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The Best Craft Kits For Kids

For those who just want to glue things together and for those who want a specific craft to complete.

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Kids who love to craft are kids who basically just love to make things. Anything! Which means even if you yourself aren’t a crafty person, you can still get the best craft kits for kids to keep them happy and occupied. You don’t have to look up a bunch of intense instructions on Pinterest or scour the house for supplies — these kid craft kits include everything you need for every type of craft your kid likes to make. Whether they want to create something specific like a friendship bracelet or a pillow cover, or just want a big box full of things like pipe cleaners and pom poms, there’s something on this list.

The most important thing with these craft kits for kids is to check out the age recommendations, and also take into consideration your own child’s skill level and attention span. Both of my big girls love crafts, but there are definitely some that my 8-year-old can handle all on her own that my 4-year-old absolutely can not. If you’re hoping to hand your kid one of these craft kits in the hopes that it’ll keep them happy and occupied without your help, you’ll want to look at the details and think about everything they entail.

But, again, even the least crafty adult can handle these craft kits. They include all the supplies and instructions, and a lot of them can last for several craft sessions. Pop an audiobook on, clear some space on the table, and get to crafting.


Mess-Free Sticker Activity

If the mess of pulling out crafts is one of your stressors, please feast your eyes on this Dot It! kit, which includes four double-sided canvases and 30 pages of stickers so your kids can easily peel and stick to create some sweet art. The kit comes in other varieties, including unicorns and animals, so there’s something for everyone. These are perfect, easy crafts for quiet time or even in the car.


Ultimate Slime Kit

Look, I know people have a lot of feelings about slime, but I’m going to tell you — this kit is amazing. No buying a bunch of ingredients to make your own slime. The tub itself of the Elmer’s Deep Gue Slime Kit comes with the slime already perfectly made, and there are several different types of add-ins to turn the slime into fluffy slime, crunchy slime, glitter slime — all the slime. My two girls split the slime up into smaller containers so they can make different kinds, and it’s so fun to play with. Invest in some tupperware to keep it closed up so it doesn’t dry out, and you really want to avoid getting it in hair or on clothes.


Pottery Making Kit

This gorgeous craft kit is perfect for slightly older kids who want to try their hand at pottery. Using air-dry clay, the Pott’d Home Pottery Kit comes with paints (you can choose from metallic, pastel, glitter, and regular), pottery tools, varnish, and enough clay to make eight to 10 average-sized pots or two very large ones. No kiln required!


Everything You Need Craft Kit

If your kid likes crafts but isn’t so great at following a full-on DIY project, try this Kid Made Modern Over the Rainbow Craft Kit. This was our saving grace during the spring of 2020, and it’s full of everything your kids could possibly need, from gems and pipe cleaners to pom poms and googly eyes. I just hand my kids some glue and let them go to town.


Make Your Own Squishies Kit

If your house is also overrun by small squishies, the Elmer’s Squishies kit may be right up your family’s alley. This is a very cute craft that also feels like a science experiment as kids can mix up and pour into molds their very own squishies. And when they pop out, they can discover which ones they got and then play with them like a regular squishy. It’s perfection.


Sew Your Own Plushies Kit

Sewing kits can often be overwhelming and require a lot of extra work from parents, but this Klutz Sew Mini Treats kit is so cute and sweet and perfect for kids who can handle a needle and thread on their own. I love the little collection they can create with these, and it’s a great quite-time craft.


Nature Craft Kit

Pressed flowers always make for beautiful art, and this Green Creativity Pressed Flower art kit is so fun. Your kids can explore their own yard, park, or neighborhood to find fallen flowers and then create beautiful pieces of art with this handy little press. This is definitely one that you can just hand off to bigger kids and let them have at it.


Paper Marbling Kit

Do you remember doing paper marbling? This was peak craft time for a lot of ‘90s kids, and now it’s back and couldn’t be simpler with this Mondo Llama Paper Marbling kit. The kit comes with everything you need, including a mess-free tray, so your kids can make some really sweet paper to use for letters, journaling, or just to put on display.


Paint Your Own Pets

Another Mondo Llama set, this Paint-Your-Own Wood Pets kit is a great choice for kids who like a craft that they can then interact with. The set comes with two wooden cats, three wooden dogs, and a little house, plus stickers and paint so they can decorate everyone to their heart’s content.


Crafting Journal Kit

My 8-year-old is a huge journaler, and she has this exact STMT Dreamers Become Doers journal set. It has the sweetest notebook inside, but also tons of paper, cute little craft pieces, and washi tape so that your kid can decorate journal entries, stories, or just random pages exactly how they want.


Soapmaking Kit

Soapmaking is a classic craft, but this KiwiCo Crystal Ombre soapmaking kit really ups the ante. It makes the coolest shapes and colors, and your kids will feel like total scientists while working on it.


Pom Pom Wreath Kit

For older kids who want a craft that takes a little more skill and patience, this Kid Made Modern Pom Pom Wreath is so fun. There are eight different balls of yarn, six cardstock templates, and a wire wreath, so your child has everything the need. (This one is specifically recommended for kids ages 14 and up.)


Bracelet Making Kit

Who doesn’t love a bracelet making kit? This Natural Life Bracelet Kit comes with white elastic, 300 alphabet beads, and 700 mixed colored beads so your child can make any and all kinds of sweet jewelry.


Easy Poster Art Kit

This adorable Natural Life Scratch Art Poster Book is such an easy craft and has beautiful results. The book comes with 12 pages and a utensil to scratch each page and reveal some sweet, inspiring posters.


DIY Shaggy Pillow Kit

OK, latch hook crafts are so classic, and this Beyond Your Thoughts Latch Hook Pillow Cover Kit feels so retro. There are several different patterns, and the kit makes a 16”x16” pillow cover. This is another great one to do in the car or during quiet time.


Paint & Plant Flower Kit

I’m absolutely getting this Dan & Darci Paint and Paint Flower Kit for my big girls. Meant for kids ages 5 to 12, this kit comes with a tin planter, three seed packets, six pots of paint, and more little detailed pieces so your child can decorate their own planter and then also add in a gardening aspect.


Birdhouse Kit

For another nice outdoor craft, this Beetle & Bee Build A Bird Bungalow kit comes with seven wooden pieces for your child to build their little bird house. Once they finish creating it, they can use the included paints, paint brush, and chain to finish decorating and hang outside.


Dream Catcher Kit

Dream catchers are so lovely to hang in kids’ rooms, and this Creatology Unicorn Dream Catcher Yarn Craft Kit comes with everything your child needs to create one. There are plenty of ribbons, felt flowers, felt stickers, and even the horn and ears to make the unicorn topper.


Bouncy Ball Kit

Another craft that your child can actually play with when they’re done is the Made By Me! Glow-in-the-dark Power Balls kit. This one might require some help from you, but it’s another fun one that will make your kid feel like a scientist as they make 18 super bouncy balls.


Paper Making Kit

Right up there with paper marbling is the classic National Geographic Paper Making Kit. The kit comes with everything your kids need to make 10 sheets of paper in a variety of colors with the pulp and included dye. It’s not exactly mess-free, but is still super fun.

Craft kits are such a great way for your child to express their creativity and have some fun, and these craft kits for kids offer plenty of options.

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