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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For New Moms

Good work, mama.

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A mama’s first Mother’s Day is a truly special event. Forever more her mind, heart, and soul will be split between herself and the new child she’s now caring for. Doesn’t that deserve special acknowledgement with one of these 28 Mother’s Day gifts for new moms?

It sure does. Each of these items was chosen to celebrate a new mama’s status, support her in her new role, and/or give her a little bit of a break — all important things a new mom needs. The enormity of the task of becoming a mother can be overwhelming, but Mother’s Day is a time to pause and make space to honor the job and all the work a newbie mom is putting into it. As much as any day it should be a time to give her a hand, tell her to take a load off, and maybe pour her an extra glass of something sparkly.

So go ahead and splurge on her. Shower her with all of the below; she certainly deserves and could probably use a little love as she gets settled in to the biggest responsibility she’ll ever take on.

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A pair of cozy slippers

With an easy to slip on criss-cross sandal design, these Ugg Fluffy Slide Slippers from Scuffita are comfort personified. A leather lining and rubber sole promise durability underneath the super soft wool. And you can pick from five different color options including pink, teal, charcoal, black, and sand. Only whole sizes are available, but the backless structure makes sizing easier.


A new mom necklace for a little sparkle

She’s already wearing her heart on her sleeve, so put her new title around her neck with this charming Mama Gold-Plated Necklace. The 18K necklace comes in a 16 inch length with the option of a 2-inch extension and has a light and dainty look. The letters are spread out to balance the word and hang around the collar bone. With a thin chain, this necklace can be worn daily or for special occasions, like, say, Mother’s Day.


Something to cover up the not-so-nice smells

As this First Mother’s Day Candle label says, “hopefully this covers up the baby diaper smell!” That’s something any new mother can appreciate. Tastefully designed, this candle arrives in a lidded glass jar and is available in 9-, 16-, and 40-ounce jars. Soy-based, the candle is hand-poured. For an added touch, shoppers can personalize the label with their own message.


A keychain that’s too special to lose

A new key chain might not seem like the most exciting first Mother’s Day gift idea, but get a look at this: it’s a personalized leather keychain that can hold a special photo inside it so it’s like mom gets a place to keep her keys and mini brag book all in one. Put your favorite moniker for mom on the front, be it Mum, Mom, or Mama, then fill it with a darling shot of the new mother and her baby. All you have to do is send the Etsy vendor your favorite photo and the product will arrive complete.


An inspirational coffee mug

All moms need role models, so why not remind a new mom of her favorite TV mamas? This TV Mom Mug features the best of them with The Cosby’s Claire Huxtable and Sister Sister’s Lisa Landry. Made from ceramic, this mug can withstand hot and cold beverages and is available in two sizes: 11 ounces and 15 ounces.


A white noise machine for better sleep

Fact: Sleeping while mothering is a challenge. So when mom can grab some Zzzs, make sure she gets a good deep sleep with a white noise machine. This tiny version is designed to be used both by mom’s bed or attached to a baby’s crib — whoever needs to sleep more. The device comes with three soothing sounds and is small enough to easily pack for travel. No batteries are necessary either. Simply charge it up while awake.


A cool, comfy dress for napping

What mom wouldn’t love a garment called “The Ellie Nap Dress”, right? Designed for napping, this semi-sheer gown (available in a variety of colors and patterns) from luxury bedding and lifestyle brand Hill House Home was made to relax in.


Super easy makeup to brighten your look

For many new moms, makeup takes a backseat to parenting in the newborn phase. Who has time for concealer and eyeshadow with a needy baby? But beauty product fans need not spend hours applying makeup with this easy Fenty Freestyle Blush. The non-greasy cream can perk up a complexion with a quick swipe and gives an effortless bit of color. It’s also heat and water-resistant so a new mom can enjoy its long-lasting look.


A pillowcase to keep your hair in its best shape

You know what new moms have no time for? A rat’s nest of tangly hair. They can avoid this problem with a silk pillowcase. A classic beauty hack that my own beautician grandmother swore by, not only has this Mulberry pillowcase been tested to protect against hair damage, it’s also said to help prevent wrinkles and regulate sleep temperature. This pillow is silky on all sides, so mama can flip it over when she needs to cool down too.


A tasteful non-alcoholic drink

Friends and family might be pouring a glass on Mother’s Day, but for new moms still nursing or just abstaining, here’s something they can toast: Rock Grace Non-Alcoholic Blush. This light drink looks like a rose and tastes like a light botanical blend. And drinkers will appreciate that the beverage is gluten-, sugar-, sweetener-, and artificial color-free. Now mom won’t feel left out when the cheers begin. “I was blown away with the natural herbal ingredients combined with a wine experience,” one critic writes — a selling point for anyone looking for a first Mother’s Day gift idea.


