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The New Barbie Dreamhouse Includes A 3-Story Water Slide

But don’t you worry, she’s also got plenty of rooms to turn into sleeping spaces for all of her friends.

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My two oldest girls share a bedroom and that means, at least oncea month, we have to clear a path back to their beds through all of their Barbies and their various accessories. My kids are total Barbie girls and at the foot of one of their beds is the Barbie Dreamhouse from several years ago. It’s played with every single day (the Christmas morning my oldest, then just 5, got it will forever live on as a core motherhood memory for me) and there is nothing they love more than having dance parties on the top floor and sending each Barbie down the slide into the pool. Which is why both of them (especially my 4-year-old) are going to flip out over the new Barbie Dreamhouse.

The latest edition of the Barbie Dreamhouse now, officially, has the tallest slide in the Barbie Dreamhouse series to date. It goes the full three stories of the Dreamhouse and spirals down to land — where else? — into the perfect sized pool for Barbie and all of her friends. But the Barbie Dreamhouse also focuses on pets this time, and comes with a puppy slide and pool, a pet elevator, and a pet palace with a doggie door, pet bed, and even a little puppy figurine.

Like the Dreamhouses before it, this new Barbie Dreamhouse still has three levels with a spacious floorplan, but there’s also a top floor bonus room that can transform into a sleeping space for more dolls. There’s still the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and, of course, closet for all of Barbie’s many uniforms and outfits. (It’s actually the perfect incentive to get your kids to clean up their Barbie toys by hanging them in the closet, ask me how I know.)

There are still tons of lights and sounds in the new Barbie Dreamhouse, along with 75 pieces of furniture and accessories. But my favorite? Since 2020, Barbie has been committed to making all of Barbie’s Dreamhouses accessible to all dolls, and this new Dreamhouse also comes with a wheelchair-accessible elevator.

My kids are obsessed with their Barbie Dreamhouse, and I can’t wait for them to see the updates done. Dreamhouses have been around for a long time (Did you know Barbie bought her first Dreamhouse in 1962 when only 0.1% of women were solo homeowners?) and I just love that Barbie continues to run the world in so many different ways and still come home to a perfect pink palace with a spiral pool slide.

Starting today, you can find the newest Barbie Dreamhouse at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and the Mattel Shop for $199.99.

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