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The 13 Best Last-Minute Outdoor Toys To Gift This Easter

And give yourself the gift of a well-stocked backyard this spring and summer.

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When it comes to gift-giving, Easter is my favorite holiday. I love using my kids’ Easter baskets as a way to prep them for all the warmer months ahead while still giving them things they’ll love, like new swimsuits and bubble wands. But there are tons of outdoor spring and summer toys that work perfectly for Easter, and you know they’ll be played with all season long.

Obviously, don’t skimp on the chocolate or the stuffed bunnies. But if you need some last-minute Easter gift ideas, think outside the box — literally. What do your kids love playing with outside? Water? Digging in the dirt? Riding their scooters? Whatever it is, you can find a great Easter gift for them that encompasses everything they love about the outdoors, while also setting you personally up for an easier spring and summer. Knowing your kids are already set with swimsuits, sidewalk chalk, and plenty of toys makes it a breeze come Spring Break and summer vacation. You can also give them some essentials, like a new bike helmet or sandals.

Easter’s practically here already, so here are the best last-minute outdoor Easter gifts to give this year. These are all tried and tested toys by me, a mom of three, who just wants them to actually play outside instead of begging me to push them on the swings.


The Best Roller Coaster

I know, this is a bit heftier of a price tag than most Easter toys, but hear me out: this Step 2 Extreme Thrill Coaster is a win for the entire family. I have three girls ages 9, 5, and almost 2, and all three of them love this thing. Like, spend an hour going up and down, helping each other, making little games as they go. Consider it an investment in your spring and summer, and fill the little car with eggs and skip the baskets for everyone altogether.


The Best Catch Game

You remember Stomp Rockets, right? Give your kids the upgraded version with this ridiculously fun Stomp Rocket Stomp & Catch Game. One player can shoot off the rockets while the other tries to catch them and throw them back. My girls and I have had a blast with this, and it is such a joy to play.


The Best Ride-On Toy

Remember what I said about having three girls? We’ve been through several different ride-on toys, and this one, by far, is the best. All three of my kids can ride the Peg Perego John Deere Tractor ride-on, and this thing can really fly. It goes through our grass with ease, up and down hills, and out on the road with zero issue. And my girls love filling the trailer with dolls and toys, making quick “ambulance runs” and pretending to save the neighborhood’s life with their doctor kit thrown in the back. I know it’s pricy, but it’ll last forever, and is such a great outdoors toy. Heck, use it to help hide Easter eggs.


The Best Bubble Machine

Sure, there are lots of fancy bubble blowers out there, but trust me: this is the one you need. From Walmart, the Play Day Mega Bubble Blower gets the job done without being too fussy, and the batteries seem to last forever in this thing. It’s an absolute delight when it’s on, and all kids will be obsessed. You can grab it at Walmart today when you’re getting that extra bag of basket grass.


The Best Water Table

Water tables are pretty much the mascot of spring and summer in our house. We use them starting on the very first warm day of the season, all the way through October pretty much. You won’t regret picking up the Step 2 Rain Showers & Flow Water Table, available exclusively at Costco. Not only is it a great price, but it offers a lot of fun “engineering” for kids as they play around with the pieces to make the water flow in different ways from the top. They’ll splash in this forever, trust me.


The Best Chalk

The Easter Bunny brings this 48-count Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk every year for Easter, and it lasts us for months. It’s sturdy chalk, perfect for little toddler hands and big kid grips, and is full of bright, bold colors. They’ll draw with this box forever.


The Best Sand Set

Technically, this mold and play sensory sand set from Lakeshore Learning can be played inside, but if you’re not a fan of the mess or would prefer your kids take it outside, it’s still a great gift. Everything comes in this box to keep the sand from going all over (and from losing your tools) and kids will spend forever making all sorts of creations out of the perfect mold and play sand.


The Best Water Balloons

You can go pick these reusable water balloons up at your local Target right now, and they are the perfect last-minute Easter basket stuffer. With magnets in the ring, they easily close to refill and burst open on impact, so these will last you all spring and summer long outdoors.


The Best Lawn Game

You know what lawn game is scary? Croquet. I don’t need my children with full-on weapons in their hands, you know? But this Toy Time Lawn Bowling Game, I’m very excited about. (I know, still a wooden ball, but their aim is very bad.) Kids will love playing this all spring and summer long, and you can even set it up on the driveway if you need more stability for the pins. Keep score and make a little tournament!


The Best Mini Water Gun

How perfect and fun are these Nerf Super Soaker Nano Blasters for a last-minute Easter gift? They’re tiny keychain water guns, which means they’re the best for sneak attacks and even April Fools’ Day pranks.


The Best Sand Toys

Whether you’re going to the beach sometime soon or just want to upgrade your sand toys for at-home play, I’m here to tell you that this 15-piece sand toy set from Target is the only one you need. It has all of the little molds a kid could possibly want, but it also has a shovel, a rake, and a trowel, and the best part: a watering can. Do you know how much of my kids’ sand building time is spent filling buckets of water? What a dream this set is.


The Best Little Kid Scooter

Listen — we bought this exact Radio Flyer Lean ‘N Glide Scooter with lights for my oldest daughter’s 4th birthday. She is now 9, and her 5-year-old sister uses it. When I tell you this scooter still works like it’s brand new, I mean it. She’s been left in the rain, in the hot Georgia sun, she’s been thrown in the back of mini vans and knocked over in our driveway — and her wheels still light up. This scooter is well-loved and it has given both of my oldest girls so much confidence. I’ll be so sad when my baby gets her turn on it and eventually outgrows her. It might have to get hung up in some kind of museum.

Buy it for your little ones who need a scooter. It’s perfect for the preschool crowd, and the height can be adjusted!


The Best Big Kid Scooter

And if your kiddo has graduated from the Radio Flyer scooter, gift them this Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter. My oldest daughter has had this one for nearly three years, and it’s so perfect. She loves the lights on it, and it’s a really nice, lightweight scooter for her to use. We take it everywhere with us, it’s super easy to cart around. You can get it in a variety of colors, too, and it’s perfect for kids ages 6 and up.