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The Best Father’s Day Gifts For All The Dads In Your Life

There’s a tie on this list, but it’s filled with beef jerky.

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Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for because it’s not often they drop hints about what they want — rather, they just go out and buy it themselves. These Father’s Day gift ideas cover a wide range of interests and personalities.

If your dad loves to put around the house looking for things to “fix,” then he might enjoy a pair of comfortable, sturdy house slippers (that aren’t Crocs) that will last him years and years. If you need a Father’s Day gift for your son who has little ones of his own, he might love having a zippy e-bike he can zip his kids around in. Or maybe the person you’re shopping for this Father’s Day loves to cook. Then a custom chef’s knife belongs in his kitchen.

There are some nostalgic items in here as well — a LEGO kit to recreate the PAC-MAN arcade your dad might’ve introduced you to, or a wallet for fly fishing flies for the gramps or dad who taught you how to do the perfect cast...

From luxe skincare he’ll appreciate but may not buy for himself, to a smart garden, to custom artwork, and more, you can’t go wrong with one of these thoughtful gifts for Father’s Day. Just don’t forget to package it with a written Father’s Day note — because if there’s one thing they definitely want and money can’t buy, it’s words of affirmation.


Dad baseball cap

Whether he’s a father to a baby, toddler, or full-grown adult, you can bet Dad will proudly wear this Ingrid & Isabel hat for any occasion. A classic navy blue base with white embroidered stitching, this baseball hat literally goes with everything and will fade nicely, too. If he’s currently got a toddler, getting the matching Babe hat for tots is a no-brainer.


A LEGO to display

This amazing LEGO PAC-MAN Arcade set is a purely decorative piece, but that doesn’t make it any less incredible of a Father’s Day gift. Once built, the back can be removed to reveal the “inner mechanics” of an old school arcade game. Designed for fans 18+, this brand new 2651-piece LEGO set will ship just in time for Father’s Day this year.


A do-it-all backpack

The Classic Rover Backpack, from Colorado-based outdoor living company Topo Designs is a pack Dad will want to use everyday and on every outdoor adventure he embarks on. It may look snazzy, but the architecture of it is quite simple, which surprisingly makes it even more functional. There’s the main pocket, a laptop sleeve, a front zipper pouch, and two expandable side pockets for bottles of any width. This backpack is available in 20 different color combinations, super lightweight, water resistant, and made from double recycled nylon, a plus if you’re looking for a sustainable, environmentally-conscious gift this Father’s Day.


Long-lasting house slippers

These shoes from German footwear brand Haflinger might feel like a splurge for house slippers, but you are truly paying for a high-quality shoe. The top is made from 100% pure wool felt, and the sturdy, contoured cork and latex footbed has arch support with a slip resistant sole. It’ll be years before Dad has to replace these house slippers, and honestly, he’ll probably replace them with the exact same pair.


Foldable Wayfarers

If your dad rocks classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, because he’s that kind of guy, he’ll love the foldable version of the timeless sunnies for Father’s Day. He might not splurge on them himself, but will appreciate them nonetheless.


A wallet for fly-fishers

What do you get the fly-fishing dad or grandpa this Father’s Day? This straightforward Maine Guide Waxed-Canvas Fly Wallet from L.L. Bean will keep his favorite flies in tip top shape with it’s plush, shearling lining. The leather and canvas outside will wear nicely over time.


Not your average standing desk

This sleek standing desk comes in two sizes: The 42-inch desk for users up to 5’9”, and if Dad’s got more height than that, there is a 48-inch version to accommodate taller frames. The Lillipad standing desk really ticks all the important boxes and then some: it’s electric-powered, which makes it easier to adjust up and down for standing and sitting positions, comes in 4 modern colors (black, white, oak, and maple), has multiple outlets so that you can connect all your devices to the desk. What really sets this desk apart though is that there is no assembly required and collapses (full intact) to 6-inches off the ground for easy storage under a bed or couch. And wheels make maneuvering it around various spaces a breeze.


A sturdy tool bag

A heavyweight tool bag from tried-and-true workwear brand Carhartt will be a hit with dads who have tools around his house — whether he’s well-versed in using them or not, is another story. It comes in their classic Carthartt brown, and though you would never be able to tell at first glance, there’s a whopping 25 pockets between the exterior and interior, which will be immensely helpful in keeping tools organized.


An indoor garden

If your dad or grandpa enjoys fresh product and kinda likes gardening, but isn’t one to devote a lot of time and effort landscaping his property, this Rise Garden night be just the thing for him this Father’s Day. The smart garden will allow him to conveniently grow his favorite greens, produce, and even flowers, indoors, is low maintenance, and looks really sleek.


A temperature-controlled mug

The dad who drinks hot coffee every morning, whether it’s sweltering or freezing outside, will appreciate the popular Ember temperature-controlled mug for Father’s Day. It’s easy to use, despite his reservations, and comes in a generous 14-ounce size for the extra thirsty.


A versatile work boot

Whether your dad is a professional builder or his carpentry skills are limited, he’s sure to get a decent amount of milage from these steel-toed work boots from CAT. They are lightweight enough to not feel cumbersome while finishing small scale projects, but also strong enough to handle industrial level projects.