Earpods for listening to your favorite podcast

Never has hands-free been more important than with a new baby. Make mom’s life easier by giving her Apple Airpods with a Charging Case. With these comfortably fitting pods she’ll have crystal clear audio access, be it on the phone or listening to a podcast while pushing the stroller, all entirely hands-free. These AirPods hold 6 hours of charge and can even access Siri. They’re also sweat and water resistant, perfect for workouts too.


Cheeky wine labels

There are so many things to celebrate as a new mom, so grab a few bottles of her favorite vino and personalize the wine she’ll toast with these so apropos Wine Labels. This pack of six stickers can be customized with mom’s name on them. They each spell out a different event worth toasting including: the first girl’s night out and the first date night. The stickers are a generous 4x6 inches so they’ll easily cover most wine labels sparing the buyer having to remove the original. The Etsy vendor also sells the digital file if you want to print your own at home.


A two-in-one hairdryer for easy styling

When you’re soothing a baby while making breakfast and folding lunch bags all at the same time, hair care isn’t a top concern. So save mom time by putting combing and blow drying into one easy step with the REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer. This tool both combs and dries hair all at once. It plugs into the wall with a generous cord and has three heat and speed settings. It features both firm and tufted bristles to not only detangle but smooth hair in the process. The barrel is 4.25 inches resulting in full bodied hair styles.


A digital stress ball when you need to chill

You’re probably familiar with the stress ball, a gel-filled orb designed to be gripped when feeling overwhelmed. Here’s the tech version: Smart Squeeze Stress Ball. This perfect first Mother’s Day gift not only invites the user to squeeze away anxiety, but it also connects to an app with track grip strength and offers exercises and games to help build muscle and reduce tension, all things new moms face. Using this fun new tool, mom can grab a little moment of pressure-reduction in between diapering, feeding, and rocking a newborn.


An easy at-home facial

Using a face roller is believed to help with swelling and relaxation. Science is still limited, but here’s a fact: it simply feels good. And when mom needs a break, this is an easy tool to give some relief. Designed to improve rest and recovery, the user rolls the rose quartz ball along the face alone or with a night oil, serum, or cream. To encourage sweet dreams, the Skin & Sleep Set comes with a silk pink eye mask. The set also comes with a face roller protective pouch to keep the tool nice and clean as well as a biodegradable travel pouch along with instructions for care and use.


A new mom coloring book when you need a laugh

For some #momlife can feel isolated. Let the new mom you know see she’s not alone with this hilarious Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book. The 74 page book is totally relatable with funny pages like one that reads “Bra Off. Hair Up.” or “Terrible Twos.” “You will laugh and maybe even cry while laughing at the funny and sarcastic pages of just what motherhood really is like,” one Amazon reviewer writes. And isn’t that the point? This book gives mom a place to express her complicated feelings when it feels like no one else understands. And have a good laugh at it all while she’s at it.


A fresh face mask kit

Making an appointment for a facial might not be in the cards anytime soon for the new mama in your life, but treating herself to an at-home spa day isn’t out of the question, especially when she has Golde’s Superfood Masks Kit. Described as “smoothies for the skin,” the kit comes with Golde’s Clean Greens and Papaya Bright face masks. Each is made from 100% pure superfoods and comes in a powder-to-gel formula that promises to detoxify the skin while exfoliating it resulting in a healthy glow. Plus, they smell delicious and are cruelty-free as well as vegan. All mom needs to do is mix one teaspoon of the mask powder with a few drops of water, blend and voila, she has a creamy face mask ready for application and enjoyment.


Awesome leggings for activewear

She may not feel like it in the midst of postpartum, but you know the new mom in your life is a goddess, so treat her like one with a pair of Goddess Leggings. These supportive stretch pants by Kemetic Knowledge are designed to wick sweat, dry quickly, and be comfortable, whether mom’s working out or working on loading another batch of laundry. Reading Goddess down both sides, she can rock these 87% nylon and 13% spandex all day long. As for fit, the leggings have a high rise design that can give healing moms the support they need in their activewear.


The most cooling patches for tired eyes

Waking up multiple times a night to feed a baby can cause puffy eyes and quick. So for a great first Mother’s Day gift, give mom these Peter Thomas Roth Cooling Eye Pads. Cucumber hydra-gel eye-patches cool and soothe weary, inflamed eyes. Each tub comes with 60 pads equalling 30 treatments. Users rave about the results. “So convenient and easy to use. Love the cool soothing feeling from these eye patches after a long day staring at a computer screen.” Many suggest keeping them in the fridge for a super chilly experience.


