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The Coziest Pajamas For All 8 Nights Of Hanukkah

Don't worry, the pants are stretchy enough if you overindulge on jelly donuts.

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This year, Hanukkah celebrations are going to be a little bit more intimate, so why not make them a pajama party? Casual clothing for a super casual holiday sounds about perfect to me. Also, if I spill sour cream and applesauce all over them, I won't feel so bad. Hanukkah pajamas aren't as abundant in stores as Christmas jammies, but that doesn't mean they're not out there — and don't worry, I found the best sets.

Of course, the pajamas are also going to be the first gift of Hanukkah. It only makes sense to do it that way. Granted, socks and trinkets are traditional in many families, but this has the same "don't try to make it Christmas" vibe to it, am I right? And don't worry, I'm not going to feature anything with the wrong number of candles on the Hanukkiah, or something that feels like something goyish made for Jews as a bone to throw to the consumers. (Though there is plenty of that.) I'm also making sure that they're all machine washable, durable, and super soft and stretchy. You'll be able to kick back in these, have a glass of wine, play for a little gelt, and get pretty snackish on all the delightful foods you have leftover from dinner.

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Long John Style

Why should your kids be the only ones who get to wear stylish seasonal sleepwear? Well, Target has a plethora of matching family pajama sets. Although it gives the illusion of being an adult onesie, this women’s holiday Hanukkah print matching family PJ set comes in two pieces. It’s made from 100% cotton and the pants have an elastic waistband for when you give in to too much gelt. The V neck insert makes it look like you’re layering when you’re not, so you won’t feel loaded up from too much clothing. And the festive print of dreidels, menorahs, doves, and more is completely gender-neutral, so everyone in your home can wear them.


Fancy Jammies

When it comes to the holidays, wearing pants can sometimes be an unnecessary afterthought. That’s why you might like these matching printed flannel pajama shorts from Old Navy. They’re adorned with menorahs and Happy Hanukkah is written all over them. The beauty of these pajama shorts is that you can wear them with anything (think long sleeve shirts, or just a tee), and you’ll always, always feel comfortable. They’re a high rise, high cut boxer shorts with a drawstring waist, so unlike other pj bottoms, these cut close to the cooch. But the real show comes after dark, when the Happy Hanukkah print begins to glow!


Dreidel Pajamas Are Perfect For Hanukkah

The dreidel is the signature toy of the Hanukkah season. So it makes sense that it adorns every inch of these adorable Hanukkah long john pajamas from Hanna Andersson. Since they’re made from organic cotton, you won’t have to worry about them scratching up your child’s sensitive skin. And ditto for the super smooth flatlock seams, which can be utterly irritating for children with sensory issues. But these pajamas are made to be worn again, and again. That’s why they’re built to last, so be sure to save them in case you have a crazy night yourself and might need some hand-me-downs in the future.


Llamas Are The Unofficial Animal Of Hannukah

It was bound to happen. Llama sounds a whole lot like Hanukkah, so blame it on some brilliant marketing person, because you’re going to want these Children’s Place Happy Llamukkah pajamas. But these ain’t your average llamas. No ma’am. These llamas are here to celebrate, and have brought plenty to the party, like gifts, gelt, and a menorah for good measure. What we love is that the year (both according to the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar), is on the pj’s, so you’ll know in the future exactly when it was that your kiddo got all cute in his llamaukkah pajmas.


Stylish Hanukkah PJs For Kids

Leave it to the GAP to take dreidels and menorahs and make them stylish. But that’s exactly what babyGAP did with these Hanukkah-inspired organic cotton pj’s. It’s made from super soft organic cotton, and offers a snug fit to keep Baby sleeping safely. You’ll find all the things you’ll want your little one to wear to properly represent Hanukkah, like stars, menorahs, dreidels, and more. And even though it’s a busy print, it doesn’t feel overwhelming, because the colors are understated.


Toddler Hanukkah Pajamas

We don’t know what we love more about these toddler Hanukkah pajamas; the fact that they’re not too pricey, or the fact that the design looks like a child sweetly drew it. They look like they’re made for kids, what with the hand drawn designs, and cute images of menorahs, gelt, dreidels, all colorfully combined together. But what you’ll appreciate is that they’re made from super soft organic Turkish cotton. They’re also GOTS certified since they’re made from 100% organic cotton knit. The pants have an elastic waistband, and the pajama top is ribbed at the neck, ankles, and wrist for additional comfort.


Men’s Hanukkah Pajamas For The Guy Who Loves His Gelt

When you’re wearing themed pajamas, it makes sense that Hanukkah becomes Pajamakkah. Now your guy can help fry the latkes when he’s wearing this fun men’s Hanukkah pajama set. The long-sleeved shirt declares it Happy Pajamakkah Day, and the pajama bottoms are all kinds of cool, especially since they feature an intricate design of dreidels, stars, wine, and menorahs. To be honest, it’s kind of chic enough that your guy could definitely get away with wearing it outside, to, say, a quick run to the store to pick up some extra oil for all that frying. After all, those donuts aren’t going to make themselves (unless you get them from DD, that is).


Baby Hanukkah Sleeper

When you want your baby to sleep well during the eight nights of Hanukkah, dress them in this baby zip sleeper in organic cotton. Your baby will feel like they’re being wrapped in a cloud of comfort, especially since the long cotton fibers will cradle their skin. It’s available in newborn to 3T sizes, and has a zip design for any potential blowouts. Speaking of which, the zipper is super long, (it goes from Baby’s knee to their neck,), so you won’t have to wiggle your baby out of the oneside for a diaper change — and risk waking them up. The lit menorah design is cute without being cartoony, and the onesie has ready-to-grow cuffs that will allow the onesie to continue growing with your baby.


Happy Challah Day Hanukkah Family Pajamas

You’ll challah for these cute coordinating Hanukkah pajamas from Etsy seller EdgarRaeApparel. You can purchase adult, toddler, and baby sizes so that everyone is completely matchy matchy for the holiday. When you place your order, it’s only for one set (either adult or child sizes); just change the quantity in your cart so that everyone looks festive for the “Challah Days”. And if you do decide to serve some challah for Hanukkah (and how could you not?), you can always make some delicious French toast with it for breakfast the next morning.


Personalized Hanukkah Pajamas

Sophisticated style is the goal of these Hanukkah pajamas. From Etsy seller GiftsfortheGirls, each set includes personalized Hanukkah plaid flannel pajamas and a matching long-sleeved shirt. To ensure that no one accidentally grabs their sibling’s shirt, each pajama top is personalized with their name in white under the 9th menorah candle. You can choose a wide variety of colors, from red and black, to white, navy, royal blue, and athletic heather for the ultimate in personalization.

When you’re celebrating for eight days straight, you should be stylish — and comfortable. These Hanukkah pajamas will let everyone feel festive as they eat, drink, open presents — and let in the light of this beautiful holiday.