A cooler on wheels

Coolers are great and essential for camping, tailgating, barbecuing, and more, but they can be so heavy and cumbersome to tote around. This Father’s Day, get your favorite dad or grandpa a Yeti wheeled cooler. This one can hold up to 76 cans, and is tall enough to even store bottles of wine upright. It comes in fire engine red, white, grey, and navy.


A cargo e-bike

For the dad who loves to bike with his crew, the new Fetch +2 e-bike from Trek will allow him to carry up to 175 pounds of cargo. The bike itself retails for $6,000, and all the fixin’s will cost you extra. If the pictured bike is perfect for dad’s crew and you want to exact same setup, the plastic all-weather rear panniers are $180 for two, and the smaller front panniers are $180 for two as well. You’ll also need the 2-person Family Pack Kit ($320) as well to keep kids (up to 79 pounds each) safe and comfortable.


A skincare trio

If dad is still using body wash on his face (or your fancy cleanser), treat him to his very own skincare trio. This set from Buttah is formulated for melanin-rich skin and it includes a gentle cleanser, vitamin C drops that help protect skin from environmental stressors like blue light or pollution, plus a moisturizer. You’ll get to choose the moisturizer; there’s Oil-Free Gel Cream, CocoShea Cream, or Facial Shea Butter, and while the gel may be best for oily skin and the others for drier skin, you really can’t go wrong with any.


A set of Asian cooking pantry staples

Whether or not you’re familiar with chef David Chang’s iconic restaurants, you’ll want to try Momofuku Goods, a line of restaurant-grade, Asian American pantry staples. The pantry starter pack includes soy sauce and tamari (I love the packaging), chili crunch, and a trio of seasoning salts, all rich in umami-flavor. I have this, and let me just say it’s not going to last long. If you’re going for the offspring-of-the-year award, add in some Momofuku noodles which take at-home ramen to the next level (and is the only thing my husband wants to eat for lunch).


A beautiful custom knife

This knife makes a stunning gift whether dad’s a seasoned pro in the kitchen or just getting started. The etched Teton Mountain Range is not only a cool touch, but it has a function: like the dimples in a traditional Santoku knife, the etching helps the knife to slice easily through food without sticking. You get to choose the colors of the wooden handle too, and there’s also an option to get this engraved.


A houseplant subscription

What’s better than a gift that really does keep on giving? Horti is a subscription plant service that sends a new houseplant to him each month; you can choose from a three, six, or 12 month subscription. One of the fun things about this service is that the first few plants are easy to care for, and as his thumb gets greener, the plants get a little more finicky, which means dad also learns a ton about plant care. You can have Horti pick the plants, or you can elect to only have pet-friendly plants set.


A personalized memory game

A fun alternative to a photo book, this customized memory game from Paper Culture is super fun for grandpas and dads and their kids to play together. It features 16 photos (so 32 matches in total) and it’s a cool way to interact with your photos in a way you usually wouldn’t.


A unique family portrait

This bespoke family portrait is so special and unique. You’ll get to specify the heights and ethnicity of each member of the family, so the collage-like portrait from Etsy seller, LouLouArtStudio, comes out looking accurate. It includes the mat, but not the frame.


A portable cornhole set

Take the yard games on-the-go with this portable cornhole set. The boards are one foot by two feet each, so they’re a little smaller than your average board, but that’s what makes these so easy to carry. They come with a cool backpack carrying case too, so dad can bring his game and still have his hands free for pushing a stroller or holding a hand.


Cycling gloves

He can cycle in style with these gel bike gloves that offer padding and warmth. They’re made of a breathable, four-way stretch for a comfortable fit, plus the bright color and reflective elements make him more visible when riding at night, something you’ll feel good about too.


A T-shirt & onesie matching set

If he couldn’t wait to see the new Batman movie, then he will get a kick out of this simple and sweet Gotham-inspired matching tee and onesie set. You’ll get to choose sizes for both parts of the set, and dad gets to be Batman (main character energy, for sure) while baby is Robin.


CBD melts for instant calm

If he’s on the fence about whether CBD does anything, these rapid calming melts will make him a believer. With 5 milligrams of CBD per melt, Equilibria uses hand-harvested, organic CBD from a farm in Colorado. The melts dissolve quickly using patent-pending technology to quicken the onset time (meaning less time wondering if he “feels it”).


A six-pack of hot sauce

Sure you could get him a six-pack of beer, but heat-lovers will get a lot more use out of this six-pack of hot sauces. Build your own custom pack by choosing from the eight available flavors: jalapeño, habanero, verde, chipotle, miso, seasonal ghost, mango, and strawberry.


Beef jerky in a tie box

He’ll be relieved to discover that inside the tie-shaped box is not a silk piece of formal wear but rather a row of beef jerky. It’s a fun surprise and the jerky comes in ten memorable flavors (like root beer habanero and ghost pepper).


Go game set

Give him a piece of history and a really fun game with a “Go” game set. The ancient Chinese game is thought to be the oldest board game continuously played from 2500 years ago until the present day, and it’s strategic and scalable depending on the players’ skill levels. Plus this set comes with beautiful bamboo bowls for keeping all the pieces safe.

Even the dad who has everything will find something on this list to keep him interested this Father’s Day. Just wait until you see his eyes light up when he opens his gift.

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