For Real Life?

Bluey’s Officially Made It: She’s On The Pampers Easy Ups

And maybe potty training just got a little more fun for your kid.

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When my oldest was about 2, the piece of advice I heard most regarding potty training was to buy her undies with characters she loved on them so that she would be excited about the idea of going diaper-free. I’m not sure if it’s really proven to work in some kind of scientific way, but what kid doesn’t love having things covered in their favorite characters? If your own little potty training kiddo is a big fan of Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the Heeler gang, they’ll be delighted for the new Pampers Easy Ups featuring Bluey.

The linen closet/changing table/top drawer of your child’s dresser classic is here with a nice little Australian update. Pampers Easy Ups have been an extremely popular tool for potty training parents (and for kiddos who are potty trained but could use some extra protection at night) for years. The brand often collaborates to feature kids’ favorite characters from TV shows and movies, and now Bluey gets her official turn.

Coming in sizes 2T-3T, 3T-4T, 4T-5T, and 5T-6T, the Pampers Bluey Easy Ups work for toddlers all the way up to preschoolers and elementary school babes. You can buy them in several different package sizes, from 25-count to 104-count depending on the diaper size. These also have that super nice Pampers technology where you can just rip them off at the sides when you need a new one, which is my absolute favorite.

The designs are also meant to look like real underwear for kiddos who want to feel confident in their Pampers Easy Ups. The Bluey versions include two different designs — one with a bunch of stars and Bluey on the front playing a game of Keepy Uppy with the red balloon, and the other includes the same stars with Bluey and Bingo together and an appearance from Chattermax.

You can pick up the Pampers Bluey Easy Ups now at most retailers, including Walmart.