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40 Costco Appetizers To Level Up Your Super Bowl Party
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by Kristina Johnson and Jennifer Parris
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There are two schools of thought when it comes to the Super Bowl. There are what can easily be called the diehard fans, painting their faces in their team’s colors, standing in front of the TV, screaming “What kind of call was that?!” and generally just losing their dang minds. And then, there’s the rest of us, who show up at Super Bowl parties for the snacks and other tasty treats. But whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl shindig or going to one as a guest, you’ll want to know about these Costco appetizers that make the best party foods.

In 2024, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs playing against the San Francisco 49ers in what promises to be a really amazing Super Bowl LVIII. But here’s what’s even more amazing: the amount of Costco finger foods you can serve to your guests when they come to watch the game. Because that’s the beauty of buying in bulk; you can feed a full house, even when said crowd is rowdy — and ravenous.

So if you prefer to sit on the sidelines (and stuff your face) while the rest of the room goes nuts, you can partake of any of these Costco appetizers that are winners not just in quantity, but quality, too.




Sure, you could take your time slicing up some salami and cheeses — or you could serve this ready-made charcuterie board instead. It’s got Spanish style chorizo nuggets, aged prosciutto, a sampling of provolone and asiago cheeses, along with an assortment of salami, too.


Teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs


Move over, meatballs in marinara sauce. These teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs have a yummy sweet ‘n sour vibe that will make them a hit at your Super Bowl party. Just heat them up, stick a toothpick in them, and serve.


Beef kebabs


For the ultimate in finger food, serve these beef kebabs from Costco at your party. The fully cooked kebabs are seasoned with onions and other Mediterranean spices. You can serve them with rice or other sides, or simply let people pick up a skewer to eat them — as they wish they could skewer the fans of the opposing team.


Pretzel bites


Want to score a major touchdown with your Super Bowl party? Give your guests pretzel bites. And this party tray comes with everything you’d ever want with pretzel bites, like a mustard dip, a salt packet, and swoon, cheddar cheese dip.


Chicken street tacos


When baby was up all night and you’re too tired to make tacos for your Super Bowl party, serve this ready-made tray instead. The 12-count comes with seasoned chicken, corn and flour tortillas, fresh shredded veggies, limes, salsa, and cilantro lime crema.


Stuffed crust pizza


Pizza is perfect for a quick and easy Super Bowl app. So if you’re looking for something you probably already have in your freezer, you can pop this 2-pack pepperoni pizza from Screamin’ Sicilian in your oven. Best part: there’s over 2 ½ feet (that’s right, feet) of cheese stuffed into the crust.


Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos

Jennifer Parris

If you’re looking to serve something to kick off (ha) your Super Bowl soiree, look no further than these bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños. They’re stuffed with cream cheese and mozzarella, and then hand wrapped in a thick cut of bacon. Be sure to cook them well, since they come raw.



Jennifer Parris

Let’s face it: you just can’t go wrong with a lasagna. The Kirkland Italian Sausage and Beef Lasagna can feed a crowd — even a super-sized one like at your Super Bowl party. Pop it in the oven at least an hour before your party so that all the cheeses have time to get gooey and good.


Chicken burgers


Beef burgers are good, but chicken burgers are even better. And the Amylu organic charbroiled chicken burgers are made with caramelized onions and aged white cheddar. They come fully cooked, so all you’ll need to do is warm them up (on the grill, perhaps), and lay out the fixings for an awesome Super Bowl burger bar spread.



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Frozen meatballs are one of the most versatile Costco party foods around, because there are approximately seven million different ways to prepare them. Grape jelly and BBQ sauce meatballs, Swedish meatballs, meatball subs.... the possibilities are pretty much endless. You’ll have no trouble going through the whole 6-pound bag.



Courtesy Kristina Johnson

If you don't quite love a shrimp cocktail platter, but still have a craving for some seafood, hit up Costco’s frozen food section. These Panko-coated bites should hit the spot, and you get 40 to 50 pieces in the box.


Chicken potstickers

Courtesy Kristina Johnson

Potstickers are a good option to add a little variety to the typical football spread of pizza, wings, chips, and dip. These are stuffed with chicken and veggies.


