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'Star Wars' Memes To Celebrate May The 4th

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Star Wars Day seems like the kind of trend that could be, at most, 10 years old. It’s an internet trend, and internet trends can’t be that old, right? But amazingly enough, the “May the Fourth be with you” joke turns 44 years old on May 4, 2022. The first use of the joke was in a newspaper (remember those?) in 1978, a year after the first Star Wars movie was released. Margaret Thatcher assumed office on May 4, and The London Evening News ran an ad, the text of which read: “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations!” The “force/fourth” joke was too good to let go, and thus, a day for many memes was born (once the internet came into being, that is).

There are lots of ways to celebrate Star Wars Day that take the celebration beyond just the meme. But posting a May the Fourth meme that manages to make someone smile even if they’ve heard the joke a million times is a pretty good start. From crossover memes that bring in other franchises (Dr. Who and Game of Thrones are popular ones) to memes about the meme (would we call those a meta-meme?), there are some fresh takes on this surprisingly old joke in this batch. Posting one of these memes (or the meta-memes) will get you into the Star Wars Day spirit.

The classic meme

Keep it simple with this cute Yoda, who has a devious glint in his eye.

Keep it going on May 5th!

It was only so long before someone connected the Sith/fifth. This cute meme suggests that you’re going to get in touch with your inner dark side on May the 5th — perhaps in the form of a hangover.

An extra punny one

Who doesn’t love a good “ewe”/you joke? This version of the meme is family friendly. Also what could be better than celebrating Star Wars and teaching your kid the technical name of an adult female sheep at the same time?

The Back to the Future Crossover

Two great franchises come together in this meme, and the idea that you’d time travel just to skip… one day (maybe to avoid all these memes?) is pretty funny!

A direct order

Apparently this Baby Yoda wants to wish you a happy holiday. You can’t go wrong with sharing this cute and simple meme on Star Wars Day.


If you know you’re about to share an onslaught of May the 4th memes, captions, and more come Star Wars Day, you might want to give your followers a heads up and start your day with this silly meme.


Need you say more?

A fan favorite

It’s true. When you’re a true Star Wars fan, you don’t need to mark Star Wars Day on your calendar because you’re not going to be doing anything differently than you would on any other day — other than post a witty meme, that is.

Whether Star Wars Day makes you roll your eyes or fills you with glee, these silly May the 4th memes are a fun way celebrate or acknowledge the holiday.

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