Colors of the World Premium Project Paper

Crayola Expands Its Colors Of The World Line To Match Skin Globally

Craft time just got a little more fun and a lot more diverse!

When Crayola launched their new Colors of the World crayon set, it made the simple act of a child drawing themselves and their multi-racial friends easier and more accurate. It also brought some long-overdue inclusion to the popular art product. This year, Crayola expands the Colors of the World line beyond just crayons to include construction paper and a fine line washable marker set.

Craft time just got a little more fun and a lot more diverse! Crayola has spent the last few years evolving with an intentional focus on offering products that represent global skin tones. Our complexions come in so many beautiful shades, and the color brown especially is reflected in several different hues. To accurately depict people from every corner of the world, they’ve specially formulated colors to represent over 40 skin tones in their product line.

The Colors of the World Construction Paper includes 48 sheets (two of each color). And to help children quickly identify which color they’d need, there’s a color index sheet included, which will be tremendously helpful for the little ones.

Another new product is the Colors of the World Fine Line Marker Set. It comes in a box of 24 skin tone markers and gives children the opportunity to create in a more realistic way. They may get messy while doing it, but you can let them have their fun. It’s washable and easy to clean!

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There’s something special about seeing these products side-by-side, and it’s impactful to know that this generation of children has a tool that implicitly connects them to racial inclusivity. This line of art supplies would be a fantastic addition to pre-schools, classrooms, libraries, and even the art shelf in your home. You could even donate them to your child’s school. One sweet benefit while crafting is an opportunity to initiate conversations about diversity and take the time to guide your children on the beauty and value that every person has, no matter their skin color.

If you want the full Colors of the World line (available for purchase at stores nationwide) for your classroom or home, it also includes:

  • Colors of the World Crayons
  • Colors of the World Broadline Markers
  • Colors of the World Color Pencils

Art products, just like everything else, should be a reflection of the world around us. And Crayola is making strides to make this a reality for children.