checkout line at the supermarket. Everything about this astrological sign is extra, which is probably in part because its ruling planet is Jupiter, (aka the planet of abundance). So if you’re wondering what’s in store for you in 2024 (and where you’ll be traveling to), read on.

It can be hard to pin you down, Sagittarius. Your inquisitive nature means that you’re willing to go the distance to find the answers you seek — literally. You can become obsessed with new concepts until something else comes along to occupy your attention. Unapologetically extroverted, you thrive in social situations where you can show off your playful side and encourage others to be just as silly as you are. But be careful what comes out of your mouth, though, since you have a tendency to speak your mind, even if it means that you might inadvertently offend someone’s feelings. It’s easy to forgive you, though, Sag, since your good-natured heart truly means no harm.

Sagittarius, it’s time to see what your 2024 horoscope holds, because it’s pretty stellar.


Love is in the air, especially for you, Sagittarius. The new year will bring about an abundance of amor, and the stars are truly aligning for you to fall in love — with others and yourself. “The North Node is transiting in your sector of love, happiness, creativity, and romance,” explains Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2024. “The lunar nodes can heal any heartbreak that you might have suffered between 2019 and now.” That makes this year a terrific time to nurture new relationships and channel all that positive energy into healing and loving your inner child.

There are some dates that to look out for in the love department, specifically in the spring, says Stephanie Gailing, an astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon. “The Solar Eclipse on April 8 lights up your 5th House of Romance, signaling the emergence of a new chapter related to how you invite more love, excitement, and ardor into your life,” she says. “Given Jupiter’s shift into Gemini and your 7th House of Partnership on May 25, the second half of the year brings relationships to the forefront.” This can give you fresh perspective on how your relationships add joy to your life, and their ability to expose you to bigger and better things. And if you find that your current partnership isn’t panning out for you, it’s time to make the necessary changes that will ensure you get the love you so rightfully deserve.


Everyday stress can certainly take a toll on your life, affecting everything from your relationships to your career. It can also make a massive impact on your finances — and not for the better. But 2024 will show you how to handle your money, and why it matters to invest in yourself. “With Pluto transiting your 2nd House of Finances since 2008, it’s been quite a transformative era when it comes to amplifying your feeling of personal value and redesigning the way you approach your finances,” explains Gailing. “With Pluto finally about leave Capricorn and settle into Aquarius this year, you may find that the lessons you’ve learned about money become much clearer.”

It won’t be a cinch, Sag. You’ll need to be vigilant about the percentage of your income that you put int your financial house, and how much goes out. Keeping your eye on the proverbial prize will pay off, though, particularly during the fall (September 1- November 19, to be exact), when plucky Pluto pays a visit to help you learn lessons about investing in yourself to become richer in money and life.


Although you don’t have a problem offering your opinions (and sometimes oversharing), your communication style could use a cleanup of sorts, Sagittarius. Beginning early in the year, there will be a focus on how you relate to your relatives and how it can repair rifts in relationships, advises Gailing. “The end of February is a key time to focus on your family, notably in terms of finding new ways to communicate,” she says. “It may be that learning to speak differently will have benefit in terms of forging greater connections.” In addition to understanding everyone’s needs, serve up some snacks and encourage everyone to gather around the kitchen counter to talk about your shared goals and dreams for 2024.

Connecting with your kids isn’t the only relationship repair you’ll need to perform in 2024. You might need to look back at how long-gone family members have made their mark on your crew but be aware that it could reopen old wounds. “Saturn is now in your house of home, and this means you are dealing with ancestral karma or intergenerational transfer of traumas,” adds Sasson. Depending on how severe the scars are, sessions with a therapist for yourself or your whole fam can help with the healing, because it’s not fair for any of you to be weighed down by problems from the past.


Forget about staying in a job for, well, forever, Sag. With your insatiable desire to explore, your commitment to one career (or even a 9-5 job) isn’t always going to happen. That said, when you’re at work, you are an engaged employee, often dedicating tons of time to ensuring that your performance is perfect. This has been your workplace model since the latter half of 2023 when you organized your workflow and put systems in place to make work more manageable. That effort wasn’t wasted because you’ll now see the fruits of your labor — literally. “The Lunar Eclipse on September 17 lights up your chart’s realms of Career and Home,” says Gailing. “It should shine light on the ways that your work life is emotionally satisfying and the ways that it’s not.” Armed with this info, you can address the issues you might be dealing with.

One of the biggest ones is how your work is affecting your family life. “Mid September’s Eclipse lights up Sagittarius’ domain of home as well as career,” she adds. “This should bring you more awareness about how your work life is impacting your family.” While some extra cash could always come in handy, it might not be worth it if your family is paying the price. It might not be such a hard thing to fix, Sag, since your flexible nature means that you’ll do what’s necessary for work and family to be better balanced.

Sagittarius, this is your year to adapt to all the new challenges you’ll be facing. Chances are, you’ll handle it well so that you can set off on your next adventure.

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