These Holiday Gifts Are Every ‘Bluey’ Fan's Wish Come True

Everybody's favorite blue pup has a place under the tree this year.

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Move over, Paw Patrol, there's a new pup taking the gift-giving season by storm. If your little one just can't get enough of the adorable pup family that has captured the hearts of so many kiddos this year, these Bluey Holiday gifts are exactly what they'll want to unwrap.

After years of hunting down every Baby Shark gift under the sun each December, I am pretty darn excited about having a new character to shop for. Honestly, if there was a living, breathing Bluey that I could buy at the store, I would probably bring it home for my kids. Bluey is just that adorable.

Drawing inspiration from real life, Bluey encompasses everything sweet and hilarious about childhood. Bluey and her sister Bingo are basically animated versions of every kid ever, and their antics are incredibly endearing to watch. The adorable storylines keep little kids hooked, but the nods to everyday parenting moments make it a show that the entire family won't mind watching.

Maybe they haven't picked up an Australian accent just yet, but if your kids watch Bluey on repeat, these gifts are worth taking a look at. From plush toys, play sets, stocking stuffers, and more, this list has it all.

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Bluey Family Home Playset

Your kids can pretend that they're actually part of Bluey's family with this Bluey Family Home Playset. Made for ages 3 and up, the set comes with one Bluey figurine and removable furniture for every room. For even more fun, you can buy separate sets of character figurines and even more furniture to play with. But when the characters are feeling cramped, they can let the outdoors in, thanks to a wall panel that can be pulled down. After a long day of play, you can close up the casa to keep all the furniture (and the figures) inside — and prevent you from stepping on them in the middle of the night


Shadowlands Board Game

The goal of the Bluey Shadowlands Board Game is to stay in the "shadowy" places as you move your game piece across the board. Your goal: to collect five cupcake cards. And if you're the first player to make it to the picnic, you win the game! This board game is intended for two to four players ages 3 and up. The game is based off of the Shadowlands episode, so your child will feel like they’re really a part of Bluey’s world. The board game is simple enough for small children to understand how to play, and still engaging enough for adults, too.


Hooded Bath Towel

When your kids are young, it feels like you can never have too many hooded bath towels. This Blueyhooded bath towel features your little one's favorite blue heeler pup on a gray hood, attached to a bright blue towel. Best of all, this towel is the size of a full-sized bath towel (about 54 inches long) with a 10-inch hood, and can be machine washed and dried. Still, if the idea of actually getting to wear Bluey weren’t enough, this bath towel from Etsy seller NomadRoots can be personalized with your child’s name, or even monogrammed with their initials for extra fanciness.


Bandit & Chilli Plush Set

Most kids would be thrilled to open a plush toy of their favorite character on Christmas morning, but if your Bluey-loving little already has a plush of Bluey (because, of course they do) consider adding this set of Bluey's mom and dad in snuggly soft stuffed animal form to their collection. The ‘rents stand about a foot tall, which makes them the perfect size to play with. At the end of the day, you might find your child snuggling with these sweet plush toys. They're great for pretend play with the entire family, allowing you and your child to swap roles so you can be Bluey — for once.


Face Mask

I don't know about you, but I'm getting creative with my stocking suffers this year and gifting my kiddos some fun masks. If they have to wear them, they may as well be adorable, right? This Bluey face mask from Etsy would make the perfect stocking stuffer for your preschooler. The washable face mask is made from 100% cotton, and features two layers of breathable fabric to fit your child’s sweet face. There’s an option to include a nose wire if you want your child to wear something more form-fitting. Bluey looks pretty proud of herself in this pattern chosen by Etsy seller YasminasDesigns.


Family Ornament

If your family collects Christmas tree ornaments, this is the perfect memento for your family to remember this Bluey-loving stage of childhood. This shatterproof disc ornament features Bluey and Bingo together. The pups are perfectly perched on top of the Bluey logo, and both are wearing Santa hats. You just might go gaga for the glitter component of the ornament, or the fact that it can be personalized with your child’s name and the year, too. This is a keepsake that everyone will be barking about.


Card Game

This Bluey card game set features five fun games for you and your child to enjoy. Play games like Cheese 'N" Crackers, Bluey's Battle, Go Fruit Bat, Grannies, and Memory, which are all riffs on classic games like Go Fish and Old Maid. The set comes with 53 cards which are jumbo sized, which makes it easier for your child to hold them. One Amazon reviewer wrote: “Lots of game choices so it keeps us busy!” while another stated: “Traditional card games with nicely designed Bluey cards.”


Family Vehicle

Head to the beach with Bluey and the whole doggie family in their Heeler 4WD vehicle. The top opens up so that your little one can put all of their Bluey figurines inside to go for a ride. Included in the set is a Bandit figurine, two surfboards, and the vehicle with a rack on top to hold the boards. And if the Heeler 4WD is looking a little bland, your child can create some cool designs with the already-included sticker sheet. While it’s not specifically a water toy, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take this on your next trip to the shore so that your kid can have even more fun adventures.


Family Figurines

No Bluey fan's toy collection is complete without the entire family of Bluey figurines to play with. Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli are all ready for hours of fun with your little one. Each figurine is poseable and measures between 2 and 3 inches tall. For even more playtime fun, check out the friends figurines 4-pack with Snickers, Coco, and Honey included. Unlike some other figurines that can topple over, Bluey and her fam have their feet firmly planted on the ground, so they’ll be able to stand, smile, and wave as part of your child’s playtime.