A book that’s a delightful distraction

Motherhood changes a person’s perspective on life almost immediately, but no two perspectives are the same and that’s what Kiley Reid’s acclaimed book Such A Fun Age examines. Through the eyes of a nanny, the book tackles motherhood, race, identity, and class with a page-turner pace the mom you love won't be able to put down. Nurture her reading life by giving her a book that looks at motherhood from all angles and asks tough questions in the process.


A subscription to keep her on the move

Forgetting to buy coffee at the grocery store can be a nightmare, especially when a trip involves bundling, carseating, and carrying a new baby. Spare mom the stress by giving her a Blk and Bold coffee subscription. Just place an order for her first bag of beans then hit Subscribe and Save at checkout to send her repeating orders on recurring dates. Now she’ll never have to add java to her shopping list and can look forward to deliveries arriving direct to her door.


The coziest robe you can find

A bathrobe may sound like a cliche Mother’s Day gift but it’s not when you buy mom a really nice, monogrammed bathrobe. And Pottery Barn makes just that — a waffle weave resort-level robe you can personalize with mama’s monogram. The polyester and cotton blend makes for a super luxurious blend that’s as cozy as it is structured. A generous belt allows for an easy fit. And the Hydrocotton Turkish terry makes it extra absorbent for post-bath relaxation. The monogram is 2 inches tall and sits on the upper left-hand side of the robe. But the best news for busy new moms: it’s machine washable.


An electric kettle when you need that cup of tea now

Whether it’s a cup of tea she’s craving or a warming bowl of ramen, an electric kettle will make these little pleasures easier to prepare. Sleek and sophisticated looking, this One-Touch Electric Kettle only adds to a kitchen both in aesthetic appeal and functionality. Available in four colors, the buttons are embedded into the body of the unit making it easy to use and durable. And it works fast. The system can boil 7 cups in under 7 minutes. An indicator beeps when the liquid is ready. The cordless kettle easily separates from its base when it’s time to pour and has an auto shut-off feature ensuring safety.


The electric wine opener you never knew you needed

After a long day, when mom has finally gotten her baby down to sleep, she does not need to fuss with an awkward bottle opener to get a much deserved glass of wine. Spare her the agony with this Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener. Easy to use, the ergonomic grip allows the user to simply place it over a bottle, press a button, and watch as a cork slides off. And it doesn’t require constant recharging. One five minute charge equals 100 bottle openings. The electric wine opener also has a soft blue light that shines when in use or charging. Take it from a fan, this makes a great first Mother’s Day gift: “Does exactly what it said it would do. Strong enough for tough synthetic corks. As long as you hold it straight, and don't run the corkscrew down at an angle, it pierces all the way through corks and removes them cleanly.”


A dry shampoo to make her feel clean and smell lovely

Fixing her hair each day is often low on a new mom’s list of must-dos. That’s why Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is such a great item. Oribe’s has a wonderful smell that’ll make her feel fresh and clean even if she hasn’t washed her hair in three days. “ It smells nice, cleanses well, the powder is sheer and doesn't leave white residue,” writes one Amazon critic. What more could a mom want? With this splurge product in hand, she can freshen up and feel good without having to take a shower and shampoo. All she has to do is shake the bottle well then spray it 8 to 10 inches from the scalp for an instantly clean fee.


A coffee mug that really means something

Want a homespun, unique first Mother’s Day gift idea? Many mothers come to rely on coffee to help them get through their baby’s first year. And this morning routine can become sacred. Give mom a vessel deserving of this special morning tradition with a gorgeous At Home Mug. Made in Oaxaca by an all-women group of ceramicists, it measures roughly 5” tall and 6” wide. No two are the same, so your favorite mom will know she’s getting a special one-of-a-kind gift. But keep in mind, this can’t be thrown in the dishwasher. It needs TLC, just like mom.


A super comfortable nursery chair that’s built to last

It’s her first Mother’s Day, why not go big on the gift giving with this lovely Delta Children Adley Nursery Chair. A swivel design, this chair can do a full 360, great for a mom stuck in a nursery who still needs to manage older kids in the house. The armrests and seat are extra cushioned for comfort and support and it has a gently rocking motion so mom can snuggle her wee one to sleep. But even with all the motion, mom doesn’t need to worry about noise as this chair was built with a whisper design. A durable wood frame ensures stability and three gray shades allow for color choice.


A must-have at-home foot massager

If mama is too busy to get a massage, bring the massage to her, at least a foot one with this heated Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. She can nurse, take a work call, or just watch a movie all while enjoying some much needed TLC for her tootsies. Built with 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes, relieves stress and warms feet in the process. There are three levels to choose from depending on how sore mom’s feet are. And there’s no bending necessary thanks to a one-button control.

Ready to make Mom’s first Mother’s Day one she’ll never forget? Use this list to shower her with gifts that show her how much you care.

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