Tiffany Eve Lawrence

Tiffany is a writer at Romper covering parenting life and sourcing some of the best experts in pregnancy, maternal, and mental health care to get parents the information they need. She also writes feature stories on celebrities and addresses social issues like birth equity, racism, and injustice. Her professional writing career began several years ago, and she maintains her work as a freelance journalist for print and online publications like Glamour, Parents Magazine and Military Families Magazine. Included in her work is a series for Sesame Street helping military parents have race conversations with their children. As a Marine Corps spouse and mom of twin girls, Tiffany has navigated life and "momming" all over the U.S. and abroad. Her family and their pandemic puppy have happily settled in Florida. Follow Tiffany Eve on Twitter and Instagram @bytiffanyeve and find out more about her storytelling at

Tiffany Eve Lawrence

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