Mozzarella sticks

Courtesy Kristina Johnson

Yes, you do need five pounds of mozzarella sticks for your Super Bowl watch party. They crisp up beautifully in the oven or air fryer with minimal effort on your part — which means you won’t miss any of the halftime show refilling the snack bar.


Beef franks wrapped in puff pastry

Courtesy Kristina Johnson

Beef franks wrapped in puff pastry sounds way classier than pigs in a blanket, right? But they’re one and the same, and they’re one of my all-time favorite Costco appetizers. Serve with a few different sauces and you’re done.


Mesquite wings

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Costco chicken wings are so juicy and flavorful. The ones I perused were all mesquite flavor, but I’ve found that you can coat them in a bottle of your preferred wing sauce and the flavors will blend together nicely.


Mini crab cakes

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My family had some of these crab cakes as part of our Christmas dinner spread, so I can tell you firsthand that they are absolutely addictive. This is a Costco finger food that will go fast.


Spring rolls

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Spring rolls are the first thing I add to my order when I get takeout, but I’m wondering if these Costco vegetable spring rolls could cut my monthly Doordash bill way down. I very much appreciate that they come with packets of plum sauce, because spring rolls just aren’t complete without it.



Courtesy Kristina Johnson

Costco’s roasted chicken and Swiss cheese pinwheel sandwiches are amazing for feeding a crowd. You can also grab smaller containers depending on the size of your party.


Meat & cheese rollups

Courtesy Kristina Johnson

These yummy rolls up are my go-to Costco party food and look super fancy spread out on a cheeseboard. I am very confident that if you put some out, they'll be gone before you know it.


St. Louis ribs

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Costco’s racks of ribs are usually about two to three pounds each. If you’re picking up some, you might want to hit up the paper towel aisle, too, because there’s just no way to eat ribs without making a huge mess.


Spinach & artichoke dip

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I’d like to meet the inventor of spinach artichoke dip and shake their hand. This delicious stuff belongs on every appetizer table everywhere as far as I’m concerned. The tub is just under 2 pounds so there’s plenty to go around.



Courtesy Kristina Johnson

You’d be surprised how fast 2 pounds of hummus will go, paired with the right tasty dippers on the side.


Naan dippers

Courtesy Kristina Johnson

Speaking of, I love the idea of laying out these little Naan Dippers alongside your salsa, hummus, and/or dips as an alternative to chips (which just fall apart anyway).



Courtesy Jennifer Parris

Peanuts can be a perfect pre-game app. You can come up with creative ways to serve these supersized Virginia variety peanuts — or simply put them in a bowl and let your guests munch away.


Tortilla chips

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Can you really call it a Super Bowl party if there aren’t chips and dips? Probably not. These restaurant style tortilla chips are organic and contain a blend of real ground white and yellow corn. Plus, they come in a big ‘ol 40-ounce bag.


Boneless chicken wings

Courtesy Jennifer Parris

There’s probably no food more synonymous with the Super Bowl than wings. But if you want to spend more time watching the game (and less time cooking), just heat up these frozen wings, which are essentially chicken nuggets that are breaded and coated in a tangy buffalo-style sauce.


Vanilla ice cream

Courtesy Jennifer Parris

Get your scooping arm ready, because there’s a lot of ice cream in this Kirkland container — four quarts to be precise. The dreamy dessert includes two 64-ounce containers, and can be used to top warm brownies, or become the base to a beautiful Super Bowl Sundae. Is ice cream technically an appetizer? If you're an “eat dessert first” kind of person, yes it is.


Mini chicken & cheese tacos


Every Costco shopper recognizes this box, which contains 72 chicken and cheese mini tacos, and they're a snap to get together. Put a bunch of dips, queso, and guac out and have a feast.


Mini wontons


Mini food just tastes better, right? These fully cooked mini wontons are stuffed with chicken and cilantro, and come in a 48-ounce bag.


Bagel Bites


If your kids (or your partner, or you, honestly) are less a fan of fancy wontons and more into tiny pizzas, behold. You need this enormous box of Bagel Bites. It’s easily the most nostalgic snack money can buy (except for Kid Cuisines, maybe).