Jumbo Bluey Plush

If you’ve got a little Bluey fan at home, you probably have more than one version of the precious pup. After all, one Bluey might be in the car to keep your kiddo company on road trips, while another smaller one might be put in a backpack for Show and Tell. But at 18-inches tall, this oversized Bluey plush is begging to be snuggled by your little sweetie at bedtime. The push’s jumbo size makes it the perfect playtime companion for little kids, so your child can roll around, toss it — or just give the squish-able toy extra big hugs. Best of all, your kiddo can collect Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Rusty, all in extra-large stuffed form. Can you just imagine how excited they will be to be gifted this plush pal?


Backyard BBQ Playset

When Dad's at the grill, Bluey's family always has a blast. Your kid's imagination can run wild as they help Bandit Heeler cook up a delicious meal on this backyard BBQ playset. It makes for a perfect addition to the Bluey Family Home Playset, but can also be enjoyed with numerous other Bluey figurines and toys. It has everything your child will need to have a pretend cookout of their own. There’s a picnic table along with two benches for sitting, as well as a BBQ grill that’s just begging to be used. Additional food pieces (like hot dogs and green salad) can make your child feel like they’ve made a culinary masterpiece.


Playroom Playset

This playroom playset is a playtime replica of the place where Bluey and Bingo enjoy hours of endless creativity playing together. The set includes a Bingo figurine, the room's iconic kiwi-shaped rug, a tent, bench, and several tiny toy accessories like a xylophone and a claw grabber for the figurines to interact with. One reviewer wrote that the set has “awesome coloring and is so realistic,” so your child can recreate segments from the show and pretend that they’re really playing with Bluey and Bingo. The pieces are small enough that they might be able to fit into your child’s dollhouse, too.


Bluey Sippy Cup

Sipping their orange juice has never been so sweet than with this Bluey sippy cup. From Etsy seller ItsPersonalUSA, the sippy cup comes with a flip up straw to quench your kiddo’s thirst. The cup is available in four colors: blue, pink, purple, and teal, and can be personalized with your child’s name. But there isn’t just one font to choose from; there are a whopping 24 fonts to choose from, ranging from all caps to fancy script. And when the cup needs washing, it’s super easy to take apart and clean, so that no leftover residue gets stuck in any nooks and crannies.


Bluey Pop-Up Play Tent

Just like you need your space sometimes, well, so does your kiddo. If they’re looking for some privacy while they play, just pop open this Bluey pop up tent from Walmart. The tent has a roll up door and peek-a-boo hole in the roof, so there’s plenty of ventilation. Right by the front door, your child will find Bingo waving you to come on in. On the side are images of Bluey and Bingo playing with their dad. Your child can lift up the door to play inside with some of their favorite Bluey toys, which can help keep all their stuff contained. And when it’s time to pack it away, the pop up tent folds flat for easy storage.


Bluey Puzzles Set

If you’re looking for an easy-to-gift stocking stuffer, this set of Bluey puzzles is perfectly packaged to drop right into any standard-sized stocking. Plus, if you happen to have two Bluey-obessed kiddos like myself, this is a really great holiday deal that gets you two gifts with just one purchase. The two 36-piece jigsaw puzzles come in themed storage tubes — one featuring Bluey and the other with Bingo on the outside of the tube. Inside, one puzzle shows the whole family at the beach and the other is the crew posing in front of their home. The puzzles themselves measure 9 square inches each when fully assembled.


A Giant Bluey Coloring Book

What’s better than a Bluey coloring book? A giant Bluey coloring book with 18 supersized pages filled with Blue, Bandit, Bingo, and all of your kid’s favorite characters from the hit show. From Crayola, each page of this coloring book measures approximately 19 by 12 inches, which means there’s plenty of space for your little one to express their creativity. (Pro tip: Put giant coloring books under the bed for easy storage.) When they’re done with a page, they can tear it out and hang them on the wall just like a poster. This is also such a fun gift to wrap and put under the tree because your kiddo will probably have a pretty hard time figuring out exactly what’s inside such a flat, oversized package.


Park Playset

Of all of the places that my kids love to visit the most, our local park is at the tip-top of their list. Of course, Bluey, Bingo, and their pals are no different — they love a slide and a swing just like every other kid. Your kids can re-create their favorite moments from the show or play out their very own park-themed adventures from the comfort of their playroom with this deluxe park play set from Target. This play set comes with four figurines of Bluey, Bingo, Rusty, and Indy, that are all pose-able so that they can seamlessly interact with the slide, see-saw, swing, and picnic table included in the set.


Bluey Pajamas

If you typically gift your little one a pair of fun PJs to snuggle up in on Christmas Eve, why not make this year’s selection a pair that features their favorite cartoon character? In particular, a pair with a duo of sweet Aussie pup siblings on the front will make their holiday so much merrier. This Bluey pajama set for toddlers includes a long-sleeved, crewneck top with Bluey and Bingo begging “Please” on the front. (If I had to guess why, they’re asking their parents for extra presents.) The elastic waistband pants are covered with different iterations of Bluey from top to bottom, and just look so cozy.

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