Mini cookies


For the sweet tooth, Kirkland's has a great deal on a 60-count box of mini chocolate chip cookies. This is another fun one to add with the ice cream, so you could make a whole dessert bar, or put out dips and things like hot fudge, ice cream, marshmallow topping, or even frosting and sprinkles to deck out these little cookies.



Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

There’s something about brie that can elevate any gathering. Instead of serving regular chips and cheesy dip, break out the brie. You can warm up President’s Brie for some extra gooeyness, or simply slice and serve it along with other yummy finger foods like fruit slices (apples and pears go particularly well with brie). You can also add in some berries, nuts, or crackers — and then pop some champagne when your preferred team gets a touchdown.


Pulled pork

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

For sliders that everyone will be talking about well past Game Day, you can’t pick a better package of pulled pork than The Wolf Family brand sold at Costco. Smoky and seasoned, all you need to do is heat it up and serve it with some good-quality buns. Of course, you could add some extra condiments (or put out a big ol’ bottle of BBQ sauce), but you don’t really need to.


Cheese flight

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

The Kirkland Signature Cheese Flight is not the typical cheese served for your Super Bowl party. There are five cheeses represented in this yummy appetizer, from gruyere, Bellavitano, chevre (made from goat’s milk), pecorino (made from sheep’s milk), and fontal. They’re perfectly placed on a mock cutting board, so all you’ll need to do is snip open the package and serve it as is. There’s even a suggested wine pairing list; just swing over to Costco’s spirits section to score some wines that will work with the cheesy goodness.


Scalloped potatoes

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

There’s nothing like scalloped potatoes to turn your Super Bowl party into a swanky soiree. You can just pop the Main St. Bistro Baked Scalloped Potatoes into the oven, and in about eight minutes (yup, eight minutes), you’ll have perfectly cooked potatoes. The spuds are slathered in cheddar cheese, so they’ll be extra delish. And at 40 oz., the baked scalloped potatoes will definitely feed a crowd.


Mac & cheese

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, Panera’s Mac & Cheese will curb any cheesy cravings. The 2-pack tub of mac & cheese is a simple heat-and-serve deal. You’ll just need to stir the mac and cheese so that it heats evenly. It’s even freezable (but it’s unlikely you’ll have any leftovers, anyway).


Organic cauliflower bites

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Super Bowl Sunday might be a meat lovers paradise, but not for everyone. For the vegetarians at your party, put out these organic cauliflower bites from Don Lee Farms. They’re made with organic sunflower seeds and white cheddar cheese. Not only are they GMO-free, but they’re also gluten-free, too. They microwave in mere minutes, too. Pop some toothpicks in them once they’re warm, and watch them disappear from the plate.


Jumbo beef meatballs

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

You could spend all day making Nonna’s secret recipe for spaghetti and meatballs — or you could just buy Mama Mancini’s Jumbo Beef Meatballs instead. The meatballs are made from a family recipe dating back to 1921, and are authentically Italian. They’re already fully cooked, so you can either add them to the sauce simmering on the stove, or heat them in the oven. All that’s missing are some heroes and mozzarella.


Grilled chicken strips

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

Can you really go wrong with grilled chicken strips? We say no. It’s a totally versatile appetizer; you can add it to almost anything, or nothing and serve as is. The boneless and skinless breast meat is grilled over an open flame, so it’ll have that nice smoky flavor that you can only get from a grill. These chicken strips have no added hormones or preservatives, and are both gluten and sugar-free. They’re fully cooked, so just warm them up before the game gets underway.


Buffalo style chicken dip

Courtesy of Jennifer Parris

There are dips… and then there are dips. And this buffalo chicken dip is one of those Costco appetizers that can do so, so much more than top a tortilla chip. You can serve it with some veggies and (hopefully get your kids to learn to love celery sticks), or you can heat it up and add it on as a meal all its own (just add a starch like potatoes or rice), or just serve as a sammy. It’s made with all white chicken meat, too, which matters when you have a kid who doesn’t do dark meat.

No matter what everyone is craving, these Costco finger foods should find their way into your shopping cart on your next trip to the store. And then, come Game Day, you can have supersized snacks for your Super Bowl party that will have everyone gathering (and noshing) in the end zone.

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